35 Gifts for Truck Drivers to Help Their Long Journeys

At first thought, you might have no idea where to start when it comes to gifts for truck drivers. Luckily, with a little research, you can find the perfect give to assist with their long days and nights on the road.

Let’s dive into the best gifts for your favorite truck drivers!

Car Electric Blanket

This electric car blanket will keep any driver warm, even on long winter nights. This quick-heating blanket can plug into any vehicle, and has an extra-long cord to stretch throughout the truck.

Lightweight material will save on storage space while still keeping you warm and can be folded in the passenger seat for easy access.

Memory Foam Truck Mattress

When it comes to gifts for truck drivers, a high-quality mattress for their truck is a thoughtful gift that will drastically improve their life.

Two inches of gel memory foam and four inches of support foam will form to your body and help regulate your body temperature for quality sleep, even on the open road.

Echo Auto 

     Echo Auto might be the only road trip companion that won’t inevitably annoy you or mess up your presets.

Designed for the road, the Echo Auto contains 8 microphones so it’ll never miss a request. Connect to the Alexa app on your phone to play music, make calls, or even update your to-do list while you drive. 

Audible Membership 

            An Audible subscription will not only bring all your favorite books on the road without the extra baggage, but it will also read them to you.

For less than $8 a month, you’ll get access to thousands of books, podcasts, and originals to take with you wherever you go. 

Tire Travel Coffee Mug 

This tire-shaped coffee thermos will delight truck drivers every time they drink from it.

Thermal insulation, a stainless steel interior, and leak-proof lid all work to keep tea and coffee hot for up to 5 hours. And this durable design will last way longer, keeping you company on summer trips with ice cold beverages. 

Steering Wheel Desk

Whether you’re eating a quick lunch or shooting off an email, this steering wheel desk has got you covered.

The tray is easily mounted on the steering wheel, and sturdy enough to support a laptop. Once you’re done, the lightweight design can be stored in a seat pocket quickly so you can get back on the road.


If you’re looking for gifts for truckers that any trucker will love, Airpods are the way to go. Each pair can be set to noise cancelling or transparency mode, and are easily paired with Apple devices.

Tapered silicone tips fit all ears, and included charging cases offer more than 24 hours battery life to keep you company for the long haul.

Portable Keurig Coffee Maker

Being on the road doesn’t have to mean gas station coffee with this portable Keurig.

A compact and single-serve design eliminates waste and accounts for limited space. This coffee maker fits travel mugs, has a removable drip tray for cleanup, and offers your morning brew in minutes.

Portable Espresso Machine

Another expert machine at making cups of caffeine on the go that are actually delicious is this portable espresso machine.

No batteries or electricity are required, just your favorite ground coffee and some hot water. Lightweight material makes this the perfect companion on a cross-country trip.

Portable Blender

Easily create fast, nutritious meals wherever you go with this portable blender!

This blender doubles as a thermos with a nonslip sleeve and drinking lid, so you can drink on the go. The USB chargeable battery lasts for 10 blended drinks, making this a must-have for long trips.

Portable Car Heater

This portable car heater will keep you company year-round with hot and cold options at just the touch of a button.

Perfect for defrosting windows or cooling down a hot car, this heater plugs right into the cigarette lighter and can be mounted on any flat surface.

Portable Food Warmer

Cook from your car with this portable food warmer. Just pop your food in while you drive and enjoy a warm, nutritious meal in just hours.

Automatic temperature control helps preserve food moisture and flavor, while a sealing effect ensures you don’t have to worry about smelling your lunch for the rest of your trip.

Truck Driver Knife

Your “badass truck driver” friends won’t be able to stop smiling whenever they use this knife on the road.

This pocket knife is stainless steel with a serrated edge and an open thumb flip for one-handed use. Each knife comes with an engraved wood insert and a belt loop clip so they can take a piece of home on the road.

Trump Truck Driver Mug 

Guaranteed to draw a laugh from any truck driver, this Trump truck mug includes some of his most infamous sayings personalized just for truckers.

High-quality ceramic that is made to last will ensure the POTUS is up to the task of any long drive.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

This gift doubles as a portable hand warm and as a charging station for all electronic devices.

Three levels of heat will meet every temperature need, and an anti-skid exterior will keep this device firmly in hand. Large battery capacity and a USB-C charging port mean you never have to worry about going without this hand warmer again.

Wearable Blanket

For those cold days you still have to work, this wearable blanket will make you feel like you’re taking the bed with you.

Plush fabric, a hood, pocket, and hoodie sleeves will keep you toasty all day, while cuffed sleeved and a loose fit will keep this blanket hoodie from getting in the way.

World’s Okayest Truck Driver Mug

This mug is durable enough to survive any “okayest truck drivers,” and guaranteed to make them laugh in the process.

