43 Best Astronomy Gifts for Space Lovers

When searching for gifts for astronomy lovers, there are a ton of options out there. Check out the top astronomy gifts – including unique, thoughtful, and fun gifts!

No matter who you’re shopping for, you’re bound to find the perfect gift.

Best Astronomy Gifts

Custom Star Map

This custom star map is a lovely and heartfelt way to tell someone how much they mean to you.

It captures an exact night of your choice. You can frame an image of the night sky from the night you first met, your first date, or another special day! 

Moon Lamp

A moon lamp is a wonderful way to light up your room and add a certain level of magic and beauty.

Any astronomy lover will appreciate this gift and love to display it in their room!

Celestron - SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars

Stargazing Binoculars 

These stargazing binoculars will help you see all the wonders of the galaxy. They are capable of viewing long distances and will give you stunning detail no matter what you are looking at.

Created for low light conditions and made with a high-quality design, these binoculars will take you on a trip to space every time.

Desk Planets Handmade Natural Gemstone Celestial Creative Gift Home Decorations

Planet Gemstones

These planet gemstones are a wonderful representation of the planets that exist in our solar system.

One of the most thoughtful astronomy gifts, this is perfect for any space-lover (or just someone who loves beautiful gemstones).

Levitating Moon Lamp

Levitating Moon Lamp

This levitating moon lamp looks just like the real thing.

It is an LED lamp that will illuminate any room you put it in and uses magnetic technology to literally float above its base. It looks trippy, but it also looks amazing.

Planet Lollipops

Planet Lollipops

Now you can finally eat Mars! This is one of the more unique gifts for astronomy lovers that they definitely haven’t received before.

These planet lollipops are both delicious and realistic. Each planet gets its own flavor and all of them look just like the real thing. What better way to explore the universe than to eat it?


When you really want to explore the universe, you need a telescope.

Using cutting-edge technology and expertly-made materials, this telescope will let you witness the wonders of the cosmos — all from the comfort of your own backyard.

NASA Face Mask

NASA Face Mask

Any astronomy-lover will love to wear this face mask!

It is made with breathable material, is machine washable, and boasts the logo of NASA. Now, you can show friends and family and anyone you come into contact with that you are a true space fan.

Solar System Ball

Solar System Ball

Created with a special 3D design, this gorgeous solar system ball is a wonderful gift for fans of astronomy and space.

It contains all eight planets in our solar system. Beautiful, stunning and artistic, this is a wonderful centerpiece for anyone who loves space.

Rocket Whiskey Decanter Set, Rocket Decanter, Solar System Planets Globe

Rocket Decanter Set

Now this is a cool gift for an astronomy-lover who also likes to drink whiskey.

Created with deep wooden mahogany and with gorgeous detail, this is the best way to store and drink your whiskey.

Personal Planetarium

This personal planetarium is an augmented reality viewer and audio guide that will take anyone on a marvelous and gorgeous trip through the cosmos.

You can sail around the solar system from the comfort of your own bedroom!

Planet Plates 

These planet plates feature watercolor portraits of all the planets in our solar system.

Each plate has a 10 inch diameter and is a terrific addition to any astronomy-lovers cabinet. Lightweight and truly stunning, this is a perfect gift for any space fan.

Sky Projector

This sky projector will turn any ceiling into a wonderful replica of space.

Green stars, blue nebula clouds and stunning detail will all come shining out of the projector. You will feel ultra relaxed falling asleep to this.

Heat Changing Constellation Mug 

This heat-changing constellation mug transforms when you pour hot water into it.

As the mug heats up, you will see 11 hand-rendered illustrations appear. This makes drinking coffee a completely gorgeous and transformative experience.

Solar System Blanket

When it comes to astronomy gifts, this solar system blanket is a soft and warm gift that is perfect for anyone who loves space and the stars.

It features constellations recreated in perfect detail!

Cosmic Space Scratch Art

Scratch art is an age-old pastime that you remember from your childhood. And now you can relive the memories from that art form with stunning replicas of planets and space.

Both children and adults will love to express their artistic, scientific side with these lovely coloring adventures

Moon Phase Mirror Set

This mirror set is more than just a bedroom accessory, it is a piece of art.

Five mirrors come together to create the entire phases of the moon. This set looks wonderful in any room and is a stunning replica of the cycle of the moon.

Astronomy Art Print 

This astronomy art print is a vintage and classic look at space.

It looks amazing when framed and placed on any wall, adding a touch of space and wonder to your home.

Space Rings

These space rings are jewelry that you truly won’t find anywhere else.

This is a wonderful gift made with 925 sterling silver. When closed, it looks like any other beautiful ring. But when you open the ring up, the wonders of the universe lay before you. What a unique gift!

Moon Wall Hanging

This hanging piece of art depicts the entire moon cycle in wonderful detail and style.

Created with metal moons and iron chains, this is a beautiful gift that will make any astronomy fan smile.

STEM Flash Card Game

This is the best way to learn the wonders of the solar system.

Flash cards will teach you all you need to know about space and the planets around us. Perfect for anyone young or old who wants to know all there is to know about the galaxies above us.

