55 Best Harry Potter Gifts Straight From Hogwarts

Gift your favorite Harry Potter fan a magical surprise with these Harry Potter gifts. From stocking stuffers to splurge-worthy items, you can find everything you’re looking for.

Harry Potter Bookends

Inspired by the majestic look and feel of Hogwarts, this bookends set will add a touch of magic to any shelf.

What looks better than these two elegant book end pieces side-by-side? Only entire Harry Potter series between them.

Hedwig Piggy Bank

Whether you call it a piggy bank or an owl bank, this gorgeous gift will hold as much change as you want to fill it with.

Hedwig is hand-painted and beautiful, looking exactly like Harry Potter’s favorite companion.

Golden Snitch Clock

You can finally catch the golden snitch with this jaw-dropping clock.

This brilliant replica is authentic and gorgeous and will remind you of the high-flying excitement of Quidditch.

The Flying Key Jewelry Hooks

Not only will these flying key jewelry hooks hold and organize your keys, necklaces or jewelry, they will also remind you of the world of Harry Potter.

Mount them onto any wall and relive the magic and wonder of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Quill Hooks

Antique and authentic, these Harry Potter quill hooks look like they came right out J.K. Rowling’s universe.

They are a beautiful addition to any wall and can hold a number of items, all while proving to your guests just how much of a Potterhead you really are.

Harry Potter Snowglobes

Nothing is more gorgeous or calming than a snow globe and these Harry Potter globes perfectly capture the expansive, epic and awe-inspiring world of Hogwarts.

Choose from either the Hogwarts Express, Patronus or Snitch globes and be swept away all over again.

Harry Potter 3D Puzzles

Want a challenge that will also test your Potterhead credentials?

These Harry Potter 3D puzzles will keep you engaged, keep you working and bring you and your closet HP fans together to create something stunning. On top of that, the end result is beautiful and will look like a piece of art in your room.

Harry Potter Canister

This set of 3 Harry Potter canisters will transform any desk or bedroom into a hall in Hogwarts.

You can store a number of things in these magical pieces, from spare change, jewelry or even a golden snitch.

Quidditch Hoops Jewelry Holder

This clever replica of Quidditch hoops will hold a whole bunch of piece of jewelry — up to 15 of them.

It will also keep your most precious valuables on display and remind you of the fast-paced, high-adrenaline world of Quidditch.

Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar

Nothing says Christmas like an advent calendar. But, this one doesn’t have chocolate inside!

This Funko Advent Calendar is perfect for any holiday hungry Potter fan. Every day you get to open a new door and find a pocket-sized Funko figure inside. Which Hogwarts regular will you meet today?

Harry Potter Pancake Molds

Breakfast is about to get magical! Transform your pancakes into Harry’s glasses, a lightning bolt, a golden snitch or the all-powerful sorting hat with these Harry Potter Pancake Molds.

A gift unlike any other, these are a unique must-have for the biggest HP fan in our life.

Harry Potter Cookie Cutter Set

Yum! Cookies shaped like Hogwarts Express and a broomstick and the sorting hat and Hedwig and much more.

The Harry Potter Cookie Cutter Set is not only stainless steel, durable and original — it’s deliciously clever too.

Harry Potter Page Clips

Keep track of what page you’re on on your latest Harry Potter re-read with these cute, helpful and unique Harry Potter Page Clips.

Harry, Hermoine, Ron or Draco’s cute cartoon faces will greet you the next time you open your book.

Harry Potter x Ulta Makeup Line

If you’re shopping for a Harry Potter fan that also loves makeup, this will be their dream gist.

The Harry Potter x Ulta Makeup Line features vibrant colors, high-quality products, and authentic design that will turn your make-up routine into something downright magical. This one-of-a-kind makeup set will turn you into a contouring wizard.

Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook

The Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook is a complete collection of spells from all the Potter movies and books and games.

Within it, the mysteries and wonder of the Potterverse, a great addition to the bookshelf of the Potter fans in your life.

Tom Riddle’s Journal

Who knew writing in a journal could be so fun?

Tom Riddle’s Journal comes with a rugged and gorgeous leather binding, a Slithering House pen with invisible ink and a magic wand that reveals your writings via UV. This is more than just a journal, it’s an experience.

