14 Copper Anniversary Gifts for Any Relationship

Copper anniversary gifts are tradition for 7th anniversaries. But, it can be hard to find something that’s both unique and thoughtful when you narrow your results down to copper-only items.

So, we’ve found some of the best anniversary gifts made from copper. Whether you want to gift them something useful or extra thoughtful, we’ve got you covered!

Copper Anniversary Gifts

Copper Cuff Bracelet

Created with premium copper, this handmade cuff bracelet is a stunning and strong piece of jewelry that will look amazing on any wrist.

A perfect gift for your anniversary, this is remarkable and straight from the heart.

Copper Rose with Wood Hanging

This hand-crafted iron rose looks like something from a fairy tale, but will look amazing and gorgeous in your home.

Made with extreme detail and stunning craftsmanship, there is no better anniversary gift than this one. Why get your loved one a real rose when you can get them one that will last forever?

Couple’s Copper Key Chain

This couple’s keychain will let your loved one know that they always have the key to your heart.

The two pieces come together in a sign of true unity and love. Simple, long-lasting and straight from the heart, this copper keychain set says a lot.

Copper Wrapped Necklace

This copper wrapped necklace is a thoughtful, beautiful gift that they will appreciate.

They offer a variety of different stones wrapped in copper (including opalite, amethyst, rose quartz, and more). Do your research on their meanings to pick the best stone for your partner!

Copper Bracelets

This men’s copper bracelet is a masculine, stunning and remarkable piece of jewelry.

Not only does it look great, it’s also used by many for treating pain relief (such as arthritis and carpal tunnel). It’s a win-win!

Love Swing Sculpture

Here is a cute, heartfelt handmade creation that is perfect for your anniversary.

Show your loved one how much they mean to you with this love swing that highlights just how special and romantic your relationship is. This piece looks wonderful on any wall and comes straight from the heart.

Mr. & Mrs. Copper Mugs

These copper Mr. and Mrs. mugs are a terrific way to enjoy your favorite drink with your favorite person.

Made with 100% real copper and built to last no matter what liquid you pour into them, these mugs will last a lifetime and will create countless memories too.

Copper Compass

This solid brass copper compass looks like something that was found ages ago and will last a lifetime more.

Beautifully detailed with high-quality design and a stunning leather carrying case, this compass comes with a quote that will show your loved one how much you love them.

Copper Ring

These thick, durable and gorgeous stackable copper rings that are hammered by hand and crafted to perfection with impeccable detail.

This is a great copper anniversary gift any man or woman who loves jewelry.

Moscow Mule Mugs

The Moscow Mule is a delicious alcoholic beverage that will always hit the spot. These mugs are a great way to enjoy that drink again and again!

Made by hand with expert quality and great detail, these mugs will become a high-end kitchen accessory that you use for years and years.

Copper Wine Glasses

This unique set of copper wine glasses will add a touch of class and beauty to your next night with friends.

Hammered by hand, these copper glasses will hold your favorite wine with style and grace and are the perfect gifts for your favorite host or hostess.

Copper Elephant Ring Holder

This copper elephant ring holder sure is cute. But it’s more than that too, it also easily and elegantly holds your rings and keeps them safe at all times.

A fun, precious bedroom accessory that will look good on any vanity or in any closet, this is a ring holder unlike any other.

Copper Measuring Cups

If you are in your kitchen a lot and measure things often, these copper measuring cups are perfect for you.

They look classy, stylish and are built to last too. Fill them up with any ingredients you need and marvel at the craftsmanship and gorgeous look.

Hammered Copper Water Bottle

This extra large copper water bottle holds up to 34 ounces of your favorite drink and will keep it cold for hours.

This is a perfect gift for anyone who is looking to intake a lot more water and wants it to stay ice cold all day long. Keep yourself healthy and do it in style with this copper water bottle!