36 Vegan Gifts For Your Plant-Based Friends & Family

Shopping for vegan gifts can be pretty difficult, especially if you’re not plant-based yourself. We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for vegans, from food to clothes to small appliances (approved by a vegan of 4-years). Let’s dive in!

BHU Keto Bites

This classic treat with a healthy twist is the perfect snack for your vegan friends. It’s one of those things that they probably haven’t tried because they’re not very affordable, but make an amazing gift for them to indulge in. 

They’re vegan, keto, and low in sugar. They don’t taste healthy either, they taste like pure cookie dough!

Unreal Fur Jackets

If you’re shopping for a fashion-loving vegan, helping them out with their wardrobe is a great idea. Going vegan removes a lot of brands from your list (you’d be surprised how many brands use non-vegan elements in their products). 

However, Unreal Fur jackets are made of high-quality faux fur. They have a ton of beautiful, fierce styles (such as the cropped cheetah print, elegant trench coat, and everything in between). If you have the budget, this is a great gift.

EZ Tofu Press

If they don’t already have it, a tofu press is a lifesafer for vegans. Forget the textbooks and paper towels, this drains most water from tofu within 15 minutes. 

By removing as much water as you can from tofu bricks, you’ll get more flavor and a firmer texture. This press is also dishwasher safe for maximum convenience!

Maya’s Vegan Cookies

What better gift than a box of high-quality, soft, scrumptious cookies? Maya’s Cookies is entirely vegan.

They even have monthly subscriptions if you want to give them a box of cookies every month!

Vegan AF Mugs 

This “Vegan AF” mug is a light-hearted gift that will make any vegan laugh (and it’s something they’ll definitely use). 

The quote is printed on both sides of the ceramic mug and is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about any fading when it inevitably becomes their favorite.

vegan gifts chocolate

Vegan Chocolate Gift Box

These vegan chocolate bars are a work of art (both in appearance and ingredients). Made of cacao, cacao butter, and sugar, your chocolate-loving recipient will get that sweetness their craving. 

Each bar is decorated in splashes of color, so you’ll enjoy looking at them almost as much as eating them. You can also view more colorful vegan creations from this Etsy seller!

The Vegan 8 Cookbook

This cookbook features 100 recipes from popular blogger Brandi Doming. It’s one of the best cookbooks for vegans because she shares her top recipes, all of which contain 8 or less ingredients with straightforward steps. 

From no-bake chocolate espresso fudge cake to skillet baked mac n’ cheese, this is the ultimate vegan cookbook.

vegan gifts vitamix


One thing on any must-have list for vegans is a powerful blender such as the Vitamix. You can make smoothies, sauces, soups, and plenty other recipes with this blender. 

It has five programmed settings to make sure it can keep up with any meal. Plus, it’s very high-quality and will last ages (even through the toughest ingredients).

Food Processor

On a similar (and cheaper) note, a food processer is another essential for vegans who love to cook. This 10-cup food processor makes it easy to chop up your vegetables and make recipes in a breeze. Two speeds give control over the texture of ingredients, with the ability to shred, chop, mix, and puree.

vegan gifts no whey truffles

No Whey Vegan Truffles Gift Box

One of the top vegan chocolate brands, No Whey has some incredible gift boxes that make a wonderful vegan gift. This gift box includes 5 different flavors (raspberry, salted caramel, coffee,  with none of the top 8 allergens (just make sure your vegan recipient doesn’t 

Although you might think this is spendy just for some truffles, this will probably be their favorite gift ever (however, this probably wouldn’t be a great pick for a super health-conscious vegan, unless they indulge in sweets every so often).

Plant-Based Coloring Book

This vegan coloring book is both adorable and educational. It includes 14 pages of original, plant-based characters that illustrate nutritional facts. All ages will enjoy this book, whether you’re just discovering the vegan lifestyle or just like having a fun reminder around.

Instant Pot with Air Fryer

Power through preheating and cooking times with the Instant Pot. This model includes an Air Fryer, which is another amazing appliance to have as a vegan. 

Choose from 11 different cooking options such as steaming, air frying, broiling, and dehydrating with the touch of a button. This family portion size machine does all the work for you with delicious results.

vegan gifts daily harvest

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest meals and smoothies combine convenience with eating healthy. All of their recipes are vegan and they have some delicious combinations (including ice creams, flatbreads, bowls, smoothies, and more)

This company works with farmers to harvest top-quality ingredients, then freezes them so you get to enjoy peak taste and nutrition as soon as your box arrives at your door. You can either build a box for your recipient or give a gift card so they can pick it themselves.

Vegan Swear Word Coloring Book

This funny vegan coloring book features 20 mandala designs, and more importantly, a ton of swear words. This vegan problems book is the perfect outlet for all the rage questions like “But do you get enough protein?” inspire. 

Laugh along to pages and quotes that will make all your vegan friends feel seen.

Cocomels Chocolate Caramels Gift Box

Cocomels premium chocolate gift box is the plant-based box on a budget you’ve been searching for. This only contains 6 caramels, so it might just be a stocking stuffer, but the caramels are so delicious that it’s worth buying!

Choose from chocolate, coconut or sea salt flavors. Six decadent bars have all the taste without any of the dairy, gluten, or high fructose corn syrup of regular chocolate. Each of their gooey caramels is coated with a chocolate outside. 

Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels

If you don’t think your recipient would like the caramels with the chocolate on the outside, just get them some packs of regular caramels! These organic, natural, sweet caramels make a wonderful stocking stuffer for any vegan. 

