45 Gifts for Bakers in 2020 (Useful + Convenient)

Gift shopping for your favorite baker? Check out some of the top gifts for bakers that will help them expand their skills in the kitchen, no matter what type of baking they enjoy!

From useful baking gifts to convenient gadgets they never knew they needed, you’re bound to find something for any baker on your list.

Corner Brownie Pan

This rambunctious brownie pan is the perfect pan for parties, family gatherings or a night in with friends and family!  It adds two chewy edges to every delicious brownie and fits every standard box mix with no adjustments needed. 

The pan is made with heavy gauge cast aluminum and coated with a nonstick coating to make cleaning a simple task!

Silicone Nonstick Baking Mat

Silicone baking mats are one of the gifts for bakers that they can always use! They allow you to skip the cooking spray or pan grease. 

It’s coated with a healthy and safe non stick surface that allows for effortless removal! These mats are perfect for baking cookies, cinnamon buns, breads, candies, and even various meats.  They’re safe, healthy and prevent messy clean ups.

Cake Shapers 

These cake shapers give you the freedom to create any kind of mold imaginable to suit your baking needs! 

They are flexible and durable 7.4 inch long silicone strips that can be connected to form any shape you want.  They are easy to connect, leak free, non-stick and coated with a food-grade silicone that’s safe for the whole family. 

I Am the Secret Ingredient Oven Mitt

Want to show everyone who’s the boss in terms of running the kitchen? 

This rich and vibrant oven mitt is made from all-cotton and extra quilted to keep your hands safe.  This Oven Mitt also allows you to give back, with 1% of the sale being donated to any hunger relief program throughout the world.

Collapsible Cooling Rack

Is your kitchen filled to the brim with cooking supplies? With this trusty rack, you can fit 3 dozen cookies in one small bit of counter space!

While it’s collapsed, it takes up about as much room as a simple cookie sheet, giving you the freedom of placing it anywhere.  This 10×16 cooling rack is the perfect gift for anyone that needs to save space.

Coffee Cup Cookie Cutter

When it comes to gifts for bakers, cookie cutters are always a great go-to. This cute coffee-shaped cookie cutter is perfect. Get creative with uplifting phrases such as “Thanks a Latte” and “Love you a Latte”. 

Not only are these wonderful for cookies, but they’re ideal for biscuits, brownies and cakes!  They are perfect for any occasion whether it be a holiday party, birthday party or office themed event. 

Glass Food Storage Canisters

Crafted with crystal glass and bamboo wood lids with silicone sealing, these are the perfect container for all of your foods. 

The jars will keep you food fresh and safe, all while providing you with a first hand view to easily find what you’re looking for and see when you’re running low. 

Milkshake Maker

Although this might not be one of the gifts for bakers that they actually need, it’s pretty cool. The Brentwood Classic Milkshake maker isn’t only ideal for milkshakes, but it’s great for smoothies, protein shakes, cocktails and much more. 

Bring the 50’s diner into your kitchen and rock out with one of these today!

Pastry Mat with Measurements

This pastry mat is a flexible, healthy, and durable mat that will give you years of cooking.  At 0.6MM, it’s almost twice as thick as other pastry mats!

The large kneading mat prevents you from having to scrape dough or fondant off your worktop, while the anti-slip bottom keeps the mat secure on your table 

Steel Bread Box

The Barbantia Bread Box is built to last. 

It’s made with a coated steel and has a magnetic seal that ensures your bread is fresh and delicious at all times.  It also comes in a variety of colors so you have countless options to make your kitchen that much flashier. 

Food Scale

This multifunction precision food scale helps you weigh your ingredients with accuracy to ensure you’re consuming healthy portion sizes and getting accurate measurements for your recipes. 

Equipped with touch sensitive buttons that are easy to use, the Nicewell Digital Scale is your answer to a cleaner, healthier, and happier life.

Whisk Wipe

The Whisk Wiper is the device that changed whisking forever.

It allows you to majestically wipe your whisk completely clean in seconds, helping you get the most out of your recipe. 

Danish Dough Whisk

This Danish Dough Whisk is the perfect whisk for pizza, bread and cookie dough!

  This unique whisk is expertly designed to cut through dough and blend it with ease (it even scrapes the sides of the bowl).  It also prevents dough from clumping and getting stuck in the hooks. 

