33 Best Star Trek Gifts For Hardcore Fans

When it comes to shopping for gifts for fans of movies and TV shows, things can get tricky. It can be hard to find gifts like this that aren’t tacky or useless. Luckily, we’re here to help anyone shopping for Star Trek fans. We’ve put together a list of the best Star Trek gifts!

From funny to unique to convenient, you’re sure to find a gift for any fan. Let’s dive in!

Star Trek Gifts

Star Trek Cutting Board 

The USS Enterprise Legacy wooden cutting board is not only a helpful kitchen instrument, but also a history lesson of the long lineage of ships that culminated in the Enterprise ships we know and love today.

Masterfully illustrated, made of high-quality bamboo and adorned with a quote from everyone’s captain, Jean-Luc Picard, it’s the ideal gift for any Star Trek fan in your life.

Star Trek Catan

Star Trek Catan is not only a board game, it’s an experience. Explore space as a Federation captain, compete with intergalactic evildoers and build an empire across the universe.

Settlers of Catan and Star Trek: a combination you never knew you always wanted!

star trek drink cooler

Star Trek Drink Cooler

Live long and prosper…and don’t let your drink get warm.

The Star Trek Spock Drink Kooler not only keeps your canned drink icy cold, it also perfectly resembles Spock from the classic original Star Trek series. What better way to let everyone know that you’re the coolest Trek fan around? 

Star Trek Cookbook

Learn the best dishes from the best cook in the universe: Neelix, head chef of the USS Voyager!

The favorite food of classic Trek characters as well as some other original dishes that fit perfectly on Earth, this is the go-to goodie for your next dinner party. 

star trek license plate

Starfleet Command License Plate

It may not be the keys to the Enterprise but the Star Trek License Plate is an original and unique gift that belongs on any Earthbound vehicle you have.

What better way to let everyone on the road that you’re a Trek aficionado?

Star Trek Candy Molds

Ice cubes, chocolates, jelly, pudding — all in the shape of your favorite Star Trek imagery.

This contains six silicone molds custom-made to turn the simplest of snacks into a unique Star Trek treat! This ice cube tray is cooler than cool, it’s downright ice cold!

Dilithium Crystals Mints

Dilithium is no longer just an intergalactic element but now also a delicious peppermint treat.

A fun Star Trek candy and also a strong, refreshing mint, these Dilithium Crystal Pink Peppermints are a must after any meal or whenever you need an out-of-this-world sweet. 

star trek night lamp

Star Trek Warship Night Lamp

Is your bedroom as dark as the depths of deep space? Then the Star Trek Warship Night Lamp is made for you.

Elegantly designed with a cool, relaxing lighting, this lamp would fit excellently in any Trek fan’s house. 

Star Trek Day to Day Calendar

The perfect way to spruce up your daily routine, the Star Trek Day to Day Calendar contains photos and illustrations from the storied Star Trek franchise.

It’s destined to make any desk a colorful Trek history lesson, making it a wonderful gift for the holiday season!

star trek notebook

Captain’s Log Notebook 

Whether you’re taking notes or writing a letter or doing schoolwork, the Star Trek Captains Log Notebook is exactly what you need if you live and breathe Trek.

Expertly designed switch the classic United Federation of Planets emblem, it will be a daily reminder of your favorite deep space adventurers. 

Star Trek Sticky Notes

Now every sticky note you write can be a Star Trek trinket!

These memo pads are full of hundreds of pages for all your note-taking needs, as well as classic Star Trek characters and imagery. Whether you’re leaving a note for a friend, co-worker or spouse, these sticky notes are handy, fun and a must-have. 

Star Trek Mug

Early mornings: the final frontier. Wake yourself up right with this Star Trek mug, which is the only way to turn something as mundane and routine as drinking coffee into a trip to the Enterprise.

Expertly crafted and wonderfully designed, this mug will help you drink long and prosper. 

Sulu Funko Pop

Funk Pop figures have become incredibly popular over the years, a symbol of proud nerdiness.

The Star Trek Funko Pop is an outstanding addition to any desk or collection shelf. With the signature large round eyes and brilliantly crafted with detail, it’s the best way to join your favorite Enterprise crew. 

Star Trek Rock Mood Light

A perfect reproduction of the rock that Sulu heated up to save his life, this Moodlight will set the tone for any room on any planet.

