44 Gag Gifts That Are Downright Hilarious

Gag gifts are one of the best kinds of gifts. The right choice can have everyone laughing, while also being something that the recipient can use everyday! Our ultimate list shares the top choices for gag gift ideas that are absolutely hilarious, with options for anybody on your list.

Let’s dive in!

Pooping Pooches Calendar 

This Pooping Pooches Calendar is sure to be a gift you won’t forget any time soon.

12 months of various puppers doing their business, it is decidedly going to be the strangest, most memorable art on your wall.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Show Trump how you really feel about him with these highly collectible, one-of-a-kind toilet paper.

You’ll get a joy out of using Trump’s pouty face for your TP and it’ll make any guest to your bathroom chuckle. It will certainly start conversation, that is for sure. 

Toilet Fishing Game

Bored while sitting on the toilet? Wish you had more to do as you finish your business?

This Potty Fisher Toilet Game is perfect for you. Cast a line and try to catch some fish while you sit in the bathroom and become a master fisherman!

Hooter Heaters

Of all gag gifts, this is definitely one of the funniest.

The Hooter Heaters are cute little beanies for your breasts, keeping you warm where it counts most. These are perfect stocking stuffers that will be a laugh riot.


Shocking Potato Game

Look out, here comes Shocktato!

This electrifyingly fun party game will set a buzz to any party. It’s an updated version of hot potato that will actually send a shock through you when the timer runs out. This game is a blast…literally. 

Headband Hoops Game

The Headband Hoop Game isn’t your grandpa’s basketball.

The basket sits on your head while players attempt to shoot hoops, alley-oops and even dunks on your noggin. Fasten the basket on your head, start the clock and see who can score the most points. 

Emergency Underpants

This is a prank gift that will make your friends blush, groan and laugh.

The Code Brown Commandos are emergency underwear that you can bust out when disaster strikes. A gift unlike any other, buy these for anyone you want to embarrass or prank. They won’t forget it. 

Deez Nuts Scented Candle

Who ever knew Deez Nuts could smell so good?

This hysterical gift is perfect for anyone who likes the scent of delicious candles and gag gifts. The candle comes in three warming scents like Banana Nut Bread, Toasted Coconut and Hazelenut. Mmmm nutty. 

Hot Dog + Bun Toaster

The Hot Dog & Bun Toaster can heat up to 2 delicious hot dogs while it also toasts 2 buns as well.

In just minutes, you can have a couple of snacks that are toasted to perfection. Making hot dogs has never been so easy!

Things to Do While You Poo Book

Sitting in the bathroom can be kind of boring, huh? There isn’t much to do but sit there.

Well, now you have more options with this Things To Do While You Poo on the Loo book. It comes with a slew of activities to keep you busy on the potty.


Sir Perky Wine Pourer

This wine pourer will get everyone talking.

Built to look like a little man who is relieving himself and living this best life, it will spice up your wine collection and will cause quite a few laughs too.   

Funny Apron Gag Gift

Now you can cook in style! This gag apron is the perfect gift for the griller in your life.

It might not be attractive . . . and might be too familiar . . . but it will definitely cause quite a few chuckles as you fire up the grill. 

Money Maze Puzzle

Challenge your brain with this Maze Puzzle box.

You’re tasked with navigating a little metal ball through the multiple layers and twists and turns of this 3D puzzle. Be careful, it is way harder than it looks. A great gift for the smartest thinker you know. 

Mini Desktop Bowling Set

Turn your office desk into a bowling lane with this mini desktop bowling set.

Line up the perfect shot and fire away whenever you get a few minutes of downtime at your job. Aim for a perfect score or as many strikes as possible. You’ll soon be a bowling pro!

Trump Toilet Plunger

Send Trump where he belongs!

This Donald Trump Toilet Brush will bring you such satisfaction whenever you use it. Best of all, the brush is designed to look exactly like Trump’s trademark orange hair. 

The Farting Christmas Coloring Book

Here is a Christmas book that will create a new tradition — and start a laugh riot.

This coloring book features 22 hilarious illustrations of gassy gag images, including Santa Claus, Christmas Elves, Snowmen and reindeer and many more. 

Kitty Carpet

This reusable kitty carpet is a perfect toupee for the hair “down there.”

Bring spice into the bedroom or just cause few suggestive chuckles with your partner. Coming in multiple colors, the kitty carpet is a must have for any woman looking to shake things up. 

Banana Flask

Drinking out of a banana is an experience unlike any other.

You can fill this banana flask up with your favorite adult beverage or any drink! No matter what is inside this one-of-a-kind flask, you will definitely be drinking it in style. 

Moon Ring

On the outside, this looks like an authentic leather ring case. On the inside…well, that’s a different story.

This Moon Ring box will rip a loud, memorable fart every time you open it. It’s a joke that will never get old and kids are sure to love it. 

Funny Bumper Stickers

Decorate your car with some hilarious, rare gag bumper stickers that you won’t see anywhere else.

These bumper stickers are sure to cause some laughs and catch the attention of many. Plus they are removable and repositionable if you get yourself into too much trouble. 