It’s such a simple and efficient device that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Croissant Cutter

The Ateco Stainless Steel Croissant Roller Cutter is a professional quality, stainless steel roller that makes cutting croissants safe and efficient. 

This cutter allows you to make six croissants per revolution.  It’s the perfect device for any pastry chef that wants to make the perfect croissant with ease.

Giant Cupcake Mold Pan

This fun and easy baking kit is the perfect answer for simple and deliciously Giant Cupcakes! 

Allow your inner artist (or inner child) to run free as you create cupcakes that are 25x larger than your average cupcake. This is the perfect activity for the whole family providing everyone with a guaranteed smile!

Cake Paint

Make your pastries look Fab-U-Lous! 

This delicious cake paint allows you to easily decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes and just about any other desert out there.  Spice up school events, holidays, office parties and parties at home with this wonderful cake paint!

Cake Dust

Make your cakes and other pastries look stunningly beautiful!  This edible cake dust provides you with deep colors of varying hues with a stunning metallic finish.  The perfect addition for any cake!

Edible Flowers Indoor Grow Kit

Impress your guests with edible flowers for drinks and cocktails. They’ll be even more impressed you grew them yourself!  

Edible flowers are a lovely decorative addition to cakes and other pastries, but they tend to be expensive in stores, so why not grow them yourself to save some money?

Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter Set

Add a bit more Festivity to your family’s upcoming Christmas!  This set allows you and your family to make your own beautiful and elaborate gingerbread houses.

 With 10 Gingerbread House objects and 8pc molds of various Christmas-themed items, the fun and possibilities are endless. 

Letter + Number Cake Pan

This pan set allows you to make cakes with all 26 letters and any number from 0-9. 

The 14.5 x 9-inch rectangular pan has a grid-like bottom that prevents batter from seeping through and the cake shape comes out perfect!  Get creative and personalize your next birthday, graduation, gender-reveal party, or holiday event. 

Cake Stand

This lovely cake stand is made with high-quality acacia wood and a shatterproof acrylic dome.

It brings both sophistication and warmth to any gathering, whether it be a family party or a wedding. This cake stand is a beautiful way to present the sweetest attraction at any event!

Royal Fondant Mold

Create the most elegant cupcake or cake known to man with this mold.  It’s the perfect way to make a cake that stands out with nobility and class!

Cannoli Tubes

These tubes are your answer to the perfect Cannoli.

Made from 100% food-grade stainless steel that’s easy to wash and maintain, these are a great gift for any pastry chef.  The seamless structure prevents dough from building up and makes cleaning a breeze. It comes with 15 tubes so you can easily make cannolis for any family gathering!

Cake Pop Display Stand

Presenting your delicious cake pops just got a little bit easier. 

With this display stand, all twenty-one of your cake pops will be the life of the party.  It features 21 perfectly crafted holes that will prevent your delicious treats from moving around

Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand

If you’re looking for adorable gifts for bakers, look no further. Add some beauty and class to your next birthday party with this charming cupcake stand.  

Made with stunning silver-plated metal, this unique stand holds up to 8 delicious cupcakes. 

Twisted Cupcake Stand

Another cupcake display stand, this one is a bit more modern. The unique design stands at 18″ tall and is perfect for any event.

It’s easy to use, easy to transport and an absolute beauty to look at

Cookie and Cake Carrier

Are you tired of those cumbersome containers for transporting cookies and cupcakes?  This is one of the few gifts for bakers that can make their life significantly more convenient (if they don’t already have it).

It’s small, convenient, and can hold up to 45 cookies or 32 mini cupcakes. You can even turn the carrier upright to carry other snacks!

Batter Dispenser 

This batter dispenser is easy, efficient, and mess-free. It has a 4-cup capacity with a wide mouth opening that makes filling easy. 

The handle also provides you with portion control on your batter pouring. It’s great for pancakes, waffles, muffins, pizza sauce, and more! 

Wilton Even Cake Strips

The Wilton Bake Even Strips are your answer to baking the perfectly leveled cake. 

Gone are the days of high-rise centers, cracked tops, and overcooked cake edges.  Simply dampen the Bake Even strip and wrap it around the pan.  The moisture in the strips keeps the edges of the pan cooler for a delicious, even result. 


