20 Gifts for Cheese Lovers (Cheese Gifts) in 2023

Who doesn’t love cheese? When it comes to those of us who love cheese a little (or a lot) more than the average person, cheese gifts are a great way to go! We’ve compiled a list of the top gifts for cheese lovers that are one-of-a-kind and thoughtful.

Cheese Gifts for Cheese Lovers

Wine & Cheese Picnic Table

This wine and cheese picnic table is a wonderful item when you want to enjoy a relaxing, warm afternoon out with a loved one.

Load up all your favorite wines and cheeses and find a comfy spot to set up your picnic.

Wine & Cheese Picnic Basket 

If you are planning a traditional, old-school picnic then you really need this wine and cheese basket.

It will hold two of your favorite bottles and a cheese board too. Plus, it is made with durable wicker that won’t fall apart after a few trips out into the great outdoors.

Punny Cheese Kitchen Towel

You have to admit that this kitchen towel is funny. This pun will brighten up your kitchen and provide a few laughs to you and your house guests.

This handmade towel is made from 100% cotton and the print is created with non-toxic ink.

Unique Agate Cheese Board

This wonderfully special agate cheese board is created from real stone and brass. This will be a stunning centerpiece at any kitchen table.

Overall, this one-of-a-kind creation will add some serious personality and style to any kitchen!

Cheese & Crackers Gift Set

What cheese lover wouldn’t love more cheese?

This cheese & crackers gift basket is a unique gift that will turn life into a picnic. Filled with cheeses, crackers, pretzels and more, this set is a wonderful present for anyone who loves cheese and other delicious snacks.

Marble Cheese Slicer

This marble cheese slicer is so elegant that it looks like it belongs in a museum instead of your kitchen.

Created with high-quality materials and a cool, non-stick surface, this is the ideal kitchen tool to slice your cheese with ease, comfort and style.

That’s What Cheese Said Mug

Everyone loves a good pun! And everyone loves “That’s what she said” jokes, right?

That is why this clever coffee mug is one of the most perfect cheese gifts for that cheese-loving jokester in your life. Not only is it decorated with a punny joke, it also looks like cheese. What’s not to love?

I Love Cheese Oven Mitt

This oven mitt says it all, doesn’t it?

This is one of the most hilarious gifts for cheese lovers and totally sums up the relatable feeling of absolutely adoring cheese. Sometimes you just have to admit that, yeah, you really love cheese.

Cheese Plate Book

This book will teach you all you need to know to make a gorgeous, life-changing cheese plate for your next get-together.

It will show you just how special, important and truly gorgeous a cheese plate can be and how bliss can come in the form of delicious cheese.

Cheese Drink Markers

These cute, adorable cheese drink markers make keeping track of your drink easy — and fun.

Each one looks like a delicious type of cheese and each one fits snugly on any wine glass. Now no one will lose sight of their drink, or the fun they are having.

Stuff Every Cheese Lover Should Know Book

Stuff Every Cheese Lover Should Know is a book that teaches you, well, everything you should know.

With trivia, how-tos, information and a whole lot more, this book will educate you on the world of cheese and turn you into an expert in no time.

Mushroom Cheese Board

This cheese board is durable, strong, reliable. But it also looks like a giant mushroom and you just can’t go wrong with that, can you?

Created with brass and mango wood, this food-safe board is the perfect kitchen accessory to add personality and fun to your next party.

Goat Cheese Making Kit

Forget cheese gifts, let them make their own at home! Now you can make delicious goat cheese, all from the comfort of your own kitchen.

This easy-to-use kit gives you everything you need and comes stocked with reusable equipment and easy-to-follow instructions. Set aside some time, have some fun and become a cheese master!

Cheese Face Covering

You can’t be too safe these days and this face mask is both safe and delicious.

Crafted to look like cheese, this face mask remains breathable and comfortable at all times. It fits most faces, looks great and dries quickly too. Protective, safe, cute — what more could you ask for in a face mask?

Vegan Cheese Making Kit

Being a cheese lover doesn’t have to stop if you go vegan! Vegan cheese is all the rage these days, and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s pretty darn good.

This do-it-yourself kit allows you to make your very own vegan cheese, all at home. All the tools and instructions you need are found inside this gift.

Italian Cheese Making Kit

You can now make 10 delicious batches of Italian cheese at home, thanks to this cheese making kit. Just add milk!

Making cheese can be easy, and fun, and this kit will show you why. All you need is the determination — and hunger — for cheese and this kit will help you do the rest.

Wine & Cheese Pairing Swatchbook

This wine and cheese swatchbook comes with information about various cheeses and wines and allow you to find the perfect match made for you.

Easy to use and fun to explore, this book will teach you that pairing wine and cheese is fun and rarely hard, all you need is some imagination.


What pairs best with cheese? Wine!

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Cheese Heartbeat Shirt

This hilarious cheese heartbeat shirt will show your friends and co-workers that you really live and breathe for cheese, just like we all should.

Created with 100% cotton and polyester, this funny shirt will last a long time and look great whenever you wear it.

Cheese Stress Ball

Not only does eating cheese reduce stress, squeezing it does too.

To finish off our gifts for cheese lovers, everyone needs a stress ball from time to time, so this cheese stress ball is a creation made in heaven. Squeeze all your frustrations and angers out into the stress ball and feel the tension just rinse away.