Each caramel is individually wrapped so that you can savor throughout the season or immediately order more. They also make a great advent calendar for vegans who are doing DIY advent calendars!

vegan gifts cookbook

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook

This entertaining vegan cookbook is a great gift for vegans who are also stoners (or just love a good chuckle). It features plant-based meals that require few ingredients and even less effort.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes mean you can easily eat healthy all day long without overwhelming your budget.

vegan gifts doc martens

Vegan Doc Martens

One thing that’s hard to find is vegan shoes that are also cute. However, Doc Martens is making progress with their vegan line. 

Their vegan faux leather boots feature their classic lace-up look without the cruelty! They surprisingly have a ton of colors and styles to choose from, so make sure you know what your recipient likes beforehand (or just give a gift receipt).

Vegan Collagen Blend

One difficult thing to find as a vegan is collagen. However, this vegan collagen blend provides skin, hair, nail, and joint support to make you feel and look your best (while also being soy, gluten, and added sugar free). 

This supplement will work with you to build lean muscle, skin elasticity, and cellular hydration just by mixing it into your favorite smoothies or meals. It provides a lot of nutritional benefits that many vegans miss out on, making it a thoughtful gift they will appreciate.

Vegan Everything Cookbook

This cookbook is a treat for the stomach and the eyes. Each page includes drool-worthy photos that will definitely inspire you to try all 100 of these delicious, but easy vegan recipes. 

Choose from French toast or waffles for breakfast, to quesadillas or falafel for dinner.

LUSH Vegan Christmas Gifts

Lush’s collection of vegan Christmas gifts includes all the bath bombs, soaps, and holiday gift bags you’ve always wanted, with the added bonus of being completely cruelty free. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to go wrong with a self-care gift from LUSH!

Strawberry Vegan Protein Powder

Many vegans use protein powder, but have they ever tried a delicious Strawberry protein powder? Probably not! This one is very high-quality and free of gluten, soy, dairy, and added sugar. 

Vegan Stroopwafels

Stroopwafels are pretty common these days, but it’s rare to find ones that are vegan-friendly. These would make a fantastic vegan gift! 

They feature a caramel center and swirls of cinnamon to make a delicious treat, perfect for dipping in hot tea or coffee. The omni-degradable wrappers are made with reused packaging, and the package contains eight stroopwafels to share (or hide for yourself).

Vegan Cookbook (550+ Recipes) 

This plant-based cookbook has a whopping 550 vegan diet recipes that are both healthy and time efficient. Explanations of plant diet risks and how to avoid them will also ensure complete nutritional value in every meal, and help you reap the benefits even faster.

1lb Nutritional Yeast

One essential in every vegan kitchen is nutritional yeast. But, it’s pretty expensive when you’re using it everyday, so it’s a great gift! Even if it’s not the most exciting, they will appreciate it and will definitely use it. 

They’re a delicious replacement for cheese and are a great source of B12 and Folic Acid.

Soy Curls

If your vegan gift recipient hasn’t tried soy curls, they’re in for a treat. These are very similar to chicken and full of protein (plus they’re very easy to make and there are a ton of recipes). 

Even if your recipient has tried them and loves them, they make a great gift because it can be spendy to stock up on them. These pair great with a vegan cookbook!

Vegan Cheese Making Kit

This vegan cheese making kit lets your recipient craft up six different dairy-free cheeses. For the vegans (or wannabe vegans) who can’t let go of cheese, they won’t feel as bad after trying these delicious cheeses. 

Choose from mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, parmesan, and more (with ingredients and recipes included).

Grubhub/Postmates/DoorDash Gift Card

As a vegan, ordering food gets a lot more expensive, which is why a gift card for a food delivery app is always a useful gift that allows them to treat themselves!

It’s perfect for those days where you just can’t find the time or energy to cook healthily.

Glass Food Container Set

This 24-piece glass food storage set is a game changer for food prep. Each container is airtight, environmentally friendly, and won’t absorb stains or smells.

You also won’t have to worry about cooling times anymore as each glass is chemical free and won’t warp under pressure.

vegan gifts makeup pads

Reusable Makeup Pads

If your giftee cares about saving the environment, reusable makeup pads are a great choice.

Each set includes 4 scrub pads for tough products, and 12 cotton rounds for more sensitive skin. Each is made with bamboo and comes with a laundry bag so you can keep on looking fabulous while you cut out the waste.

Plant Based Cleaning Brush Set

Another plant-based and biodegradable product you need in your life is this cleaning brush set.

Ideal for scrubbing dishes, sinks, or hard to reach places, these brushes are made with coconut fibers and bamboo handles for zero waste. Bonus; you can finally toss your grungy sponges.

Silicone Stretch Lids

Keep your carefully crafted meals fresh with this set of seven reusable silicone stretch lids.

These lids are free of chemicals and save time and waste by replacing single-use alternatives. They also stretch so you never have to worry about finding a lid that works.

Maxine’s Heavenly Cookies

Made with dates and coconut sugar, each pack includes more nutrients than the typical cookie with oats and flaxseed ingredients.

On top of that, they taste amazing. There’s something for every sweet tooth with peanut butter chocolate, cinnamon oatmeal raisin, almond chocolate, and chocolate chocolate chunk flavors.

Hand Blender

Hand blenders are becoming more and more popular, which only makes sense considering how convenient they are. This 9-speed hand blender is an affordable gift they will use over and over again. 

Whisk and milk frother attachments are also included so you can choose any texture you want.

vegan gifts sign

This Kitchen Is Plant Powered Sign

 This handmade sign is a gorgeous addition to any vegan’s kitchen. A simple, black-letter design will offer a powerful punch.

Each sign is crafted from solid pine wood and comes with a dark stain wood frame, for a completely unique look for your house.