French Tarts Baking Set

Your first step to becoming a French patisserie chef is here! 

With this baking kit, you can create anything from tart shells to stiff peaks of meringue.  Included is a candy thermometer, ceramic baking weights, stainless steel perforated tart ring set, and a silicone piping kit.  The easy to use instructions will make you a pro in no time!

International Vanilla Extract Set

One of the best gifts for bakers is always vanilla extract, especially high-quality sets like this one.

Each vanilla bean is hand-picked and thoroughly examined.  Their beans are sourced from various countries for a variety of high-end, elaborate flavors.

Bakeware Set

The Wilton Texturra Performance Non-Stick Bakeware Set comes with 7 pieces. It’s one of the best gifts for bakers, because it’s never a bad time to upgrade your baking set!

This set includes 1 oblong, 1 loaf, 1 round, 1 large cookie, 1 medium cookie, and 1 muffin pan. 

Nielsen Massey Holiday Flavors Bundle

This bundle offers all the holiday flavors you could need for your next baking adventure!

Add some cheer to your holiday treats with Pure Almond Extract, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, and Pure Peppermint Extract.  Each goes wonderfully with desserts, snacks, and beverages. 

Nielsen Massey Floral Flavors Bundle

If you’re not a fan of the previous holiday flavors, check out their floral flavors.

The pack comes with Orange Blossom Water, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, and Rose Water. 

Egg Yolk Separator

This egg yolk separator is convenient and adorable at the same time!

Simply crack the egg on the top, pour into the container, and tilt the separator to pour out the egg white. Extracting the healthiest part of an egg has never been this simple!

Marble Pastry Board

This beautiful pastry board keeps your dough cool and chocolate tempering, while also looking wonderful on your counter. 

It will keep your dough cooler than room temperature so it won’t lose consistency when you’re working with it, and your buttery contents of the dough will remain intact.

Macaron Baking Set

This set comes with a total of 48 baking circles which are ideal for macaroons, biscuits, cookies, and much more. 

It comes with a decorative pen which is a fun tool to personalize and beautify your favorite desserts. 

Natural Sprinkles

If you’re looking for gifts for bakers that are always useful, sprinkles are a great go-to. These 100% Natural Rainbow Sprinkles are kosher, vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free with no artificial dyes added.

  Make your next pastry a healthy one that everyone can enjoy.  These sprinkles are perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties and so much more!

Adjustable Rolling Pin

Although not the prettiest rolling pin out there, this is one of the most useful options. It’s adjustable to evenly flatten the dough, ensuring uniform baking!

It includes 1/16, 1/6, 1/4, and 3/8 inch removable disks that make it simple to roll to a desired thickness. This is great for pizza, pie crusts, tarts, cookies, and more.

Luxury Utensils Set

This luxurious kitchen utensil set mixes metallic with stainless steel for a truly mesmerizing result. 

Included are six tools: a turner, slotted turner, ladle, slotted spoon, spoon, and a whisk.  These are wonderful for cooking and ideal for serving. 

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is always a useful gift for bakers. This Aucma Stand Mixer has a 660w high-performance pure copper and sturdy ABS housing. 

It has six optimized speeds with a pulse function to ensure you get perfect results. 

Cookie Letter Stamps

This gadget is perfect for writing any message you desire into your cookies (or other treats)! Imprint messages, names, and numbers into your baking. 

It’s easy to use and is a fun way to help teach kids how to spell and read. It comes with 2 parts per set, with a total of 72 pieces of numbers and letters.

Chocolate Shaver

The chocolate shaver will elevate your skills in the kitchen! It utilizes a rotating shaving lid with a custom shaped mold to fill with any chocolate of your choice.

Nothing beats the taste and authenticity of real chocolate shavings!

Oil Spray Bottle

The Leaflai Oil Dispenser is the perfect option for evenly dispensing oil for your next baking endeavor. 

Made with stainless steel and a glass bottle body, this handy device is not only good for baking, but any other kind of cooking as well.

gifts for bakers oven mitts

Bear Oven Mitts

ROAR! These Bear Oven Mitts are excellent for removing any hot products out of the oven safely.

Heat Resistant up to 250c, these gloves will protect your hands from scalding hot temperatures. These adorable mitts are a fun gift for any baker in the family!