26 Gifts for Vodka Lovers (Unique, Thoughtful, and Fun)

When it comes time to search for gifts for vodka lovers in your life, it can get difficult. Aside from a bottle of vodka, what are some thoughtful gifts they will appreciate and don’t already have?

We’ve selected some of the best gifts for anyone who loves vodka. Whether you’re looking for something funny, thoughtful, useful, or something that will make them the life of the party, you’ll be able to find something special for them!

Gifts for Vodka Lovers

High-End Vodka

Let’s be honest, the more expensive the vodka, the better it tastes.

If you have a true vodka lover in your life, then they will greatly enjoy the finest of the finest. Plus, more expensive vodka often comes in unique gift-worthy bottles! This is a gift you know they will enjoy.

Vodka Socks

After a long day, you want to kick up your feet and enjoy a nice, stiff drink.

These hilarious socks will let your roommate or partner know that you want to indulge and relax. These durable socks are made with 80% cotton and are machine washable. Any true vodka fan is going to wear these again and again!

Vodka Lover Artwork

This hilarious vodka artwork will be the perfect piece of decor for your man cave or kitchen.

A colorful play on the classic Lion King lyric, this sign lets others know just how much you truly love — and how well you know — vodka.

Cocktail Infuser

Now here is a cool gift for the liquor fan in your life. Create your own cocktails easily with this infuser!

Fill up the bottom with any fruit of your choice and then add your favorite spirit. Soon, your drink will be infused with all the delicious flavor you could want. Yummy!


If you’re dealing with a vodka lover who makes their own drinks, a SodaStream is a super useful gift (buying sparkling water gets expensive).

With a SodaStream, you create soda water right from the comfort of your own home. This is a wonderful way to make your own drinks and is a must-have companion for any at-home bartender!

Bartender Kit

This bartender kit is a wonderful gift for anyone who likes to make drinks for themselves and their friends.

It has everything you need to make a strong, intoxicating drink (well, aside from the booze). It comes with 10 cocktail tools and a gorgeous wooden stand – they will feel like a pro in no time!

Vodka Airpods Case

This Airpods case looks just like an authentic Absolut bottle and is a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys vodka and listening to music.

Dust proof and scratch resistant, this charging case has personality and will keep your AirPods safe while reminding you of your favorite drink!

Crystal Shot Glasses

These crystal shot glasses will add class to your collection.

Make your next shot look and feel even more high-end and fancy with these truly gorgeous glasses. Each one is 4 inches tall and is a great way to spruce up your bar collection.

Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes

Yummy! These cocktail infused ice cubes will add some zing to any drink you enjoy.

Upgrade your next drink and add flavor with these cubes. That said, there are only 12 cubes per box, so you might want to pair this fun gift with another of the top gifts for vodka lovers.

Cocktail & Margarita Machine

Often called the Keurig of cocktails, this machine is an amazing gift for your favorite drink-lover.

This cocktail and margarita machine takes all the hard work and pain out of making a home cocktail. No need to measure or pour. All you have to do is pop in a cocktail capsule, sit back and relax and this machine does the rest. Could it get any easier?

Moscow Mule Mugs Set

Everyone loves a Moscow Mule. And if you have never tried one, you better start now.

These awesome Moscow Mule mugs are the perfect way to enjoy this unique, delicious treat. Your friends and guests will be coming back for more after just one sip from durable, top-of-the-line mugs. Fill ‘em and enjoy.

The Art of Mixology

If you really want to master your bartender powers, you are going to need this Art of Mixology book.

Learn classic drinks and some surprising new ones with this handy-dandy tool full of recipes and instructions. You will soon feel like a Mixology professor!

Grey Goose Vodka Glasses

True vodka fans know just how special Grey Goose is. And now you can show others that you are a true vodka expert with these vodka shot glasses.

They are handmade, made from durable and gorgeous glass and are the perfect way to get the night started.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

These shot glasses are definitely unlike anything else you own. They are made of Himalayan Salt! Next time you take a shot, you won’t have to worry about lining the rim with salt.

Stunning, majestic and beautiful, they will soon become your favorite shot glasses.

Probably Vodka Mug

What’s in your mug? Oh, you know. Probably vodka.

Here is a hilarious and relatable mug that your friends (and co-workers) will love. Fill it up with your favorite drink and enjoy. What’s inside? Coffee? Tea? Juice? Or…well, you know? Your secret is safe in this mug.

Shot Roulette Game

Here is a drinking game that will always make you a winner. But maybe a woozy one.

This roulette board can be filled with your favorite shots. Spin the ball and whatever it lands on will be your next drink. Be prepared because a game like this can be too fun!

Tito’s Vodka Bottle Sweater

True vodka fans love Tito’s. It is a classic brand that is always delicious.

This cute, holiday-themed Tito’s bottle sweater will spruce up your favorite bottle and make it look classy and cozy. Now your alcohol can be adorable!

Bacon Rim Salt

This bacon rim salt is delicious and perfect for your next shot. It makes a unique gift, and it’s probably something they’ve never had before!

Made with Hawaiian sea salts, pepper, celery seed and more, this spiced rim salt will add a strong dash of flavor to the rim of your favorite drink.

Vodka Lover Cocktail Kit

This easy-to-use vodka kit is perfect for true liquor fans who want to make their own at home.

It includes a glass infusion bottle, filter, wood lid and tasting straw. Plus, it comes with multiple blends and flavors for you to experiment with. Become the bar master of your dreams.

Secret Sunscreen Flasks

Here is one of the gifts for vodka lovers that anyone who wants to take a drink (or three) to the beach will enjoy.

Fill up these discreet sunscreen flasks and you’ll soon be enjoying swigs by the water and no one will suspect a thing. You can fit 10 shots in each bottle too, that is a lot to enjoy!

Alcohol Shot Gun

Aim, fire, and enjoy.

This alcohol shot gun is an inventive and wild way to enjoy your next shot. Fill the device up with your favorite liquor, find your target and then enjoy. This is a fun way to start a night out with friends and is sure to make things crazy in no time.

Do or Drink Game

The Do or Drink party card game is a hilarious and fun way to enjoy some time with friends.

The cards are filled with outrageous dares that you have to endure, or take a drink. When you want a night to remember and want to do away with typical boring party games, this is the one to choose.

Grey Goose Cocktail Stir Set

This Grey Goose cocktail stir set is an elegant and sturdy bar accessory that will make your next drink — and night — feel luxurious.

You can be sure your concoction will be made to complete perfection with this stir set and your friends and guests will enjoy them.

Infuse and Pour Alcohol Kit

This alcohol kit is the perfect addition for your at-home bar. You will soon be creating delicious drinks in no time.

Choose your fruit, your spirit and then enjoy your wonderful creation. With a bunch of combinations, you will always be experimenting and trying something new. It is a fun — and yummy — way to enjoy drinks at home.

Tito’s Vodka Lamp

Talk about unique gifts for vodka lovers! This Tito’s Vodka lamp is a premium, high-end home decor item created from an authentic Tito’s bottle.

A wonderful addition to any vodka lover’s home or man cave, this gift will literally light up any room it sits in. It will also add style, personality and a bit of fun too. 

Custom Vodka Labels

What’s better than gifting a bottle of vodka to your favorite vodka lover? A bottle of vodka with their name on it!

Now you can customize Tito’s vodka bottles with these awesome labels. Do you want your name printed? Maybe a special date or inside joke? This is the perfect gift for any party or special event and a wonderful way to make memories.