With throbbing colors and soothing bursts of comforting light, this is more than just a Star Trek replica, it’s a wonderful addition to any room. 

Star Trek Board Game

When it comes to Star Trek gifts, this strategy game is perfect for board game fans. The Five Year Mission game allows you to captain the U.S.S. Enterprise through the treacherous reaches of deep space.

This is the challenge you were born for, right? It’s time to join the ranks of Picard and Kirk and show what you’re made of. 

star trek phone charger gift

Starfleet Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless chargers are all the rage these days but the Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger has something the others don’t: the Starfleet logo!

Now any Star Trek fan in your life can power up their phones in classic Star Trek style. A collectible that is also incredibly useful.

Star Trek Keychain Bottle Opener

A trendy keychain and a helpful bottle opener all in one, the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Keyring is a Trek collectible you can carry with you at all times.

Wow your friends with your quick cap-popping abilities and Star Trek knowledge all at once!

star trek hot wheels gift

Enterprise Hot Wheels

You may never be able to actually fly on the U.S.S. Enterprise, but you can still own it. Well, you can own the bite-sized version.

The Star Trek Hot Wheels is faithful and authentic replica of the galaxy’s most famous ship and belong in the collection of any self-respecting Trek fan. 

Star Trek Sushi Set

What’s better than eating delicious sushi? Eating delicious sushi on a Star Trek sushi set!

This collection comes with a pristine sushi plate, chopsticks and soy sauce dish all designed like the U.S.S. Enterprise. It’s clever, elegant and the perfect centerpiece of a yummy meal. 

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

This stainless steel blade pizza cutter looks exactly like the Enterprise and makes slicing pizza a breeze.

An ideal tool for any Trek afficiando’s kitchen, this cutter is sure to get party guests talking. 

Star Trek Enterprise Speaker

Bluetooth speakers make are a dime-a-dozen these days, you can find them everywhere. But this Enterprise speaker is a spot-on replica of the Enterprise, featuring LED lights and authentic Star Trek sound effects.

Collectibles don’t get much cooler than this!

Captain Kirk Geeki Tiki

Tiki mugs might not be the first thing you think of when you talk Star Trek but, gosh, these look good.

Featuring custom replicas of your favorite Trek characters, these Tiki mugs are the ultimate kitchen collectible for the Trek fan in your life. 

Star Trek Ceramic Mug

Carry around your favorite beverage in a mug with images from your favorite show.

The Star Trek Ceramic Mug can be a daily reminder of the wonder and magic of Star Trek. It can also be used a wonderful mid-day pick-me-up. Fill me up, Scotty!

Captain’s Chair Pool Float

It’s unlikely that they have a pool on the U.S.S. Enterprise, but if they did, this pool float would be perfect for Jean-Luc Picard, Captain Kirk or any of the iconic members of the crew.

This float is a fun, one-of-a-kind collectible perfect for a warm summer day.

Star Trek Model Kit

Since you are not able to literally climb aboard the Enterprise, this model kit is the second-best way to experience the classic Star Trek ship.

Intricate detail bring this model to life, allowing you to get your hands on a life-like replica of the galaxy’s most iconic vessel. 

star trek cats gifts

Star Trek Cats Book

People love Star Trek and people love cats. It’s no wonder that this Star Trek Cats book turned out so marvelously.

Featuring illustrations of your favorite crew — in cat form — this is an adorable and incredibly unique book that belongs on your shelf.

Star Trek Beanie

The Star Trek Beanie is a fashion accessory and perfect fit for the head of any Trekkie.

Simple and comfortable, the beanie will keep your head warm and remind people of what a die-hard fan you are. 

Star Trek Poster Prints

Relive the memory of your favorite Star Trek films with these vintage full-sized posters.

Classic art from classic movies can now decorate the walls of your bedroom, office or any location. Rated PG for “perfect gift.”

Kirk & Khan Dishwasher Magnet


This terrific touch of Trek will be at home in any fan’s kitchen. It’s cute, it’s durable and high quality and it’s the perfect reminder that it’s time to put away the dishes. 

Vandor Shaped Wall Clock

Telling time with Trek!

This unique clock is shaped exactly like the U.S.S. Enterprise and is a original and clever gift for any Trek fan in your life. Perfect for the living room, bed room or the office of any aspiring Starfleet captain.