31 Best Stoner Gifts for Every Weed Lover

Wondering what a stoner wishlist looks like? Check out these top stoner gifts, with options for any type of weed-lover! From useful to hilarious, you’re bound to find something awesome.

stoner gifts roast and toast mug

Roast & Toast Stoner Mug Gift

The Roast & Toast Mug is a wonderful gift for anyone who likes to wake and bake.

Elegantly made with a cute design and smokable side piece, it’ll definitely be the best part of waking up. 

Cannabolish Candle

Now you can get rid of the biggest hassle regarding smoking: the smell.

This 7 ounce candle will quickly and reliably vanish any lingering scents so suspicious eyes won’t be cast on you. The last thing you need is to feel paranoid!

Crystal Stoner Pipe 

Smoke with elegance!

This crystal pipe looks beautiful, unique, and tantalizing. You can guarantee it’ll be a coveted piece and that others will ask you where you got it. A great conversation starter and a great pipe, it’s a must have for the most serious smoker. 

RAW Rolling Papers

Take the work out of smoking. These pre-folly RAW Rolling Papers are easy as can be.

Just pack them, light up and enjoy. No added chalks, dyes or chemicals, this is a real treat for the stoner in your life. 

Relaxing Jellyfish Lava Lamp

 Here’s something you can get lost in. The Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp features some trippy designs and colors and is sure to soak up hours of your time.

A perfect ornament for a dimly-lit room, this lamp will capture the exact mood you want.  

stoner gifts oven mitt

The Food Has Weed In it Oven Mitt

A hilarious and one-of-kind stoner gift, this oven mitt says everything guests need to know.

With a cute design and clear, wonderful lettering, it is sure to get some kitchen guests talking. 

stoner gifts marijuana leaf cookie cutter

Weed Leaf Cookie Cutter Set

What better way to cut cookies or brownies than this Weed Leaf Cookie Cutter Set?

Now your delicious snacks will look like this delicious plant. Made from stainless steel and guaranteed not to rust or fall apart, it’ll add a fun twist to your next batch of baked goods. 

Edibles Cookbook

Modern kitchens require modern cookbooks and nothing is more modern than this edibles guide. It’s one of the best stoner gifts that anyone is sure to love.

Containing a whole slew of pot-infused yummies, this book will keep you busy and satisfied for ages. Gorgeous photos and intricate details will make creating these snacks a complete breeze. 

Best Weed Buds Necklace 

What better way to show your friendship than this Best Buds necklace.

Split into halves, each friend will wear one and be repeatedly reminded of the loving, close friendship they have. A friend with weed is a friend indeed. 

stoner wishlist incense holder

Stoner Alien Incense Burner

This is definitely a unique gift you won’t find anywhere else.

Light your incense with this stunning and trippy Stoner Alien Burner. Watch the incense stick dwindle down as your Martian buddy burns one down. 

High Yoga Book

Yoga should be relaxing but high yoga is even more relaxing.

This book will teach you about all the poses you need for pure physical and mental nirvana. Dragon Breath of Fire and Downward Facing Snoop Dogg are just two of the yoga positions you’ll learn in this must-have book. 

Marijuana Leaf Flag

Let your flag fly high!

This marijuana leaf flag is the perfect addition for your bedroom all or even an outdoors flag pole. 3 feet by 5 feet and decorated in bright, rich colors, this flag will make you feel downright patriotic. 

Ganjaland Game

This adults-only twist on an old board game favorite, Ganjaland is a game that will be all the more fun with your best buds.

Pull cards, follow the path of the board and see who ends up being the royal highness of Ganjaland.

stoner gifts mints

I Just Smoked Weed Mints 

Let’s be honest, mints are a necessary part of your smoking kit. You don’t want others to detect any particular scent on your breath.

These “I just Smoked a Pound of Weed” mints do exactly what you’d hope for: lighten your breath without lightening your high. 

Sorry, We’re Stoned Poster

This sign puts a very modern twist on a very classic sign.

Created with the ionic font that makes it look like a pitch-perfect replica of the real thing, you can hang it up on your door when you’ve had a long night with your most potent strain. 

