40 Gifts for a 70 Year Old Man in 2021

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts or 70th birthday gifts for men, it can be hard to find great gifts for a 70 year old man. How do you get them something useful without making them feel like they’re old? What could they actually want?

We’ve put together the best gift ideas that are either thoughtful, useful, or funny. Let’s dive in!

Gifts for a 70 Year Old Man

iRobot Roomba

The Roomba is a revolutionary vacuum device that does all the hard work for you.

You simply set its course, turn it on and then kick up your feet as the robot ventures around your home and cleans it perfectly. Roomba proves that vacuuming doesn’t have to be hard.


Storyworth really is a special, special gift. Once a week, they email questions to your family members.

These questions will spark conversation, light up memories and bring a smile to their face. After a year, the questions and answers are all put into a high-quality book and delivered to their door.

Cameo (From their favorite celebrity)

Cameo is a fun, inventive service that allows you to get a personalized message from your favorite celebrity.

Get a birthday greeting, a congratulations or any number of shout-outs from stars of the big and small screen.

Custom Photo Album

If you want a truly heart-warming and unique gift for a loved one in your life, create a custom photo album.

You can personalize anything about it, from the cover to the layout to the photos inside. They’re pretty affordable, but you can also make a DIY scrapbook if you want to save!

Custom Puzzle

A custom puzzle is a wonderful family gift that everyone can enjoy.

Piece together an image from the family photo album and laugh and relive wonderful memories as the puzzle comes together. A challenging — and fun — way to walk down memory lane.

Personalized Family Portrait

A personalized family portrait is a way to bring the personality and character of your family to life in new and inventive ways.

Create a family piece of art that they will be happy to put on their wall and look at everyday!

A Kitten or Puppy

A kitten or puppy is a wonderful gift for an older gentleman with a lot of down time and love to give. A little furry friend will keep him company and light up his days. There is nothing more special than a pet!

Note: If you’re getting a puppy, make sure to do extensive research on the breed beforehand (for example, you might not want to get an older man a high-energy Husky).

Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame is a timeless gift that will help your grandfather or father remember the lovely times the family has spent together.

You can upload dozens of photos onto the frame and let them rotate and bring back all the joy from each picture again and again.

Tile Item Tracker

This bluetooth tracker will help you find your keys, wallet, and more.

Simply attach it to any of those items (such as your keychain) and then you can find it via the easy, handy Tile app.

Echo Show 8 

The Echo Show 8 is an easy and reliable way to make video calls.

Call your friends or family via the Echo Show or listen to the radio, watching movies or listen to the news. Add items to your grocery or to-do list and let it help you find recipes and cook too. Is there anything the Echo Show can’t do?


Stamps are always important if you ever mail anything. You never know when you might need one.

That is why stamps make a reliable and always-good gift, especially for older folks who still use the postal service often.

Movie Tickets

Everyone loves going to the movies!

Buying movie tickets for someone takes care of the hassle of plunking down cold hard cash for their seat. Now, can they focus on other things like which movie to see and which snacks to enjoy.

Backup Camera

Nowadays, you don’t have to buy an expensive new car to get a backup camera. Simply add this kit on to any car with ease!

This is a wonderful way to stay safe on the road. Easy to install and easy to use, this reliable gift makes backing up so much easier.

Home Chef Oven Ready Meals

The older you get, the less you want to cook for yourself.

To help an older man get the healthy meals they deserve, Home Chef offers oven-ready meals. With no prep and no mess, these meals are pre-portioned and ready to be cooked and enjoyed in no time.


On the same note, Freshly offers healthy chef-cooked meals sent right to your doorstep.

All you have to do is pop them in the oven, wait a few minutes, then kick back and enjoy. Easy, huh?

Custom Photo Blanket

A custom photo blanket is a heart-felt and truly special gift that will make any grandparent or older family member so happy.

You can fill it with images of lovely memories and watch the smile on their faces as they literally wrap themselves in love.

Custom Coffee Mug

A custom coffee mug is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys their morning cup of Joe.

Place an inside joke on it or a cute picture. Anything you want can be printed on these coffee mugs!

Foot Massager

There is nothing better than a foot massage.

A foot massager is the perfect for an older family member who spends a lot of time moving and walking and needs a deep, sustained massage. Someone’s whole day can get better after a foot massage, so why not gift them one they can use over and over again?

Digital Calendar Clock

This digital calendar clock is easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and essential to have.

A wonderful gift for any senior or someone who always forgets what day it is, it is simple to install and the upkeep is just as easy too.

Hand Massager for Arthritis

Arthritis is such a painful hassle to live with.