Hogwarts Crest Rug

Celebrate the most magical school on Earth with his Hogwarts Crest Rug.

The Hogwarts emblem sits in the center while the flags of all four houses lay behind it. The rug is so expertly detailed and stunning that you’ll want to avoid stepping on it.

Wizards Welcome Mat

This cute, charming welcome mat comes with an amusing, sarcastic message written in the instantly-recognizable Harry Potter font.

Plop this mat down in front of your bedroom, dorm room, or front door and watch the Potter fans come knocking.

Harry Potter 500-Piece Puzzle

You’ll feel like a wizard when you finish this 550-piece, highly-detailed and superbly-printed puzzle.

A true collector’s item, this puzzle features colorful artwork and some of your favorite HP characters. A perfect piece for any fan collection.

Harry Potter Clue

It was Severus Snape in the Library! A very Potter twist on a classic board game, Harry Potter Clue will be a blast for the whole family.

Cast spells, use secret passage ways and solve a mystery that is haunting Hogwarts!

Boxed Harry Potter Set

Now you can own all seven of the classic

Harry Potter books in brand new special editions, featuring new redesigned artwork to celebrate 20 years of these beloved books. A rare collectible, these books are the ultimate gift for Potter fans.

Uno Harry Potter

The classic card game Uno has been spruced up and filled with your favorite Harry Potter characters. This rapid-fire game has never been so magical.

Get rid of your cards quickly, backstab your friends with a Skips and Reverses and revel in the magic of Potter all at once.

Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes

Now applying your make-up can be a magical affair.

These Wizard Wand makeup brushes look just the real things that Harry, Ron and Hermoine carried around Hogwarts. And now you can cast a spell on others with your makeup, all thanks to wizarding wands.

Harry Potter Pencil Toppers

These charming and precious pencil toppers look just like your favorite Harry Potter characters — just way cuter and smaller.

Their adorable smiles and big round eyes make these little figures fantastic for any Harry Potter lover.

Gryffindor Scarf & Beanie Set

Want to keep warm and look like you attend Hogwarts?

This Harry Potter scarf and beanie set is made just for you. Represent the world’s greatest wizarding school with these comfy and fashionable accessories. The only thing missing is the magic broom!

Cute Harry Potter Mug

Sculpted with wonderful and creative detail and dishwasher and microwave safe, this Harry Potter mug is too cute to pass up.

Instantly recognizable and unique, this is a Potter present that your favorite fan can use again and again and again.

Harry Potter Wand Collection

You can’t be a wizard without a wand and this set of Harry Potter magic wands is an accurate and stunning replica of the real thing.

A scale model of the Elder Wand sits inside this gift set along with a softcover copy of Harry Potter: The Wand Collection which features details and entries on dozens of Potter wands and characters. This one is for true wizards only.

Collectible Quidditch Set

Time to suit up and play a game of Quidditch with this Collectible Quidditch Set.

Inside you will find 1 Quaffle, 2 Bludgers and, of course, the coveted Snitch. All you need is a flying broom and some team mates!

Marauder’s Map Throw Blanket

Expertly detailed and incredibly cozy, this Marauder’s Map throw blanket will spruce up any Harry Potter fan’s bed or couch.

Coming in at 48 x 60 inches, the blanket will fit anywhere and will show off your Potter love.

Harry Potter Who Is It? Game

More adorable Harry Potter fun, all in a box!

This Who Is It game features 72 character cards and the aim to guess which card your opponent is holding. Is it Harry? Harris? Dumbledore? Use your HP knowledge to find out!

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore and this Harry Potter coloring book is perfect for everyone.

Unleash your magic creativity with vibrant colors and on dozens and dozens of Harry Potter-themed images. Create something magical!

Harry Potter Glasses Ring

You don’t have to just wear Harry Potter’s glasses on your face.

With this Harry Potter ring, you can carry around the iconic Potter spectacles on your finger. Adjustable and made of sterling silver, this is a special and precious gift that will prove to be unforgettable.

Invisibility Cloak

Warning: this invisibility cloak won’t actually make you invisible. But it sure does look like the real thing.

Now you can feel like the mischievous students of Hogwarts, slipping around undetected while Hagrid and Dumbledore search high and low for you.