15 Gifts for Puzzle Lovers (Unique + Thoughtful)

If you’re shopping for gifts for puzzle lovers, it can be hard to figure out what they might want. A new puzzle?

We’ve put together a few amazing gift ideas for your favorite puzzle fanatic that are unique and thoughtful.

Gifts for Puzzle Lovers

Custom Photo Puzzle

A custom photo puzzle is one of the most thoughtful gifts for puzzle lovers.

Not only with they get a new puzzle to put together, but it will share your favorite memories! With options up to 1,000 pieces, you can find the perfect fit for any difficulty.

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

This New York Times custom front page puzzle is a wonderful way to spend a few hours.

The best part is you can choose the day you want — whether it be your anniversary, birthday, or more — and then you are tasked with putting together the front page of the Times from that day. We hope you like lots of detail and small font, because this puzzle will have that!

Puzzle Roll Up Mat

The puzzle roll up mat is an easy-to-use and essential accessory for anyone who really loves puzzles (especially large ones that take days).

Lay it down, place your puzzle on top, and assemble without worry. You can roll up your puzzle when you need to take a break and don’t want to leave your dining table looking like a mess. You can even take it on the go!

3D Puzzle

3D puzzles add an extra layer of difficulty to what was already a hard task.

With 3D puzzles, you are no longer just making a flat puzzle but something that is large with volume and dimension. Oh yes, it will get tricky. Plus, there some even look like a unique piece of home decor once you’re finished putting it together!

Spinning Puzzle Table

A spinning puzzle table is a needed tool if you are serious about puzzles.

Durable and able to spin around so you don’t have to reach far for the pieces, this table will turn puzzle time into an even more relaxing experience.

Puzzle Wine Holder

Anyone who loves puzzles loves a challenge, so this wine holder “puzzle” is a great gift (plus they get a bottle of wine to enjoy with their next puzzle).

With this fun, unique gift, you will have to jump through a few mental hoops to get your bottle out. It is a great way to have a laugh at your next dinner party.

Impossible Puzzle

Shopping for a pro that always wants a new puzzle challenge?

This is called the “impossible puzzle” because it is so dang tricky. Created with clear pieces, it is incredibly difficult and will create endless hours of fun (or frustration). Do you have what it takes to put together the impossible puzzle?

Puzzle Sorting Trays

Puzzle sorting trays are a helpful and essential tool when you are piecing together your puzzles.

They can hold all your pieces and are a great way to sort through everything you have. Put some thought into how you conquer your puzzles!

Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver

Peel and Stick puzzle saver is a wonderful way to preserve your completed puzzle.

Why disassemble your puzzle and never put it together again once you’ve finished it? With this tool, you can now keep in intact so you can show others just how talented you really are.

500-Piece Puzzle Case

This puzzle case can hold up to 500 pieces and is a great way to keep your puzzles with you, even when you are on the go.

Easy to carry, easy to fill, and always reliable, you need this if you are serious about puzzles.


Portapuzzle can carry up to 1,000 pieces of puzzle fun.

It is created to support most jigsaw puzzles and is a storage case that will allow you to keep your puzzle intact no matter where you are.

World’s Largest Puzzle

If you thought 1,000 pieces was a lot, try this 51,300 pieces of pure challenge. This isn’t a conquest for the faint of heart.

This puzzle comes in at 28 by 6 feet and contains 27 wonders of the world. It might take them a year, but maybe they’ll be able to finish it!

Puzzle Table

This helpful and sturdy puzzle table is one of the most convenient gifts for puzzle lovers. As fun as puzzles can be, it’s not very fun leaning over the dining table for hours.

Now, you can sit comfortably as you put your puzzle together. It couldn’t be easier! Plus, it fits over the arm of most chairs so you can sit in your favorite spot while putting your puzzle together.

Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle

This crossword-themed jigsaw puzzle is two puzzles in one. Solve the crossword first and then put the puzzle together based on your answers.

It’s a great gift that adds an exciting new element to the typical puzzle!

Puzzle Plateau

Puzzle Plateau is the way to put puzzles together.

Created with durable wooden materials, this will become your go-to location when putting together any of your favorite puzzles. Slide the pieces around and use any of the multiple drawers to complete your task.