25 Gifts for New Drivers (That They Will Actually Use)

Celebrating a new driver? It can be hard to find gifts for new drivers that are related to driving and cars, but aren’t something they either already have or would never use.

Check out more than 20 of the top gifts for new drivers that are useful and unique (some are even funny)!

Gifts for New Drivers

A New Car

Is there any better gift than a new car, especially for a brand new driver? No, no there is not.

If you can afford it, a new car is probably the most amazing gift you can ever buy anyone new to the road and will show a new driver in your life just how much you care about them. 

Gas Gift Card

Buying gas can get expensive and, sadly, you have to do it a lot once you start driving.

A gas gift card is a wonderful present for a new driver and will take a lot of the pain of buying gas out of the equation. 

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Blindspot Mirror

A blindspot mirror is an essential tool to keep the new driver in your life safe and sound as they travel the road.

Blindspots can be incredibly dangerous and this mirror will nearly eliminate them in every instance. A must-have if you want true safety on the road. 

Rear View Mirror

The rear view mirror is possibly the most important part of your car.

A clip-on rearview mirror like this one extends your vision and helps reduce blind spots, plus it gives a more sleek and modern look to any car.

Backup Camera System

A backup camera system is important and necessary in this day and age. If your new driver’s car doesn’t come with a backup camera, this makes a wonderful gift!

Install the camera and you will be assured that the loved new driver in your life will be ultra-safe every time they back up. 

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are a must have for any driver, especially new drivers.

Keep these in your trunk and you will always be able to get a jump no matter where you are. All you need is another car to get you going!

Tile Mate Key Finder

When your new driver gets their first car, they’ll finally get to experience the joy of losing their keys!

This is why a Tile Mate makes one of the best gifts for new drivers. Simply attach to your keychain and you will be able to track where your keys are!

Parking Citation Notepad

Another joy of becoming a new driver is experiencing all of the terrible parkers out there.

This parking citation notepad is a hilarious gag gift to help them take their frustration out. But, a new driver might need to be given these parking citations themselves, so you might want to keep a few sheets.

Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

A magnetic cell phone holder is a handy and easy way to keep your phone safe and close to you when you are driving.

You don’t have to worry about holding your phone to see your GPS. Just throw your phone on this sturdy and reliable holder so you can focus on driving. 

Roadside Emergency Kit

A roadside emergency kit is an essential for every car.

You never know what problems life and the road will throw at you. This kit will ensure that you will stay safe on the road and are never too far from help. 

Car Wash & Cleaner Kit

If your new driver got a car, they’ll need to keep it clean!

With this ultimate car wash and cleaner kit, you can keep your vehicle sparkly and clean all from the comfort of your very own garage or driveway. Get wet and wild and clean. 

Car Wash Gift Card/Membership

If your new driver isn’t the type to wash their car themselves, a gift card to a nearby car wash is another great gift!

Simply search for some top car washes nearby and find where they sell gift cards (smaller places may not offer them online or at all). Or, instead of gift cards, some offer monthly memberships.

Car Safety Hammer

When a real emergency strikes, a car safety hammer is a must-have.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when you need to smash your window to escape to safety and these hammers will do that perfectly. You never want to use these, but you always need to have them just in case. 

Drive Safe From Mom Keychain

If you’re a mom searching for gifts for new drivers for your child, this keychain is a funny and thoughtful gift.

This will remind them (using their favorite curse words) to keep your eyes on the road and stay safe at all times.

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Funny New Driver Bumper Sticker

This is a hilarious gift that they probably won’t end up putting on their car (unless you do it without them knowing), but will cause a few laughs.


Car Seat Heater

Car seats can get incredibly cold if your car doesn’t have the luxury of heated seats. There is nothing worse than a freezing seat on a chilly night or morning.

This car seat heater will get rid of that problem and provide a soft, warm cushion that keeps your booty warm on any drive. It plugs in to the cigarette lighter for easy access!

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

You need to keep your hands warm if you are on a long drive, especially if your car doesn’t have great heating.

These rechargeable hand warmers are just what you need to keep toasty during any drive!

Car Interior Strip Lights

Strip lights for the interior of your car will add a whole new dimension and vibe to your vehicle.

These can make any car look luxurious, creating great mood lighting for a night drive. Any new driver will love this!

Hanging Car Plant

A hanging car plant is a unique and cute way to add some color and character to your vehicle.

Hang them from your rear view and you will get a constant little boost of lush life on your drive. 

Echo Auto

The echo auto is a reliable and helpful device from those lovely folks at Amazon.

Now you can take Alexa with you, even when you are on a long drive. Set reminders, play music, send a text with your voice, and a variety of other things all while driving home. This can save a life!

Light Up Car Coasters

These light up car coasters come in seven different colors and will make your car look ultra-cool.

It will light up your drinks and create a unique driving experience every single time, plus each coaster is rechargeable via USB. 

Digital Tire Inflator

A digital tire inflator is a wonderful way to keep your tires full and safe at all times.

Do away with the old-fashioned way of checking your tires and going to the gas station to get them filled. Now you can do that all from home!

Fire Missiles Cigarette Lighter Cover

This “Fire Missiles” button fits into your car’s cigarette lighter and adds some fun and character to your vehicle.

Yes, it may not actually fire any missiles at the cars around you, but it can definitely help with some minor road rage.

Car Cleaning Gel

Car cleaning gel is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their ride ultra-clean.

This gel is easy to use and can get into ultimately every nook and cranny of your vehicle that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. It is so easy, plus it’s actually fun to use. 

Silicone Drink Car Coasters

We all know the disasters that come with bringing an open drink on a car ride. But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

These silicone drink car coasters are reusable, reliable and perfect for any car. They will keep any drink in one place, with minimal movement.

Amazon Gift Card

Last but not least, an Amazon gift card is one of the most reliable gifts for new drivers (and anyone).

The platform has just about everything you could possibly need, including car items. Give this to a new driver and they will soon be shopping all the car accessories they want.