This lightweight mug is perfect for road trips, and is printed on both sides in black lettering for a clean finish. Drivers will love drinking their morning coffee out of this little reminder from home.

Roadside Emergency Assistance Kit

Purchase peace of mind with this 110-piece roadside assistance kit with something for every emergency on the road.

Included are jumper cables, a tow strap, a first aid kit, an emergency blanket, and more, all in a single durable duffel bag. This kit has thought of everything so you don’t have to worry about any surprises.

Car Vacuum

Instantly vanish crumbs and dirt with this portable vacuum cleaner that plugs right into your lighter port.

16 feet of cable and 3 different nozzles will easily reach every corner and crevice of your truck. Each compact vacuum comes with a filter cleaning brush, a spare filter, and a transparent trash compartment for instant TLC on your truck. 

Keep Calm I’m A Truck Driver Shirt

Another funny gift guaranteed to get a lot of use on the road is this “keep calm I’m a truck driver” tee-shirt.

These cotton tees are both long-lasting and sporting eco-friendly ink. This one-of-a-kind design will keep any trucker cozy and company on the long road home.

Heated Mattress Pad 

Relax stiff back and legs for a restful sleep using this heated mattress pad.

You’ll save fuel by opting for warming up with the mattress pad over idling the car, and each mattress works seamlessly with no fumes, noises, or vibrations to disrupt your well-earned sleep.

Purple Seat Cushion 

You’ll feel like royalty sitting on this Purple seat cushion designed to help relieve sciatica and tailbone pain.

Elastic gel material is both comfortable and strong, to help adjust your body shape and weight for maximum comfort. Breathable material will form with you and help keep you cool on the drive.

Purple Double Seat Cushion

If you have the budget, this Purple seat cushion is an upgrade from the previous version!

This double seat cushion has two different sides to accommodate for both soft and hard surfaces. An equally laid out grid and elastic gel help relieve pressure from your legs and back on long drives. An anti-skid bottom and air channels keep this cushion ready for the long haul.

Do Anything Smart Button 

This do anything smart button is all in the name. This silicone button is the size of a coin, but can be programmed for an endless list of tasks.

You can easily share your location, control the music, order a pizza, or send out an SOS truly at the touch of a button.

Timberland Boots

Stay warm and dry no matter the weather in these classic Timberland boots!

Durable, waterproof leather is sturdy enough for any job, and comfortable so you’ll love wearing them. Each boot is made using sustainable and recycled material, and is lace-up for the perfect fit.

Fire Missles Cigarette Lighter Cover

This “fire missiles” cigarette lighter is perfect for when road rage gets the best of you and you just need to pretend for a minute.

The red button is eye-catching and sure to be the perfect pick-me-up on the road.

Portable Car Fridge

This 2-in-1 portable car fridge and freezer cools fast by halving temperatures in just 15 minutes.

A display and thermostat offer easy control for different temperature needs, and operates with low energy consumption and insulation that lasts for hours to keep your food fresh.

Car Phone Holder

Putting an end to balancing your phone on your knee (and inevitably dropping it), this car phone mount includes two different size clamps and 13 inches of gooseneck so you can adjust for every need.

A dashboard support offers stability on even the bumpiest roads, and a 360 degree rotation ball joint gives you complete control.  

Car Power Inverter 

Instantly charge any of your electronic devices with this car inverter that comes with 2 USB ports and AC outlets.

A durable metal exterior protects against dents, while a cooling fan prevents overheating. This small device works hard while also saving space with its lightweight design.

Heated Seat Cushion

Rest and relax your back and legs with a heated seat cushion that warms within 5 minutes.

Each cushion comes with straps for a comfortable fit and plugs into the lighter adapter, for non flammable warmth that will travel with you on even the coldest mornings.

Roadfood Book

Add variety to your meals and trips with Road Food, a guide to 1000 of the best local and hidden gem places to eat.

Descriptions and directions take you right to the door, and include options from highways or back roads for quick stops or a much-needed break.

Touchless Dispenser for Hand Sanitizer

This touchless soap dispenser is perfect for washing off every trip to grungy gas station bathrooms without having to actually touch your hand sanitizer bottle.

An infrared sensor automatically senses your movements, and batteries last for 6-9 months of use. A waterproof base protects the batteries, and a variety of soap volume options gives you control over every use.


Dog Dashboard Bobblehead

One of the more simple gifts for truckers, this cute dog will keep them company on the road. The head bobs back and forth with every movement and sits perfectly on any dashboard.

Each figure is crafted from protection resin material that will fight against cracking, chipping, and fading.

Snack Set

What does every road trip need? Snacks! There’s something for every craving in this huge 50-count snack care package.

Choose from sweet and savory in this bulk sampler that will never get old. Comfort food for every occasion and for when you just need a sugar boost to get through a long day.