People of Walmart Coloring Book

Going to Walmart is quite the experience, you see a sort of person who just isn’t found anywhere else.

Now you can capture that rare species of Walmart shoppers with the People of Walmart coloring book. It’s also one of the most wallet-friendly gag gifts! Get engrossed — and grossed out.

Bread Shaped Pillow

Mmmm bread. Have you ever looked at a loaf of bread and thought about laying your head on it? Now you can!

This Bread-shaped pillow looks just like the real thing. But don’t worry, this bread won’t leave any crumbs in your bed. 

Inappropriate Nature Calendar

Mother Nature can be a dick. This hilarious, outrageous 2021 wall calendar showcases the vulgar side of nature.

Featuring images of some suggestive locations across the globe, these are some private photos you never thought you’d see. 

I Am the Secret Ingredient Oven Mitt

Here is an oven mitt for the hardest working cook you know.

Spoken with attitude and confidence and decorated with bright color, this will become the favorite kitchen accessory for anyone who receives it. 

Zen Garden Litter Box

What better place to locate your inner peace than a litter box?

This zen garden is designed to look just like your kitty’s litter box. It even comes with a couple of little cats. With 5 decorative rocks, a rake and a lot of sand, this will become your go-to happy place. 

I’ll Feed All You Apron

There is no better apron to buy for the best chef you know. This apron will definitely get people talking, laughing, and asking for seconds. 

Urinal Shot Glasses

These are one of the many gag gifts that will definitely raise a few eyebrows when you use them.

Expertly designed to look just like urinals, they hold 1.5 ounces of any drink you want. What better way to knock them back?


Secret Santa Poo Pourri

If you’re looking for gag gifts that are also very useful, this is a great one. The Poo-Pourri Secret Santa Claus Christmas bathroom spray will make any restroom smell festive.

Coming in at just 2 ounces, you can fit this little bottle in your purse or bag and no one will be the wiser. 

Beer Belly Fanny Pack

A fanny pack that is sure to catch some eyes, this dad bod fanny pack is all-too-realistic.

Carry your phone, wallet or any other important personal items in this pack that is too gnarly for anyone to seal. Your possessions will be incredibly safe in here.


Desktop Cornhole

Now you can turn work into the ultimate cornhole tournament.

The Desktop Cornhole collection comes with everything you need to become a master at a simple-yet-challenging game You get two platforms, eight bean bags and a 32-page book on everyone’s favorite bar game. 

Trump Pen Holder

Stick your pen where the sun don’t shine with this incredibly intricate and detailed Dump-a-Trump pen holder.

This is one of those gag gifts that is absolutely hilarious, yet still useful. The perfect addition to anyone’s desk, it’ll bring you joy every time you put your pens away. 

People of Walmart Calendar

Spend the whole year at Walmart with this People of Walmart boxed calendar.

In it, you get 365 days of the bizarre, folksy and memorable people you have come to expect from America’s most popular store. 

Women’s Funny Swimsuit

Swimming should be fun — and so should the suits you wear.

This funny gag gift will catch attention and start conventions and make waves, all while remaining comfortable and fashionable. What more could you ask for?

Weener Kleener Soap

Here’s a hilarious gag gift for the man in your life.

The Weener Kleener is just that, a shower tool that tidies up the most precious and private part on a dude. What better way to stay clean?

Brick Mug

The Brick mug will definitely be the most unique coffee cup you have.

Built to look exactly like your favorite childhood toy, this mug can hold up to 12 ounces and will send you on a trip down memory lane. 

Have a Great Day Mug

If this isn’t the perfect mug for work, we don’t know what is.

It has a nice statement on it, but the bottom of this mug reveals your true feelings.

Probably Wine Mug

This mug says it all. Answer the question that everyone is asking with this simple, hilarious cup. It holds up to 16 ounces of your favorite drink, whether that be coffee, juice or . . . well, you know. 

This is one of those gag gifts that’s funny, but your recipient will end up loving and using for years!

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Use the Force to eat!

These Chop Sabers are clever and fun replicas of your favorite Jedi weapon. They even light up! Perfect your ability to use chopsticks and your ability to fight the Dark Side with this one-of-a-kind gift. 

Coffee Pot Mug

This coffee pot mug is perfect for the die-hard coffee fan in your life.

Crafted to look just like a regular, full-size coffee maker, it is sure to have some people asking just how much caffeine you really need. 

Toilet Coffee Mug

Drinking Joe from the John!

This Toilet Coffee Mug looks just like the real thing unfortunately, perfectly resembling a real toilet. It can fit up to 10 ounces of any beverage you like, just be prepared for some people to chuckle and stare. 

Drinking Helmet 

Nothing is as classic or iconic as the drinking helmet. 

A staple of tailgate parties and a variety of sporting events, this gift can hold two cans at a time and is perfect when you want to drink quickly and with enthusiasm. 

Weird Flavored Sodas 

Sweet corn? Bacon? Ranch dressing? Are you ready and willing to drink the weirdest-flavored sodas on Earth?

You might need to hold your nose for some of these gag gifts, but they are the perfect party favor for the adventurous drinker in your life.