24 End of Year Teacher Gifts – Thoughtful Gifts They Will Love

At the end of a long school year, a gift for your favorite teacher can show them how much of an impact they truly made on your life! Check out some of the best and most thoughtful end of year teacher gifts that any teacher would love. end

Best End of Year Teacher Gifts

Handwritten Thank You Letter

If you’re wondering what the best end of year teacher gifts are, any teacher will appreciate a thoughtful handwritten letter.

This is the best way to tell your favorite teacher just how much they inspired, touched and motivated you.

Edible Bouquet

If you know your teacher wants something sweet as the school year finally comes to a close, you cannot go wrong with an edible bouquet.

It is colorful, fun and, best of all, yummy. This gif comes from the heart and goes straight to the stomach. 

Teacher Candle

This teacher-themed candle will not only smell great and illuminate an entire home in a delicious fragrance, it will also remind a teacher of how important they are and the impact they had on you. 

What a perfect gift!

Custom Flower Acrylic Name Plate

This customizable flower acrylic name plate is a great way for your teacher to spruce up his or her desk with personality and color.

A desk shouldn’t be boring and bland and this name plate will make it anything but!


Custom Teacher Sweater

This custom teacher sweater will inform others just what exactly a teacher does.

It is filled with information personalized to your favorite teacher and will soon become their go-to fashion accessory. 

Teacher Definition Name Plate

Being a teacher is more than just making lesson plans and taking attendance, it is touching hearts and changing lives.

This wonderful and heartfelt gift will showcase all the powerful things a teacher does and will look wonderful on any wall.


Massage/Spa Gift Card

A teacher needs to relax, especially when the school year is finally done.

A gift card to a local massage parlor or spa is a great way to let your favorite teacher kick up their feet and feel true relaxation. Finally! 

Bath Bombs Set

There is nothing more calming or fragrant than a bath bomb. It sets the mood and tone for your bath with complete ease.

A bath bomb set is a great gift to purchase for your favorite teacher to show them how much they should kick back and relax.


Succulent Gift Box

Succulents are a wonderful home (or classroom) addition to add color and life to any room.

They are easy to grow and fun to tend to. A succulent gift box is a terrific gift to purchase for your favorite teacher. It like the modern-day apple, just way cooler. 

Handmade Gifts

If you want to give your teacher a gift that is straight from the heart, make them something by hand.

There is nothing so authentic and meaningful as something you craft with your very own two hands. Not only will it warm their heart, it will remind them just how special they truly are. 

Apple Orchard Candle

Have you ever heard the stereotype of gifting an apple to your teacher? This candle can be a fun way to fulfill this stereotype!

This minimalistic designer candle smells amazing and looks incredible on any desk! It features notes of red apple, mandarin leaf, cinnamon sticks and pear.

Cute Thyme Gift

This adorable and fun “Thank You for Your Thyme” gift is a great way to spruce up your teacher’s desk.

It comes with a plant seed packet and 3×3 inch wooden planter to hold your plant in. What more could your teacher want?

Teacher Swear Word Coloring Book

This book is a coloring book full of funny and vulgar phases that can all be colored and personalized.

This is a great gift for the favorite teacher in your life or anyone who wants to blow off steam!

Amazon Echo

An Amazon Echo is truly the easiest and most modern way to create grocery lists, set reminders and alarms, play music, and keep in touch with the world.

Just plug it in, fire it up and your new at-home companion will make your life so much easier. What a great gift!

Teacher Statement Pencils

These wonderful and unique pencils are a terrific gift for the favorite teacher in your life.

Give these to your favorite instructor and let them be reminded of how important they are in their students’ lives.

Book Page Holder

This book page holder will help you or your favorite teacher cruise through books with just one hand.

Whether you are lying in bed, on the couch, on a train or on a plane, this book page holder is a handcrafted piece of natural wood that will make reading so much easier.


Starbucks Gift Card

For end of year teacher gifts that will always be appreciated, go for the Starbucks gift card!

The gift card allows them to buy their favorite drinks before the next school day and gives them the power to keep going on a busy day.

Amazon Gift Card

You can find anything you want or need at Amazon, that is just a fact.

An Amazon gift card is a terrific gift to buy for your favorite teacher. It will allow them to purchase whatever they want and need and will show just how much you truly care about them. 

Teacher Facts Mug

This customizable mug is a cute and fun way to show your favorite teacher just how much they mean to you and the impact they have had on you.

It is created with strong ceramic and can be filled with 12 ounces of something yummy.


Teacher Cookie Box

This teacher cookie box is a bright, fun and very sweet way to celebrate your teacher and let them know how much they mean to you.

These handcrafted sweets are delicious and one of a kind and are perfect for the first – or last – day of school. 

Musical Serving Boards

For the best music teacher in your life, this musical serving board is a wonderful gift.

Perfect for house parties and dinner parties, this serving board perfectly represents a true love of music – and hosting.


Mathematical Glasses

Mathematical glasses are a great way to enjoy a cold drink and talk about math.

Any math teacher in your life will get a huge kick out of these hand-made creations that come with true math equations that only the experts will instantly recognize. 

Literary Insults Chart

This chart of literary insults is a snark-filled piece of art unlike any other.

It features all sorts of literary put downs and cutting phrases that will spruce up your vocabulary and enhance your knowledge of books. When you want to tell someone off but want to do it with style, you need this chart.