Stoner Ave Street Sign

Made to look just like an authentic street sign, this Stoner Ave sign doesn’t belong on a street corner, it belongs on your bedroom wall.

High-quality and easy to mount on any wall, this is the perfect decoration for your best hangout space. 

stoner gifts weed magets

Weed Word Magnets

The Little Box of Weed Kit features 72 themed magnetics containing stoner-specific words.

Create the best combination for your fridge or wall and see what sort of stoned poetry you can come up with. 

Stoner Gift Sleep Kit

Though you might need help passing out, this Stoner Sleep Kit will give you a comfortable and relaxed good night’s sleep.

It comes with an inflatable neck pillows ear plugs and a face mask that is most definitely weed-themed. Let others know that it’s time to pass out in the most hilarious of ways. 

Snoop Dogg Calendar

12 months of Snoop Dogg. What more could you ask for when it comes to stoner gifts?

The From Crook to Cook 2021 calendar features everyone’s favorite stoned rapper with an assortment of weed-friendly meals. It’s the perfect gift for the stoner or rap fan in your life

Pot Leaf Soap Mold 

Do you want to make your own hemp soap? Well, this Hemp Soap Mold is perfect for you.

You can create your home-made soaps or you can make some delicious weed-inspired candies too. Whatever you make, these molds guarantee they will leaf you happy. 

stoner gifts pot holder

Pot Holder

Of all stoner gifts, this marijuana leaf pot holder has to be the punniest.

It holds your pots and it’s shaped like…pot. You don’t have to be high to find that hilarious. The pot holder is made of high-quality material and is dishwasher safe so you can use it again and again.

Marijuana Leaf Ice Cube Tray

This incredibly unique Mairjuana Leaf Ice Cube Tray is sure to make your drinks even more delicious.

Now all of your cubes will look like a delicious, lush leaf. This tray is so great that it will make you want something cold to drink all the time. 

No Smoking Without Me Metal Sign 

Hang this sign up in any room that your pals are hanging in.

It’s a cute, funny gag and a constant reminder that the party doesn’t start until you arrive. Deftly made with durable materials, this is one street sign that is built to last.


Folding Rolling Tray

This easy-to-carry, small folding tray ensures that you can have fun no matter what you go.

Decorated with a colorful design and made with high-quality materials, this tray will make your next joint sturdy, strong and something to be proud of. And if you don’t finish it quickly, you can lock it up in this tray and store it for later. 

Stoner Sloths Wall Calendar

Weed. Sloths. What more do you want?

This cute and hilarious calendar features 12 months of super high, super adorable sloths. Each page will make you want to get stoned and cuddle up with these adorable slow pokes. 

Stoner Merry Juana Shirt 

Ho, ho, ho! Get in the festive holiday spirit with this Merry Juana tee shirt.

With appropriate tie dye design, this shirt will let Santa know that you’ve definitely been very, very naughty this year. 

Medical Marijuana Phone Case

The Antidepressant Weed phone case is the perfect fit for the smartphone stoner.

It will keep your cell safe will also let others know that your favorite hobby is signed off on by your doctor. 

stoner gifts face mask 2020

Funny Marijuana Face Mask 

If you’re looking for one of the few stoner gifts that’s both useful and hilarious, this face mask is perfect.

This mask will let others know that you’re safe and healthy…and stoned out of your mind. Can they blame you? What better way to spend your time during lockdown?

Death Star Grinder 

This is the ultimate gift for the Star Wars stoner in your life.

A durable, instantly recognizable grinder for all your weed needs designed to look exactly like the iconic Death Star. May your joints be strong and may the Force be with you. 

stoner gifts gnome

It’s 4:20 Somewhere Gnome

Perfect for a garden, bedroom or anywhere you need some herbal relaxation, this It’s 4:20 Somewhere Gnome definitely makes his intent known.

Hand-painted and beautifully designed, this guy is destined to be your newest smoking pal. 

Pot Leaf Sugar Cookies

What’s better than weed cookies when it comes to stoner gifts? These mouth-watering edibles will get you drooling, comfy and oh so satisfied.

Make a whole batch for some friends or stock up for the weeks ahead. These are some cookies that will definitely get you baked.