26 Baby Yoda Merch Fans Need (Baby Yoda Gifts)

With The Mandalorian being one of the most popular shows at the moment, the adorable Baby Yoda is everyone’s new favorite TV character. So, here are a few of the cutest and most unique Baby Yoda Merch items on the market.

These make great gifts for the holidays (or just a fun indulgence for yourself). Let’s dive in!

The Child Chia Pet

Now you can take Baby Yoda home with you and tend to him daily!

The Child Chia Pet looks exactly like everyone’s favorite character from The Mandalorian, he even comes in his iconic little bassinet. Water Baby Yoda daily and watch him grow into a lush, beautiful plant.

Baby Yoda Monopoly

Monopoly has just gotten a heck of a lot cuter. The classic board game has been given a Baby Yoda makeover with this Monopoly: Star Wars The Child special edition.

Play the game with Baby Yoda tokens and a special Mandalorian-themed board. This is Monopoly like you’ve never seen it before. 

baby yoda merch airpods case

The Child Airpods Case

Carry around your ultra-cool Apple AirPods in this remarkable Baby Yoda case.

Now, every time you bust out your AirPods you will be reminded of everyone’s favorite Mandalorian character. This is sure to be a gift that will get people talking and make them jealous!

Baby Yoda Mug

Sip your favorite drink from this baby Yoda shaped mug as you watch a new Mandalorian episode every week! What could be better than that?

72 Baby Yoda Stickers

Paste Baby Yoda everywhere with this collection of 72 Baby Yoda stickers. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who can’t get enough of The Child.

Stick these cute collector’s items on a number of things: water bottles, books, windows, notebooks. This is the perfect decoration for fans of The Mandalorian!

Star Wars The Child Operation Game

The Star Wars: Mandalorian board game is a wonderful gift for young fans of Baby Yoda.

Avoid the buzzer as you attempt to pick up items such as a frog, an egg, a Storm Trooper helmet and more. A classic game you know and love now has an amazing Mandalorian twist. 

baby yoda merch funko

Funko Pop! The Child

This is the only Funko Pop! figure you need. A pitch-perfect replica of Baby Yoda, this collector’s item looks just like the real thing, featuring his big cute eyes and those large floppy ears.

Look at this guy and try to tell me he doesn’t belong on your shelf!

The Child Stand for Amazon Echo Dot

Now your Amazon Echo Dot can look just like your favorite Mandalorian chapter. The Baby Yoda Amazon Echo Dot stand features

The Child’s iconic big green years and is instantly recognizable, one-of-a-kind and insanely cute. 

Baby Yoda Baby On Board Car Stickers

An updated take on a classic bumper sticker, this Baby Yoda on Board vinyl sticker will look marvelous on the back of your car or upon any window.

Crafted with premium material and made to last, you’re going to want to buy a few of these for all your parent friends. 

baby yoda merch hat

Baby Yoda Hat

The Baby Yoda beanie is not only comfortable and high-quality, it is undeniably cute too.

Instantly recognizable, this precious fashion accessory is most suitable for winter (but you’ll want to wear it year-round)!

Baby Yoda Christmas Blow Up

Coming in at 4-and-a-half feet tall, this Baby Yoda inflatable Christmas decoration isn’t as cute as the real thing but it comes pretty darn close.

This authentic replica of The Child will make your friends and neighbors jealous. 

baby yoda merch backpack

The Child Plush Face Backpack 

An accessory unlike any other, this Baby Yoda backpack is perfect for fans of The Mandalorian and The Child.

Comfortable and fashionable, it’s immediately recognizable and amazingly cute. 

Baby Yoda Iron On Patch

He may not be the real thing but this Baby Yoda iron-on patch is almost as cute. Perfect to apply to jackets, backpacks or really anything you’d like, the patch is wonderfully crafted and insanely precious. Now you can take Baby Yoda anywhere!

Baby Yoda Hooded Poncho

Now your child can look like The Child. This Baby Yoda poncho is perfect for the bath, pool or beach.

Featuring Baby Yoda’s precious big ears and adorable round eyes, your kid will love to wear it. 

But First, Sippy Sip Mug

Baby Yoda loves a lot of things: his companion The Mandalorian, eating frogs, and using The Force.

But, he also loves sipping his drink and now you can be just like him, enjoying a warm beverage in this precious mug. The Child himself adorns the side so he can warm your drink (and warm your heart at the same time). 

baby yoda gifts necklace

Dainty Baby Yoda Necklace

A unique gift that will look wonderful on your favorite Mandalorian fan, the Baby Yoda necklace is a quality-made piece of jewelry that will instantly remind you of your favorite character from the hit Disney+ show. 

Baby Yoda Mini Geeki Tiki Mug

This is the way . . . to enjoy your tiki drink. This unique Geeki Tiki Star Wars Mandalorian mug looks just like everyone’s favorite child, Baby Yoda.

Better yet, he’s holding his own little mug which means your Tiki Cup will be holding a cup. How precious is that?

Yoda One For Me Mug

Designed to look like a certain popular coffee chain’s logo and featuring your favorite Mandalorian character, this Baby Yoda coffee mug is the go-to gift for the biggest Star Wars fan in your life.

baby yoda merch stickers

Star Wars The Mandalorian Sticker Book 

The Star Wars: Mandalorian stick book comes with over 300 stickers featuring all your favorite Mandalorian imagery, especially Baby Yoda.

The collection features both flat and puffy stickers and come in a wide variety of styles. You’ll be decorating your property with these stickers in no time. 

Mandelorian and Child Bobblehead

Funko Pop have done it again with this one-of-a-kind Mandalorian and Baby Yoda bobble head collector’s item.

Perfectly resembling the real thing, your favorite duo can now make their home on your shelf. 

Baby Yoda Dog Costume

The only thing cuter than Baby Yoda might be your dog, so now you can make him or her look just like your favorite Mandalorian character with this all-too-precious Baby Yoda pet costume.

Seeing your pup dressed up like The Child is sure to make you melt and will also elicit some wonderful reactions on your nightly walk. 

Cozy Baby Yoda Slippers

Whether you’re getting ready for bed or just getting out of the shower, these adorable Baby Yoda slippers will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and delightfully happy.

They are beyond cozy and beyond cute and will remind you of The Child every time you take a step. 

Mini Snow Globe

This mini Mandalorian snow globe features the only thing you need: Baby Yoda in his floating bassinet.

Now, you can bring The Child home and brighten up your holidays. Let it snow, Baby Yoda!

500-Piece Mandalorian Puzzle

Here’s a challenging, but incredibly cute way to spend your time. The 500 piece Mandalorian jigsaw puzzle features a wonderful image of your favorite Star Wars character in the arms of his protective guardian.

You might not be able to finish this puzzle in one sitting but you will love it as every piece comes together. 

Simple Baby Yoda Shirt

Sometimes all you need is a simple shirt with an image of Baby Yoda.

That is exactly what you get with this understated and crisp tee shirt. The Child sits adorably upon your chest and is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. Sometimes the simplest shirts say it all.


baby yoda merch LEGO

The Child LEGO Set

Now you can build your own Baby Yoda. The LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian set will allow you to assemble your own brick version of Star Wars’s cutest little hero.

He comes in at a little over 7.5 inches tall and will be the most adorable addition to your collector’s shelf.