40 Game of Thrones Gifts for Every Fan

Holiday shopping for your favorite Game of Thrones fan? Get them a gift they’ll remember with these Game of Thrones gifts, with a ton of options that any fan will love for years to come!

Wrebbit Game of Thrones 3D Puzzle

Test your might with this challenging, impressive 3D replica of the castle of Winterfell.

3D puzzles are hard but worth it and this Game of Thrones puzzle will leave a lasting memory with everyone who helps put it together. 

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Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Candles

These incredible Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Candles look just like the real thing, as if they were taken directly from the set of Game of Thrones.

We are sad to say that no matter how long you foster them, dragons won’t hatch from them. Sorry!

Game of Thrones Geeki Tiki

Drink something delicious from the head of the Night King with his clever Game of Thrones tiki mug.

Able to carry 17 ounces of something delicious, this is a mug that will keep your drink ice cold. 

3-Pack Game of Thrones House Mugs

These one-of-a-king Game of Thrones house mugs will light up any cabinet or kitchen shelf.

Made to look exactly like beer steins from House Stark, House Targaryen and how Lannister, these are must haves for the GOT fan in your life. 

Game of Thrones Doormat

This is a perfect gift for any Game of Thrones who loves to laugh at an inside joke.

Plop this mat in front of your front door and wait for the colorful comments that follow! Durable and built-to-last, you won’t find this one anywhere else. 

Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome

Tired of the boring, traditional yard gnome? Well then it’s time for the Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome.

This intense little fella sits atop the iconic Iron Throne and looks ready to do battle…or yard work. 

Game of Thrones Catan

The ever-popular strategy game Settlers of Catan now comes with a Game of Thrones twist!

The Game of Thrones Catan game is the perfect way to spend some time with friends, plotting on how to battle against one another, claim the most land and create an empire.

Poop Is Coming Baby Onesie

The perfect onesie for any soon-to-be Game of Thrones fan, this Poop is Coming bodysuit will fit any 3-6 month old whose parents can’t stop watching or reading Game of Thrones.

Don’t worry, little one, someday you’ ll understand this. 

Dragonclaw Goblet

This gorgeous Dragonclaw Goblet is an authentic-looking, beautiful, one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones gift that will delight any GOT fan.

It perfectly replicates the art and world of the show and books and will astound anyone who picks it up. 

Game of Thrones Coloring Book

Fans of Game of Thrones can dive into the world George R.R. Martin created with this fantastic and fun adult coloring book featuring the universe of Game of Thrones, all at your fingertips.

Which color will you make the dragons? Will the Red Wedding really be red? Dive in and have fun!

Game of Thrones Cocktail Book

Spending another long, boring night on guard as a member of the Night’s Watch? What better way to liven up the evening than this Game of Thrones cocktail book.

Learn how to concoct your favorite GOT delights with this book packed with dozens of recipes and instructions.

Coffee Is Coming Tumbler

Brace yourself, caffeine is coming. This cute coffee tumbler is instantly recognizable and the perfect daily addition for any self-respecting, java-loving Game of Thrones fan.

Fill it up daily and remind those around you what a diehard GOT follower you are. 

Game of Thrones Monopoly 

The only thing more cutthroat than the world of Game of Thrones is the world of Monopoly. And now the two are combined wit this Monopoly Game of Thrones board.

Made for adults who aren’t afraid of backstabbing their friends (or raising the rent) this is a game that will make some lively memories. 

Tyrion Funko Pop!

Everyone’s favorite mastermind, Tyrion, can now sit not only on the Iron Throne but also on your shelf.

This unique and fun Funko Pop! Tyron collector’s item features Tyrion, his trust glass of alcohol and a determined look in his eyes as he sits upon the throne. A must-have!

Tyrion Funko Pop!

Hodor’s final moments of heroism are captured wonderfully in this rare Funko Pop! gem.

A cute, precious version of Hodor that is still guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye, this belongs on every collector’s shelf. 

Game of Thrones Makeup Brushes

Capture the glamor and beauty of Game of Thrones with this elegant must-have makeup set.

This series of gorgeous makeup brushes will transform your makeup ideas from fantasy to reality. It’ll make you look as red hot as dragon’s breath. 

Dire Wolf Flash Drive

What better way to keep your files safe than a Dire Wolf?

This unique and clever flash drive is designed with the iconic Game of Thrones arts that any fan will recognize. Now all of your files and ideas are as safe as Bran thanks to the strength of loyal Dire Wolves.


House Stark Laptop Backpack

Capable of holding a 15” laptop and a variety of other things, this House Stark Laptop Backpack is subtle, fashionable and practical.

It also contains the House Stark emblem and feels straight out of Winterfell.

Game of Thrones Globe 3D Puzzle

Now experimenting the dangerous, epic world of Game of Thrones — all in 3D.

This 3D puzzle captures the entire globe of George R.R. Martin’s sprawling series in grand detail. Don’t just visit the world of Game of Thrones, build it. 

Dragon Whiskey Decanter

Made with the highest quality materials and tailor-made to look straight out of Game of Thrones, this Dragon Whiskey Decanter will store any liquid you like.

It’s one of the top Game of Thrones gifts for superfans who also love whiskey. It will sit perfectly on any shelf. 

