31 Gifts for Pizza Lovers, From Useful to Hilarious

Finding amazing gifts for pizza lovers can be hard. What do you get them, aside from an actual pizza?

To help, we’ve put together more than thirty top gifts for pizza-loving individuals. Whether you want a useful gift, a gag gift, or a stocking stuffer, there are some exciting and unique options for everyone.

Gifts for Pizza Lovers

Pizza Slice Blanket

This big, soft throw blanket looks just like your favorite thing: a giant slice of pizza.

Now, you can wrap yourself up in the most delicious meal whenever you need to relax and end the day. This blanket is sure to catch some attention (and make some mouths water too).

Rotating Countertop Pizza Oven

The Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven will help you create a pizza that is fully-cooked and fully delicious.

It comes with top and bottom heating elements that give your meal a thorough cooking and will turn out a delicious pizza, ready for the whole family.

Pizza Peel

The pizza peel is an important tool to finish cooking a pizza without burning your hands. This one is one of the best, made with durable materials and perfect for any oven.

It is also foldable too, so it won’t just sit in the corner of your kitchen or an entire cabinet taking up unnecessary space.

Pizza Roulette Cutting Board

What a fun gift for pizza loving families!

This pizza roulette cutting board has several different chores printed on it, each hidden beneath a slice of delicious pizza. When someone grabs their slice, the chore is revealed. This way, everyone gets to enjoy their meal and gets to help with the clean-up too (well, unless someone keeps getting the “have another slice” block).

Outdoor Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven is a wonderful way to make a delicious pizza meal for the whole family. Or a house party. Or friends. Or neighbors. Or anyone!

This charcoal and wood fired portable oven is exactly what you need to become a pizza expert and impress others (without taking up too much space). This oven is about to turn you into a pizza master!

14” Pizza Cutter

This 14 inch pizza cutter is a necessary tool for any true pizza lover.

It will help you slice through any pizza, big or small, with a smooth and reliable cut every single time. Pizza-cutting shouldn’t be a hassle – this pizza cutter will prove that it doesn’t have to be.

Grill Pizza Maker

This grill pizza maker is all you need to create a delicious pizza, right from your own grill!

In just 10 minutes, you can have a personal-size pizza ready to eat. Less than eight inches in diameter, this maker is easy to transport and you can take it anywhere. You will be the hit of any party!

Monopoly Pizza

Everyone knows and love Monopoly. Now, you can combine your love for pizza with this unique twist on the classic board game.

The Monopoly pizza game is just like the original, but with pizza-themed pieces and cards and design. Rack up the dough!

Axe Pizza Cutter

This unique pizza cutter is effective, reliable, and also just so happens to look like an axe.

The rotating blade and the comfortable grip mean that this unique pizza cutter will soon be one of your favorite kitchen tools.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Here is a pizza cutter that is truly unlike any other. Made to look just like a classic bicycle, this cutter comes with a brush and stand and is built to last.

It stands up, looking like a unique piece of decor in your kitchen.

Pizza Herbs Grow Kit

Start your own pizza garden!

This herb grow kit gives you everything you need to make the tastiest pizzas around. It comes with all the herbs you’ll need (like sweet basil, tomatoes, bell pepper, and more). The kit also comes with instructions so you can’t get too confused by the growing process. 

Pizza Stone

This pizza stone device will keep your pizza perfectly cooked and ready for consumption.

Made with the strongest materials, this stone will make sure that your next pizza is cooked exactly like you want and need. Use it in ovens or on grills, anywhere you want to cook your pie.

Portable Pizza Pouch

Sometimes you need to take your pizza on the go. This wearable, portable pizza pound will let you do just that.

This is more of a gag gift, but it’s hilarious and will make any pizza lover giggle (they might even use it, too).

Pizza Tools Kit

All the tools you need for your pizza — now in one place.

This stainless steel pizza tool kit has it all. There are cutters, graters, servers and more. Whatever you need to make your next pizza party a success, this tool kit has got it! These high-quality tools also look great in any kitchen.

Pizza Box Socks

These pizza socks look just like the real thing.

They are designed to appear just like pizza and are so authentic, you might want to eat them. They are sold in a cute little pizza box too, so it looks like you are just buying a slice of your favorite meal instead of some trendy, hip socks.

DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Anyone who loves hot sauce with their pizza will love this DIY hot sauce kit.

The set offers flavors such as cayenne, ancho, curry, and more and comes with customizable labels that can turn any creation into something homemade and unique.

Elements of Pizza Book

It is time to discover all the magic that pizza has to offer with his informative and unique book.

Learn how any home cook can create a perfect pizza creation and discover just how special and beloved this meal is all over the world.

P For Pizza Game

P for Pizza is a family-friendly, fast-paced board game that is fun before or after dinner.

Quickly answer a series of pizza-related trivia questions in order to score your points, win your slice of pizza, and be crowned the champion.

Pizza Water Bottle

This water bottle can be filled with your favorite drink, from H20 to juice or soda. But it will always look like a wonderful, mouth-watering slice of pizza.

This bottle will definitely catch a few glances and turn a few heads (and it will make your stomach growl).

Perfect Pizza Cutting Board

Cutting a pizza can be so tricky and challenging, sometimes it is too much responsibility for just one person.

But, this round pizza cutting board takes the challenge out of slicing your pie. Wilt built in grooves to assist your slice, this cutting board makes it all so, so, so much easier. What a relief!

Pizza Bandages

When accidents strike, you need a bandage. Thankfully, these pizza bandages look just like your favorite meal so you won’t be feeling rough for long.

Each set come with 24 bandages and they will keep you cleaned up and tidy after any sort of injury. This is a hilarious stocking stuffer for any pizza lover!

Battery Pizza Lights

Hang these pizza lights around your house and prove that you are the coolest pizza lover around.

Battery powered, made to last for a long time, and created to look exactly like little slices of pizza. What more could you ask for?

Chocolate Pizza Gift Box

If your pizza lover has already had their share of pizza for the special occasion, they’re going to need dessert.

This chocolate pizza is a funny, thoughtful gift that will bring a smile to their face. Packaged in a pizza box, they might think you got them another pizza! If you’re on a budget, you can even take this idea and make a DIY version.

3-in-1 Pizza Cutter

This 3-in-1 pizza cutter does it all. It slices your pie and it serves your pizza too.

Now you don’t need a bunch of tools to get your pie ready to be eaten. Just bust out this handy-dandy tool and you will be ready to go!

Pastry Mat with Measurements

This pastry mat is a wonderful and essential tool for anyone who enjoys making their own pizza.

The mat comes with measurements printed right onto, it so you can easily keep track of your recipe. You can also use it for any other cooking and baking necessities!

Pizza Dough Tool

Want to make pizza dough or crackers or any other number of treats?

This dough tool is right up your alley. It will help you create the dough, cake, or pie of your dreams and will do so without any fuss. You never knew you needed this tool!

Pizza Roller

This pizza roller is a terrific tool when you want to make your own pie.

It’s also great to have on-hand for when you want to craft any sort of pastry in your own kitchen. It can also help you crush nuts and bread crumbs too. What can’t this tool do?

Pizza Playing Cards

Here’s a unique twist on cards!

These playing cards are shaped exactly like, you guessed it, slices of pizza. Now, every game of Poker or War will remind you of your favorite meal and make you hungry. Yummy (and dangerous)!

Pizza Chalk

The next time you want to create some art on the sidewalk or on a board, make sure to use this chalk.

They look just like colorful, artsy pieces of pizza. They will make drawing even more fun. But be careful, they aren’t edible — even though they look good enough to gobble up.

Lighted Pizza Sign

This sign says it all. This marquee light set simply says “Pizza” and sometimes that is all you need.

A wonderful piece of decor for a kitchen, man cave, or really any room, it will add a splash of personality and fun to wherever you place it.

Pizza Stickers Roll

These pizza roll stickers look just like the real thing.

Each sticker looks like its own delicious pizza pie and are perfect to be placed on anything, from windows to phone cases to binders. And with 100 stickers per roll, you’ll never run out!

Gift Card to Their Fave Pizza Place

All pizza is good, but sometimes you have your heart set on one very specific type of pie.

That’s when a gift card to their favorite pizza place comes in handy. With a gift card, you can purchase unlimited pizza from your favorite shop and have it delivered straight to your door, all without having to worry about paying for it yourself!