That is why this cordless electric hand massager is so important for someone who suffers. It will relieve pain with pressure and heat. Plus, it is 100% adjustable and comes with 6 levels of massage and intensity.

Rechargeable Smart Toothbrush

The Colgate hum Smart Electric rechargeable sonic toothbrush makes brushing your teeth so much easier.

It comes with 3 different modes and reminds you to keep brushing for at least 2 minutes. It also shows areas that you need to focus on better.

Arthritis Gloves

These arthritis gloves give compression and comfort for folks suffering from pain and discomfort for any number of reasons.

Finger and hand pain can be a thing of the past thanks to these life-saving gloves.

Medical Alert System

If you’re gift shopping for an older man that doesn’t have the best health, a medical alert system can be a lifesaver.

They offer two-way communication with 24/7 emergency and non-emergency operators. Your loved one will always be safe with one of these!

Riding Lawn Mower

If they’re still using a push lawn mower and you have a high budget, consider gifting them a high-quality riding lawnmower! This is much easier and safer.

Simply hop on, drive and let your grass be trimmed and tidy. Make sure to do your research to find the best brand and model for their needs (you can also find robotic lawn mowers now).

Smart Meat Thermometer

This smart meat thermometer makes cooking a turkey or chicken easier (and actually a bit more fun).

Simply insert the thermometer and then keep tabs on your food with the handy-dandy smart meat thermometer app. You don’t even have to get off the couch until it’s ready!

Restaurant Gift Card

A gift card to their favorite restaurant takes care of the bill and allows your loved one to truly enjoy their meal.

They don’t have to worry about the final tab, the tip, or anything else. All they have to worry about is what dessert they will get! You can search on discount gift card sites like Raise to find better deals.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

These rechargeable hand warmers are portable, comfortable and handy (pun intended).

A perfect gift for anyone who spends a lot of time outside or in their cold car, these hand wamers are so easy to use.

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is a wonderful way to feel comfortable and secure in your own bed.

The feeling of the weight adds an extra layer of warmth and is surprisingly calming. You’ll never know what you’re missing until you try a weighted blanket.

Heated Blanket

A heated blanket will assure you that you are in for a night of real comfort and warmth. Just turn it on to your desired level of warmth and enjoy.

And this particular blanket turns off automatically after several hours, so there is no danger!

Heated Foot Warming Pad

This heated foot warming pad is wonderful for older folks that tend to get cold, aching feet.

It comes with three different temperature settings and an auto shut-off mode too. It is safe, comfortable, and essential for those cold winter days.

Jar Opener 

As you get older and your grip strength isn’t what it used to be, a jar opener is handy tool to have around.

This 5-in-1 multi function jar opener is a life-saver. It is perfect for those suffering from arthritis and is also easy to use for children too. No matter the jar and no matter what is in it, this opener will get it done.

Non-Skid Socks

Slipping on a hardwood floor because of your socks is not only annoying, but it can be dangerous when it comes to older folks.

That is why these sticky grippers non skid socks are so essential for older people who live alone. It will prevent devastating falls and keep people safe (plus the socks are super comfy)!

Page Magnifier

This extra-large page magnifier is a wonderful gift for any older loved one who still enjoys reading, but struggles with their eyesight.

Now they can still cherish books, newspapers, or magazines without having to invest in expensive and unreliable eyeglasses.


No matter how old your grandpa or father is, we bet they love coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

The Keurig is a great gift to help make coffee time easier without skimping on taste. Just pop in the pod and push start! Coming in a variety of models and colors, Keurig machines are an essential for a true coffee fanatic.

Instant Pot

An Instant Pot is a must-have small appliance that takes the hassle out of cooking.

Simply pour all your ingredients in, set the timer, go about your day, and you will have delicious meal will be waiting when you are ready for it!

Amazon Gift Card and/or Prime Membership

A gift card to Amazon is such a wonderful gift because it is giving someone the choice of anything they want.

Since Amazon’s catalogue is so vast and always-growing, you know your loved one will find something they love so they can get exactly what they wanted.

Fake Tattoo Sleeves

These colorful and fun fake tattoo sleeves are a unique, funny gift that will make your grandpa the coolest old dude on the block.

Coming in a variety of styles and looks, each looks just like the real thing.

Pyramid Bookrest

This Pyramid bookrest is a helpful tool for someone who loves to read for hours, but hates to hold their books up.

Now their book of choice can rest right on their lap with this weighted bookrest. How convenient!

Massager Pillow

This massager pillow comes with 4 deep-tissue kneading modes that will rotate, loosen and soothe your aching joints.

Tight muscles will be gone in no time thanks to this neck and back massager!