Game of Thrones Cookie Cutter Set

Do you want a cookie that will look like the crest of House Stark? Maybe one that looks like a sword or crown? Do you crave snacks that resemble iconic imagery from Game of Thrones?

Then this Game of Thrones cookie cutter set belongs in your kitchen immediately. 

Stark Vinyl Sticker

This crisp, clean, intricately-detailed Stark vinyl sticker decal would look gorgeous on your laptop.

Show your allegiance to the only honest and true family in Game of Thrones with this one-of-a-kind accessory.


Game of Thrones Illustrated (Book One) 

This is the gift for fans of Game of Thrones: a special edition of book one of the series, featuring incredible illustrations that you won’t find anywhere else.

The ultimate fan collector’s item, this is a gift that can’t be topped. 

Game of Thrones Stamped Spoon Set

Romantic and one-of-a-kind, this Game of Thrones stamped spoon set is the ultimate gift for newlywed GOT fans who deserve something unique and loving for their special day.

Even if you’re not a Thrones fan, the sentiment on these spoons will light up anyone’s heart. 

Risk Game of Thrones Board Game

The only thing more intense than Game of Thrones is Risk so it makes perfect sense to combine the two. This Risk Game of Thrones board game will keep you and your friends at battle for hours or even days.

Assemble your armies and take conquer the world with your legions of dragons and warriors. Take the throne!

HBO Game of Thrones Trivia Game

This trivia and strategy game is the ultimate test for diehard Game of Thrones loyalists.

Two to four players can join together to show their GOT might and prove just how much they know. Over 1,200 questions are included so this expansive trivia game will keep you and your friends busy for awhile. 

Game of Thrones Tarot Card Set

Reveal your destiny with the classic tradition of tarot cards, combined with the beautiful world of Game of Thrones.

This Game of Thrones tarot card set includes nearly 80 full-color, gorgeously-illustrated cards and a stunning box to store them in. Choose your fate…or just discover it.


Game of Thrones Cookbook

32 mouth-watering recipes straight from the world of Game of Thrones await you in this easy-to-follow and hard-to-put-down cookbook.

Impress others with your cooking abilities and knowledge of everyone’s favorite fantasy show!

Draco the Dragon Ring

Two intricately-detailed twin dragons, wrapped together around your ring finger.

This custom-made, engraved piece of jewelry will fit marvelously on the finger of any loved one. Unisex and gorgeous, it’s a special gift that will let your partner know they are your twin dragon. 

Jon Snow Scented Candle

What do you think Jon Snow smells like? If your answer is vanilla and sandalwood then you are in luck!

This 9 ounce candle will make any room smell warm, inviting and wonderful. Plus it’ll remind you of your favorite Game of Thrones bastard. 

Hand of the King Letter & Bottle Openers

Want to pop up a bottle of something delicious during your next Game of Thrones rewatch?

These Hand of the King Letter and Bottle Openers are perfect for you. You can slice open a piece of mail or bust open a yummy refreshment all at once. It’ll make you feel like a true king. 

Dinner Is Coming Cutting Board

This Game of Thrones “Dinner is Coming” cutting board is elegantly made of sturdy, professional natural wood.

Featuring the House Stark emblem and a clever twist of GOT’s most famous phrase, this will be your favorite addition to the kitchen. 

Game of Thrones Stocking

A fantastic piece of fantasy holiday cheer, this 19-inch Game of Thrones stocking can fit a number of gifts, from candys to ornaments to even a dragon egg or two.

Made of high-quality, long-lasting material, this is sure to last awhile and some a new favorite Christmas tradition. 

Game of Thrones Embossing Rolling Pin

Turn your next collection of baked goods into a Game of Thrones snack!

A kitchen tool and wonderful reminder of your favorite fantasy series, this Game of Thrones rolling pin are laser-engraved and built to last. It will turn making cookies, bread or pasta into an epic adventure!

Stark Notebook

Take notes, jot down ideas, doodle or do anything you’d like in this professional, impressive and remarkable notebooks.

Crafted in a sleek black binding with the face of a Dire Wolf engraved on front, this is a practical Game of Thrones collector’s items you’ll use again and again. 

Geeki Teeki Daenerys Tumbler

The Geeki Teeki Daenerys Tumbler is not only festive and fun but incredibly unique. We can guarantee you’ll be the only person you know who has one of these.

Honor the queen and respect her reign all while you sip on something delicious.

Game of Thrones Face Mask

Let everyone know that you stay safe and love Game of Thrones.

These Game of Thrones face masks will show others your fandom for television’s best fantasy series. Easy-to-clean and reusable, you’ll want a few of these to fill out your face mask collection. 

Game of Thrones Menu Art

Inspired by real meals from Game of Thrones, this collector’s item features a list of authentic GOT items that will turn your favorite fantasy show into a traditional, old-fashioned diner.

I’ll take one Dothraki Jerky, please. 

Game of Thrones Coffee Cozy

Keep your next cup of java warm with this Game of Thrones coffee cozy. Crafted with ultra-soft acrylic yarn, this cozy fits most coffee cops and will keep your drink hot or cold.

With the iconic Game of Thrones logo front-and-center, this is a drink accessory you’ll be happy to use again and again.