17 Gifts for Makeup Artists (That They Actually Want)

Finding the perfect gifts for makeup artists can be very hard. Since makeup is their job, odds are they already have a ton of cosmetics products they already need. So, what do you get them?

We’ve put together a list of some of the top gifts for makeup artists, from useful items you may never have thought of to thoughtful picks.

Best Gifts for Makeup Artists

Ulta/Sephora Gift Card

Starting off strong, a gift card to Ulta or Sephora is something a makeup artist can always use.

A makeup fan having a gift card to these stores is like a kid having a gift card to a candy store. It will be like a dream come true for them!

Professional Train Case

This makeup train case is a heavy duty carrying case for makeup artists who take their talents on the go.

It is made with rolling wheels and a strong aluminum frame and even has folding trays inside that will keep everything in order, no matter where your trip is taking you. 

It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes are not just wanted by makeup fans, they are needed.

These high-end brushes are must-haves for anyone who does their makeup regularly and wants it to look strong and bright. They are pretty spendy, which is why they make such a great gift!

Acrylic Makeup Storage

One of the trickiest things about having a lot of makeup is figuring out where to store it. This acrylic makeup storage unit gives you plenty of space for all of your items.

Plus, it is made with a clear design so you can see right inside and grab exactly what you need with total ease! It comes with 4 large and 2 small drawers and will make your routine even easier. 

IMATS Tickets

IMATS is the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show and tickets to go are something that any makeup artist or fan will absolutely devour.

These tickets will get them a first-class, front-row experience they won’t soon forget. This is the ultimate gift for the true makeup artist.

Masterclass Membership

When you want to truly hone your skill and become a master, you need MasterClass. This online school system allows viewers access to all sorts of courses to teach them tricks and trades, like being a makeup artist.

A MasterClass course is exactly what someone needs when they are trying to start a makeup artist business and improve their craft. 

Vistaprint Gift Card (for Business Cards)

If you are looking to become a makeup artist with a business of your own, you need business cards. What other way will you spread your name and the word about your talents?

A gift card to Vistaprint will help the small business owner in your life get going in the right direction.

Makeup Brush Bag

This makeup brush bag sits comfortable at your hip and makes grabbing hold of your favorite brush easy as can be.

It can also hold mascaras, pencils, lip glosses, and a whole lot more. If you are doing someone else’s cosmetic work, you need this brush bag by your side. 

Hand-held Makeup Palette

The hand-held makeup palette is quite brilliant. Place it on your hand and apply any makeup – no need to get your hand dirty!

This palette fits most women’s hands and is made with durable and strong and clear plexiglass that is easy to clean. 

Ring Light

When you are looking to take your makeup game to the next level, you need a ring light.

The lights are crafted in a circular design to provide even and strong lighting all over your face. If you are doing video tutorials, you need this ring light. 

Makeup Practice Head

If you are looking to perfect your makeup game, you should invest in a practice head. It will allow you to try out all the ideas you may have before actually applying them to real skin.

No matter if you are a pro or amateur, you need a practice head to hone your skills. This high-end head makes a great gift, despite looking a bit creepy.

False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes are what you need to brighten up your face and add a perfect touch to your latest look.

They can be stark, understated or anywhere in between. No matter which design you go with, false eyelashes add an exclamation point to whatever look you are going for.

Makeup Sponges

Since makeup sponges are essential and don’t last forever, they’re one of the best gifts for makeup artists!

Makeup sponges will help you apply all sorts of products and evenly spread it across your face. Whether you opt for affordable (yet still high-quality) RealTechniques or a higher-end BeautyBlender, they will love this gift.

Ipsy Plus

Ipsy Plus is a monthly subscription service that will make your beauty routine brighter, more fun – and way easier too.

Each month you will gain access to the Ipsy Glam Bag, which will be filled with products specifically picked for you (many of which are from name brands). Any makeup lover and makeup artists will appreciate more makeup!

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Makeup remover pads are a necessary part of doing makeup. If you put it on, you have to take it off.

Reusable remover pads are a great way to get your face clean at night and a great way to help the environment. Use them again and again, every time you go out, and know you will get a terrific clean each time. 

Vanity Mirror with Lights

A vanity mirror is an important part of putting on your makeup. There is nothing better than sitting before the vanity mirror as you start your daily routine.

A fancy vanity mirror with lights is even better because it will help you create the look you truly want and will shine at you from every direction. 

The Original Makeup Eraser

The Original Makeup Eraser is a handy and everyday tool for the biggest makeup fan in your life.

All you need is this makeup eraser and water and then your day’s look will be gone in just minutes. Turn a deep, thorough clean into a part of your nightly routine with this classic makeup eraser.