Solar System Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is 1,000 pieces of wonder and awe.

his puzzle is more than just a fun game, it is a true work of art too. It is a wonderful way to view the universe and to also challenge your friends and family at the same time.

Space Robot Toy for Kids

With this cutting-edge space solar system robot kit, any child can learn about the wonders of space and space travel.

They can build 6 different models including a space station, space rover, space explorer and more. Learning should be fun and this space robot will make it so!

NASA Stickers

Show your support and love of NASA with these truly awesome, artistic and cutting-edge stickers.

Featuring multiple designs and phenomenal artwork, each sticker is another great way to show your love of NASA and space in general.

Constellations Whiskey Glasses

These constellation whiskey glasses are the coolest way to drink something strong (or just some water).

They feature dozens of constellations from the stars above and hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite drink. This is a unique and special gift that will touch the heart of any astronomy fan.

Astronaut USB Light

This cute, cool, and functional USB light will be your new favorite way to light up your day.

It is creative and will make you smile. Plug it into any USB charger to power the light and keep your little astronaut companion close when you need some light.

Time Since Launch Clock

This is a clock unlike any other. Once you fire it up, it will count up the days since its launch.

Are you celebrating the moment you and your spouse met? Maybe the day you moved into a new house? The day you quit smoking? Whatever the occasion, this launch clock will always keep track of your progress.

Astronaut Pencil Holder

What a wonderful way to hold your pencils on your desk.

This astronaut pencil holder piece looks great on any desk or window sill and can hold dozens of pens or pencils. It will add character (and a touch of science) to any room you place it in!

Glow in the Dark Planets

Now you can turn any room into a wonderful replica of the solar system with these stunning glow in the dark planets that can hang on any wall.

Made in gorgeous detail, this is a perfect way to spark an interest in space for anyone at any age.

Nebula Moon Lamp

This nebula moon lamp is a gorgeous piece that will illuminate any room in more ways than one.

It creates amazing swirls of light in an incredible, space-like way. You have never seen a lamp like this and it will change the vibe of any room.

Astronaut Backpack

This astronaut backpack will make you feel like a space-traveling cadet who is exploring the cosmos.

Perfect for any adult or child who loves space, this pack is made with 100% polyester and comes with multiple compartments so you can transport anything you need (and look cool doing so).

Kinetic Art

This kinetic asteroid art set is a motion toy that will look amazing on any desk.

You will marvel at the look and feel of this piece as it spins around and showcases the beauty of the solar system. This is one of the coolest gifts for astronomy lovers in your life.

Planets Color Changing Heat Mug

At first, this coffee mug looks like a star-filled sky. But, that’s not all!

. Once you fill it with heated liquid, it transforms into the solar system. Made with incredible detail, this mug will become your new favorite way to drink your morning cup of joe.

Astronaut Duvet Cover Set

This duvet cover set will turn your bed into a space adventure.

It is made with a life-size replica of an astronaut and is created with 100% high-quality cotton. You will feel like you are sleeping on clouds – or in space.

Space Shuttle Alarm Clock

Here is a wonderful gift for any young space fan.

This space shuttle alarm clock not only tells time and sets an alarm, it also has a space themed night light built into it. This is the perfect bedroom accessory for any child or astronomy-loving adult!

Astronaut Space Pen

The zero gravity pen is a must-have for anyone who is serious about writing.

You can sign or write on anything at any angle, even with no gravity! They last a long time and are made with only the most durable and strong materials. There is no greater pen than this one!

3D Solar System Puzzle

This 3D solar system jigsaw puzzle is a beautiful replica of the space above Earth and is a perfect tool to teach anyone about the wonders and magic of space.

It is a wonderful way to bring the family together, plus 3D puzzles are extra fun compared to normal puzzles!

Astronaut Eyeglasses Holder

If you’re searching for gifts for astronomy lovers who also wear glasses, here is your perfect pick.

This glasses holder will keep your glasses safe in the coolest way imaginable. Now you can rest your glasses on an interstellar traveler who will never let you (or your glasses) down.

100 Things to See in the Night Sky

This book will help you discover all you need to know about the solar system above us.

You can experience so much, all from the comfort of your backyard. The book will teach you about amazing sights to see with your telescope, or even with just your naked eye.

Name a Star Kit

This name-a-star kit is a wonderful and touching way to put you or a loved one’s name on a celestial body.

All you have to do is follow a simple registration process and soon you will receive a deed to the star of your choice. You can name it and forever keep a piece of space!

Moon Rocket Bank

Keep your money safe and sound with this awesome, unique rocket bank.

Built like a classic ship from sci-fi of yesteryear, this bank will hold all the coins you can throw at it. Plus it comes with a little bronze spaceman, who can keep an eye on your currency and keep it extra safe.

Astronaut Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches

You love ice cream. We all love ice cream. But have you ever experienced the final frontier of ice cream?

These astronaut freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches are a cutting-edge and truly unique way to enjoy something sweet, while pretending you’re an astronaut.

Rocket Cake Making Set

Do you want to make a cake that looks exactly like a rocket ship heading to space?

Well, this cake making set is perfect for you then. This easy-to-use kit will turn your loved one’s next birthday party into a space-themed blast.