27 Gifts for Lazy People to Make Their Life Easier

When shopping for gifts for lazy people, it can actually be pretty simple to find something they will appreciate. Just get them anything that will save them time and help them do things they don’t want to do.

We’ve put together some of the top gifts to give lazy people (whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else).

Gifts for Lazy People

Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming is always a hassle. It is so exhausting and takes so much time. Or does it?

With a Roomba or another robot vacuum, you get to relax and kick back while your robot vacuum does all the work! Not only is this a great gift for older people, but it’s great for lazy people as well.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs link to your Google Home or Siri and allow you to light your house exactly like you want it.

With various colors and dimmable technology, these bulbs give your home a unique feel. Best of all, you can control it all from your phone, which is perfect for anyone who hates getting up to turn off the lights!

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs allow you to control your lights and TV and more all with your voice or your mobile device.

Plug anything into the smart plug and then rely on Siri or Alexa to control it all!

Laundry Sensor

This laundry sensor allows you to keep tabs on your load of laundry, even from afar.

You can check the status of your clothing, the temperature of the dryer and even more. Easy setup and easy to use!

Automatic Pet Feeder

Your furry friend needs to eat, and they will let you know when their food bowl is even close to being empty.

But with this automatic pet feeder, you don’t have to worry about it again. Program the feeder to release a scoop of food four times a day (you can even record a specialized little message every time it dispenses the snacks)!

Bathtub Tray

This bathtub tray allows space for all your favorite bathtub accessories, including lotions and drinks and even your tablet or phone.

Now bath time can truly be more relaxing, or productive. Safe, durable and oh-so-useful, this tray is a luxury item you can’t live without.

Lap Desk

This lap desk will make working from bed a complete breeze.

You can rest your laptop, phone and a whole lot more on the desk and it will remain comfortable and easy to use!

Microwave Bacon Cooker

Do you want to cook some delicious bacon but don’t want to turn on your stove top?

Well, this bacon cooker is perfect for you then. Just load up the strips of delicious meat, load it into your microwave and then wait to enjoy. Yummy!

Microwave Cooker

On a similar note, this microwave cooker can hold up to two quarts and has different hole sizes to drain liquid. Plus it is made for both right and left-handed people so it will be convenient no matter what.

From veggies to meat to soup, you can make so many things in this device without even turning on your oven or stovetop!

The 4 Hour Work Week

When you’re lazy, working is the worst part of life. But, with a little motivation, you can create a very very short workweek!

The 4-Hour Work Week is a book perfectly made for anyone who wants to change their careers, live their life fully, and find job security from home. Working doesn’t have to be work!

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a life-saving device that will help keep your life in order easily.

You can tell the Echo to remind you of things, fill out your grocery shopping list, play music, send text messages — the list goes on. It really will change the way you work and live.

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a kitchen essential. It allows you to make delicious, filling meals with half the work.

Simply fill the Instant Pot up with the needed ingredients, go about your day and know that when you get home, something delicious will be waiting for you. It can make so many different meals, you’ll never run out of options!

Handheld Vacuum

Getting out the huge, bulky vacuum gets annoying, especially if you just have something small you need to clean.

With this handheld vacuum, cleaning is about to get much easier! It will help you clean those hard-to-reach places and will get the job done with total ease.

Handheld Clothing Steamer

Steaming your clothing is the best way to keep things tidy and crisp. And it is so easy to do, especially with this handheld steamer.

It takes less time than ironing and is much easier too. The results are instant and remarkable. You will never again have a wrinkled shirt.


Keurig makes coffee makers for the modern person. This machine makes a single cup of coffee in just a minute.

Just place in the K-Cup of your choice, fill the machine with water and let the coffee brew. Delicious and so easy.

Countertop Ice Maker

There’s nothing more annoying than making yourself a delicious drink and opening the freezer to finish it off with a few ice cubes, only to realize someone forgot to fill the ice tray up (again).

This countertop ice maker will make your ice for you automatically. It holds up to 33 pounds of ice and features auto-cleaning mode as well as size selection.

Smart Meat Thermometer

This smart meat thermometer takes all the hard work out of cooking meat.

Simply insert this thermometer and then keep tabs on it via their smartphone app. You no longer have to peek into the oven, wondering how the meat is doing. It couldn’t be any easier!

Apple Watch

An Apple Watch does so much: sends and receives phone calls and text messages, keeps track of your heart rate and steps, sends you notifications from your favorite apps, and plenty more.

It is a trusty companion that you truly can use daily. Your life will never be the same after you start wearing your Apple Watch!

10 Foot Phone Charger

Charging your phone is a must these days, something you have to do daily and sometimes multiple times a day.

With a long, reliable phone charging cord, the hassle and pain of charging is taken away. Just plug your phone into this cord and move about freely, no longer stuck so close to the wall.


This AeroGarden indoor herb garden allows you to grow the herbs you need, like peppers, tomatoes and more, all from the comfort of your own home. You can even grow veggies!

Even the laziest person can grow a delightful garden with features like a digital screen that lets you know when you need to water, a grow light so you never have to worry about sunshine, vacation mode, and more!

Grocery Gripps

You will no longer feel aches and pains from carrying grocery bags thanks to these grocery grips.

Apply them to any large durable bag and now you can slide it over your shoulder with ease and comfort. You can truly bring in all your items with just one trip from the car!

Electric Can Opener

An electric can opener is a life saver for anyone who opens a lot of food.

No more cramped hands or sore fingers. Just let this can opener do all the work for you. What a relief.

Phone Screen Magnifier

This phone screen magnifier is perfect for anyone who hates to squint at their screen or enjoys watching TV in bed.

You don’t have to increase the font size on your phone, just use this magnifier instead. It couldn’t be any easier.

Hammock with Stand

Need to kick back and relax?

This sturdy hammock is easy to assemble and oh-so-fun to lay in. It is a wonderful way to unwind after a long day and let the worries of the world just disappear.

VeggieChop Food Chopper

The VeggieChop Food Chopper turns large pieces of fruit, veggies and even meat into something soft, chopped and manageable.

This is a hand-powered chopper that doesn’t need electricity to run. It is perfect for creating salsa and other creamy toppings too!

Easy Hair Curler

This easy hair culture is a simple and effective way to create gorgeous curls like you’ve never had before.

Just simply insert your hair, use the motor and high sensor heaters and before you know it, you will be looking like a model with the hair of your dreams.

Automatic Pot Stirrer

Stop being a slave to the pot! With this automatic pot stirrer, you can simply get your stirring started and then go do anything else.

Let this stirrer do all the work and rest assured that your sauce or soup will end up tasting delicious and perfectly made. It is quiet, easy-to-use, cordless and just amazing.