31 Gifts for Music Teachers That Will Make Them Smile

When searching for gifts for music teachers, you might be a bit lost. Where do you find something that they haven’t received 100 times?

To help, we’ve curated a list of the top gifts for music teachers that are thoughtful, useful, and/or unique!

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Best Gifts for Music Teachers

Musical Serving Board

Anyone who appreciates music will love this unique guitar-shaped cutting board!

When you want to serve your house guests some snacks and also want to remind them you love music, this musical serving board is exactly what you need.

Reclaimed Instrument Bottle Opener

This reclaimed instrument bottle opener is made from authentic and vintage instruments that have found a second life in your kitchen. What a unique gift!

Let a classic guitar or set of piano keys help open your next drink. 

Music Playing Cards

This set of music-themed playing cards comes with gorgeous and unique artistic representations of some of the biggest icons in music history.

This is a wonderful way to brighten up your next game of poker and remind your friends how much you really love music. 

Personalized Record Doormat

This personalized record doormat is unlike any other you have ever seen.

It looks just like an actual music record and can be customized with your name and song title. Wipe off your feet in the most stylish way possible. 

Tibetan Singing Bowl

A Tibetan Singing Bowl is an authentic and hand crafted meditation bowl that includes a wooden striker and hand-sewn cushion too.

It is a piece of cultural and musical history that will make your home feel peaceful and filled with music. 

Cassette Business Card Case

Business cards are a must-have in the modern world.

When you want to advertise your company while also advertising your love of music, this cassette business card case is perfect for you. It looks just like the vintage, classic tapes you used to listen to as a kid and will carry your business information with style. 

Piano Pop Up Card

This is perhaps the most interesting and unique pop-up card you have ever seen.

It is crafted to look exactly like a grand piano and, trust us, it does. it really does. This pop up card is a wonderful choice for someone’s birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. If they love music, they will love this card. 

Turntable Cheese Board

What better way to serve cheese than on a turntable?

This cheese board looks just like the real thing: a premium turntable ready to make music. Now your house guests can enjoy some delicious snacks with this unique and fun conversation starter. 

Custom Soundwave Gift

This customizable soundwave gift converts any sound, musical or not, into a gorgeous piece of art that will warm your heart.

Now your favorite sounds can be presented in gorgeous visual style that is unlike anything else you own. This is a truly special and one-of-a-kind present for someone close to you. 

Music Note Soaps

Get nice and clean in the shower or bath with these music note soaps!

Get your body healthy and tidy all thanks to your love of music. For the person in your life who lives and breathes music, this soap is perfect for them. 

Mini Violin

This mini violin is a gorgeous replica that is only 3 inches in size. How did they manage so much detail into such a tiny object?

This is a stunning piece of craftsmanship that will fit right at home in any true music fan’s collection. 

Upcycled Record Coasters

These coasters are created from old recycled records and will give your home a warm and musical feel at all times.

This is a great housewarming gift for someone in your life who is truly devoted to music.

Mixtape Soap

This piece of soap looks just like the old vintage cassette tapes you used to record your mixtapes on.

Not only will this piece of soap get your body clean and healthy, it will send you on a walk down memory lane. The mixtape lives on!

Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

This bluetooth karaoke machine is a great way to really take your party to the next level.

Now your friends and guests can belt out their favorite tunes with ease. This machine is easy to set up and even easier to use. Nothing brings out the party like karaoke. 

Amazon Gift Card

For a truly devoted music teacher, an Amazon gift card is a terrific way to find and buy their next favorite gift.

Amazon has a slew of items related to music, from instruments to records to a whole lot more. The music teacher in your life will find something they desire, there is no question about it. 

Woodstock Chimes

These woodstock chimes create a powerful and musical tone every time they are tapped by the mallet.

You can calm your mind and bring about reflection and relaxation with this truly special musical instrument. 

Guitar Spatula Set

This guitar spatula set is a great way to bring music into the kitchen.

Now you can flip pancakes, make eggs or any number of things with the help of your favorite instrument: the guitar. 

Vintage Record Bottle Opener

This vintage record bottle opener will become a cornerstone of your kitchen in no time. It is made from a real, classic record and will help you pop the top off of any number of bottles.

Show your guests just how much you really love music – and beer – with this one of a kind item.

Musical Wine Glasses

When the wine starts flowing, people will want to enjoy music. And they can, thanks to these wine glasses.

Fill the glass to the desired note and then run your finger around the rim and in just seconds you will be creating real and gorgeous musical tones. How amazing is that?

Birth Month Guitar Pick

This birth month guitar pick are created with gemstones inspired by each birth month.

So no matter when you were born, you will be represented by this stunning and vibrant pieces of musical hardware. Handmade with love, straight from Nashville, Tennessee. 

Music Note Charm Necklace

This music note charm necklace is a cute, simple, and heartfelt way to keep music close to your heart.

Whether you are buying for a loved one of a favorite music teacher, this is a great way to remind yourself – and others – that music means the world to you. 

Music Note Bottle Opener

For those who truly devour music and also devour a good drink in a bottle too, this music note bottle opener is exactly what you need.

Hang this on the wall of your kitchen and now every time you open a bottle, you will be reminded of your first love: music. 

Music Teacher Definition Gift

What is a music teacher? They are so much more than someone who just teaches you how to read sheet music.

No, they are someone who can change your life. This music teacher definition print is a wonderful and heartfelt gift for the person in your life who taught you about your love of music. 

Sleep Headphones

Sleep headphones are a handy and comfortable way to listen to music as you drift off into dream land.

You can wear them for hours without feeling pain and can wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy and inspiration. Music while you sleep is something truly special. 

Music Notes Set

This music notes set comes with 50 musically-themed note cards that all include matching envelopes too.

This is a wonderful, unique gift for the best music teacher in your life – or anyone who just lives and breathes music. 

Yoda Best Music Teacher Mug

Mugs may seem like one of the more common gifts for music teachers, but this is one they’re sure to appreciate. A cute pun that touches on music and Star Wars? What more could you ask for?

This adorable coffee mug is a great gift for your music teacher. It’s cute, funny, and straight from the heart! 

Music Note Ring

If you want music to be wrapped around your heart at all times, you will want this music note ring.

Wear it on your finger and remember that you can take music with you everywhere you go. 

Music Sticky Notes

These musical sticky notes are a great way to remind your music teacher of just about anything and will do so with style in the fashion of music.

Sticky notes are always helpful but these musical ones are both helpful and fun. 

Mixtape Card Game

This mixtape card game asks you to tell the story of your life through mixtapes.

The game will ask you to represent moments in your life, both real and fictional, all with the power of music. It is fun, inventive and will get you talking about music with your house guests. 

Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottle

Are you ready to throw a dance party at the gym or at the beach? If so, this bluetooth speaker water bottle is exactly what you need.

Charge it up with a USB cable, fill it with your favorite drinks and then play your turns via a built-in Bluetooth speaker that is actually inside the bottle. How cool is that? Ice cool, in fact. 

Treble Clef Journal

This treble clef journal is a gorgeous and remarkable book that will allow you to write down all your thoughts in one place, all decorated by the power of music.

This is a terrific and one of a kind gift for anyone who loves music, from a music newbie to a seasoned pro. A must-have for the biggest music fan in your life. 

Bottom Line

That sums up the top gifts for music teachers! Aside from these gifts, any teacher will truly appreciate something that truly comes from the heart. So, it’s a great idea to pair your gift with a thoughtful hand-written note that shows how much they affected your life!