25 Gifts for Dogs That They (And Their Owners) Will Love

We’ve covered gifts for the dog mom, but what about the dogs themselves? Dogs deserve gifts too! When it comes to gifts for dogs, the only thing that might come to mind is a treat. But, there are plenty of more unique gifts that can benefit both the dog and their owner.

In our opinion, these are the best gifts. The dog loves it, the owner saves money and time . . . It’s a win-win! Treats are always good too though.

Keep reading for some of the top gifts for dogs of all breeds and ages!

Gifts for Dogs


Talk about a cute gift! Everyone loves subscription boxes, even dogs.

BarkBox is a subscription made specially for dogs, with monthly boxes filled with toys and treats. Whether you gift 1-month or an entire year, any pup (and their owners) will love this box.


Similar to BarkBox, PupBox offers a monthly delivery service that will bring all the best in dog treats and toys straight to your door.

Your puppy will experience only the latest and greatest thanks to PupBox!


Kong Classic

Every dog parent needs a Kong (or ten) in their collection. This popular toy can be used for a game of fetch, but is most loved for treat stuffing.

Stuff some goodies inside, freeze, and let it entertain your dog for hours! These are excellent for enrichment and keeping your pup busy.

Birthday Girl Dog Cookie Box

Alright, treats are necessary when they’re this cute!

This adorable box of Happy Birthday cookies is perfect to bring to a dog birthday party. They are all hand-made and will keep your puppy’s tail wagging. Over ten cookies and treats reside in every box, plus they also have boxes for other occasions.

Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix

Ice cream for dogs? You bet!

Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix is a delicious and safe treat for your pup. Just add water and freeze – your dog will be scarfing down this dessert in no time. Plus, it’s all-natural and made with only a few ingredients.

Recordable Answer Buzzers

If you’ve ventured into Tik Tok recently, you’ll know these answer buzzers are all the rage for dogs.

Train your dog with these easy-to-use and fun recordable answer buzzer. After some training, your furry friend will be pressing the buttons to indicate when he or she wants to eat, go outside, or even more advanced terms!

Orthopedic Pet Sofa

Every puppy deserves a relaxing and comforting bed. That is exactly what you get with this orthopedic pet sofa!

It comes in an L-shaped design that bolsters and promotes good posture and healthy joints. Your little angel will sleep perfectly on this bed.

Dog Toy Set

Anyone who shows up to the party with dog toys will be a hit.

This dog toy set comes with with 18 chew toys, ropes, and more. What more could a dog ask for? Plus, the parent will be set on toys for a few months, so it’s a win-win.

Giant Tennis Ball 

Finally, a tennis ball you won’t lose!

This hilarious gift for dogs will be a hit. Whether the pup is extremely confused or they try to chase it like a normal ball, everyone will get a laugh from this huge tennis ball.

Squirrel Puzzle Toy 

Puzzle dogs are excellent for dog enrichment! It stimulates their mind while also keeping them busy, which is what every owner craves.

Your dog will soon become addicted to their squirrel-filled fun. 

Snuffle Mat

This easy-to-fill feeding mat will keep your dog’s senses working overtime. It will have your puppy searching for food just like they are naturally inclined to do.

This is a fun and healthy and instinctive way to eat and will bring out the natural hunter in your pup.  

Paw Soother Stick

Are you tired of your puppy’s paws being dry and cracked and irritated?

This affordable paw soother stick is perfect for you and your dog. It is safe for your dog’s skin and their precious little paw pads and will keep them moisturized and comfortable all day long. 

Turkey Tendons for Dogs

If you’re going to bring a treat to the party, make it a high-quality treat!

These turkey tendons are an easy to digest and delicious puppy treat. They’re a long-lasting chew that is made from real ingredients with no chemicals or antibiotics or artificial flavors. 

RC Car

Kids might love RC cars, but so many dogs love them too! These are one great way to play with your dog without having to run around.

Just fire up this car and watch as your dog chases it for hours. This is a fun toy for both you and your puppy (and any human kids will love getting involved too). 

Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster

Here we go, this is going to be a lot of fun. This nerf dog tennis ball blaster is probably the most amazing way to play with your puppy.

Load up the gun and fire off a few balls – your dog will be racing to catch them in no time. 

Snuggle Puppy

This adorable and soft snuggle puppy toy is the best way to help your new puppy transition to a new home and will bring relaxation and comfort.

It comes with a real-feel pulsing heartbeat and warmth that will bring pure bliss to your furry friend. 

Dogwood Chew Stick

This dogwood chew stick is a tough and strong treat that will make your dog happy and will make playtime even more fun for both of you.

Made with natural wood and safe, synthetic materials, this is a toy that will soon become a favorite for your furry friend. 

Benebone Wish Bone

The Benebone wishbone toy is made with real chicken. That is right, real chicken.

That means your dog will go nuts for this toy and will chew on it fo hours! Plus, it’s not a real bone, so it won’t run the risk of harming their teeth or digestive system.

Happy Hour Crushers Toys


These Happy Hour Crushers are an adorable gift that your puppy will love. These plush, soft toys are built to look just like champagne and wine bottles – they’re a fun and furry ways for your dog to knock back a few with you. They contain real plastic bottles inside, making them even more fun for your dog to play with!

Nerf Ball Thrower

The Nerf ball thrower is a wonderful, functional and fun way for you to play fetch with your puppy.

Now you can pick up and throw your ball way further away than you normally could have. This will ensure you have hours and hours of play with your best friend. 

Talking Babble Ball

This babble ball talks and growls with your dog.

It will help your puppy get active while also adding more excitement to the regular old ball!

Dog Puzzle Game

This dog puzzle game is a truly terrific way to cure boredom and keep your dog’s brain active and healthy.

Your puppy will have to flip, lift and search through the game board to find treats. Test your puppy’s skills and encourage positive and fun play that is creative and good for the brain. 

Hyper Pet IQ Lick Mat

These hyper pet IQ Lick Mats will soothe your dog, reduce anxiety, and keep them entertained.

Repetitive licking calms your dog and releases endorphins and that is exactly what this mat will do. Simply spread peanut butter or another high-reward treat across and they will be licking for hours!

Birthday Cake Dog Treats

These dog treats are like a delicious birthday party for your dog every single day.

Made with all-natural ingredients and wheat-free, this bag of treats will keep your dog happy and their tail wagging. It is a wonderful yummy snack for your dog (even when it’s not their birthday). 

Natural Dog Bones

There is nothing better than a natural dog bone.

It is a classic treat that all dogs love and have loved for ages. This all-natural snack is a low calorie dog delight that will get a lot of love and licks and nibbles from your puppy all day long.