17 Best Feminist Gifts in 2022 (Empowering and Thoughtful)

When it comes to feminist gifts, you might be at a crossroads. What can you get them that they will actually enjoy?

To help, we’ve put together some of the top gifts that your favorite feminist will appreciate. From jewelry to candles to games, there’s a large variety to find exactly what you need!

Best Feminist Gifts

Dough Gift Card/Membership

Dough is a website that is all about supporting women and women-owned brands.

Everything on their site is from a female-owned company! Buying a Dough gift card for the feminist in your life will help them empower women (a lot more than a boring old Amazon gift card would).


Causebox is a subscription box that only provides ethically made products in their boxes. It makes a lovely gift for any feminist in your life!

Water bottles, blankets, skincare and kitchen goods — Causebox provides it all. Everything you get from this monthly subscription will be top-of-the-line and made with heart, care, and ethics. 

Feminist Cuff

This adorable cuff will make any feminist smile!

Created with adjustable stainless steel that will not fade or break (and will fit any wrist), this piece of jewelry is top-of-the-line and truly motivational as well. 

I Dissent Mug

Honor the memory of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with this fantastic, colorful and charming mug that showcases the spirit and personality of the most feminist Justice we ever had.

Fill this cup with 12 ounces of your favorite drink and celebrate your favorite Supreme Court legend. 

Zodiac Candle

These Zodiac candles are perfect for your favorite person, whether they are a Gemini or an Aries.

Each candle comes with humor, snark and some fabulous scents too. These custom made fragrances will fill your house with calm, peaceful vibes, no matter what your sign is. 

Grow a Pair Pin

Here is a pin that shows just how bad ass and tough women are.

Wear this “Grow a Pair” piece with pride. It is made with only the highest quality materials and won’t fall apart or fade. A wonderful stocking stuffer for any feminist in your life!

Votes for Women Puzzle

This one-of-a-kind puzzle showcases the leaders of the suffragette movement.

Celebrate the brave, fearless women who fought hard for equality. This challenging puzzle is made in a round fashion, which means it will be more difficult than your average puzzle.

On that note, see more gifts for puzzle lovers!

Play the Patriarchy

Play the Patriarchy is a fun, fast-paced card game made in the same vein as Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples.

However, with this card game you are celebrating moments and situations related to being a woman. It’s a silly and in-your-face game that both celebrates and pokes fun at being a woman. 

Girl Power Playing Cards 

These Girl Power playing cards feature a slew of feminist icons, such as Shirley Temple, Emma Gonzalez, Joan of Arc and more.

All beautifully designed and wonderfully made, these cards are just what you need for your next Poker night with the girls. 

Women Making History

This coffee table book will take you through many historic and life-changing days for the feminist movement.

Featuring New York Times articles from many major events, this book will remind you just how far the feminist fight has come. It will also remind you of why the fight needs to continue. 

Heroic Women Puzzle

This heroic women puzzle is a 1,000 piece creation that celebrates some of the legends who have helped further the feminist movement.

Each puzzle piece is a piece of history! 

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Frida Kahlo Puzzle

The World of Frida Kahlo is a puzzle that illustrates the colorful and historic life of Frida Kahlo.

Created in a custom Day of the Dead style, this puzzle is a wonderful gift for the strong feminist in your life. 

Female Stud Earrings

This powerful and beautiful stud earrings are a wonderful gift for any feminist with a strong sense of fashion and image.

These earrings are gold-plated glamor and look excellent on any pair of ears. 

Gratitude Journal

This gratitude journal is a wonderful way to de-stress and take a moment to center yourself.

The journal will help you blow off steam, put things in perspective, and keep you humble and humored. Laugh about how crazy and wild the world can get. But don’t let it get you down!

Bad Girls Throughout History

Bad Girls Throughout History is a coffee table book that entertains and educates.

It features 100 women who changed the world and is a wonderful way to show your feminist roots and knowledge. This tribute to strong, powerful women is a must-have for the strong, powerful woman in your life!

Female Form Vase

This unique and gorgeous female form vase celebrates the female body!

It is crafted from imported ceramic and is made with hand-crafted care and design. Any feminist will love showcasing this in their home!


Uterus Cooling & Heating Pad

This cooling and heating pad is a must-have item for relaxation and warmth and comfort whenever you need it.

Microwave it to keep you warm or freeze it to cool you down. Whenever your uterus is giving you hell, bust this adorable tool out to bring yourself instant relief.