32 Dog Mom Gifts Any Pet Parent Will Love

Looking for gifts for a dog mom? There are a ton of adorable, useful, funny, or thoughtful dog mom gifts you can give. Here are some of the top options out there, most of which are pretty affordable!

Best Dog Mom Ever Mug

You’re not just the best dog mom ever. You’re the best fucking dog mom ever!

This cup gets the point across perfectly to friends, family or co-workers. Be proud of your furry family!

Pawprint Keepsake Kit

This precious and unique pawprint keepsake kit will keep your pet’s print frozen in clay forever, the ultimate memento of the love you have for your furry friend.

This kit allows you to make two molds that will look wonderful on any wall in your house.

Personalized Dog Parent Mug

Here is a gift that is so unique and personalized that it’ll melt the heart of anyone you buy it for.

These customizable mugs will create a cartoon portrait of you with your pet. It literally doesn’t get any more heart-warming than this.

My Dog & I Talk About You Candle

This all-natural, soy candle’s name pretty much sums up everything perfectly.

Cute and incredibly funny, this biting and sarcastic candle also smells delicious too. What a perfect gift!

Dogs Welcome Sign

This blunt, hilarious and honest sign really just sums everything up perfectly.

Hang it above your door or in your living room when you want visitors to know that you’d rather be hanging with a dog.

Paw Mirror Set

This truly unique mirror set is perfect for the dog lover in your life.

Now, you can adjust your hair and prepare your outfit while looking at an adorable set of paw prints which will look adorable hanging on your wall.

Dog DNA Test

Do you want to discover where your dog’s family came from? If you have the budget to splurge, this is another of the best dog mom gifts out there (just make sure they haven’t done it already).

This breed identification dog DNA test kit is perfect for any dog mom. It’s an accurate and easy-to-use procedure that will soon give you insight into your dog’s family tree.

Dog Mom Sweatshirt

This cozy and warm and comfortable sweater will proudly tell others that you’re a loving and committed dog mom.

Kids are great, sure, but what’s better than an adorable puppy? Nothing.

Dog Breed Cheese Board

What’s better than a wonderful layout of delicious cheeses? A wonderful layout of delicious cheeses on a cheeseboard that looks just like your dog’s head.

These are hand-made and easy-to-clean and will soon become the corner piece of your next party. 

Custom Dog Portrait

This is an item that will not soon be forgotten.

A customized watercolor portrait of your favorite pet is the perfect gift for you and any animal lover in your life.

Custom Pet Pillow

One of the best dog mom gifts, these custom pet pillows are so cute that you might feel guilty laying your head on them.

Whether you’re personalizing one to look like your dog, cat or bird, these adorable throw pillows will look exactly like your own furry friend!

Personalized Dog Print

A personalized dog print of your favorite pooch, easily able to hang on any wall in your house.

What more could you ask for? This is the perfect addiction to your house or the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.

Hope You Brought Door Mat

This will be the most wonderful way to greet any house guests at your front door.

Wine for you and dog treats for your puppy. Anyone who brings both of those is welcome. Anyone who doesn’t can just stay outside.

Bone Shaped Wall Hook

Here’s a cute, easy way to hang your dog’s leash after a fun, active walk.

This bone-shaped wall hook can hang anything, from leashes to jackets to keys. It’s dog-gone adorable!

Dirty Dog Doormat

This soft, plush, washable doormat is specially made to soak up mud and dirt that your dog may bring in.

It’s the perfect gift for any pet parent with a backyard!

Did You Feed the Dog?

Shopping for the dog mom that always forgets if they fed the dog?

Sometimes you need a simple reminder to know that you’ve fed your precious puppy. This original and helpful device will keep you on top of your dog’s feeding schedule. There is nothing worse than a hungry hound!

GPS Dog Tracker

A GPS dog tracker is a modern day must-have (especially for pet parents that have highly sought after dog breeds).

Even if your dog is microchipped, you won’t be able to find them unless they turn up at a vet. Now you can pinpoint exactly where your pooch is at and can even see a history of where your puppy has wandered to throughout the day.

Barkbox Subscription

If you’re looking for dog mom gifts that is more for their dog, this is perfect. Barkbox has become a popular subscription service that caters to your dog.

You’ll receive new, dog-friendly gifts every month and they are all sure to get your pooch’s tail wagging.

Pet Storage Basket

What’s one thing pet parents have trouble with? Storing all their toys.

Whether you use it to store blankets, leashes, treats, toys, or more, this bone dry pet storage basket is the best way to collect all the goodies that make your dog happy.

New Dog Bed

Your dog deserves to relax. You can guarantee that they will with this lush, comfortable and calming shag bed!

It is large and pet-safe and machine washable. You might get jealous, it might just be better than the bed you sleep in!

Dog Paw Wax

Protect your dog’s paws against heat, snow and other elements with this dog paw wax.

Apply the wax and rest assured that your puppy will walk around comfortably no matter where the daily walk takes them.

Treat Tossing Camera

Now you can watch your puppy while you’re at work and even toss them treats!

This WiFi pet camera features two-way audio and compatible with Amazon Alexa, it’s a fun way to play with your puppy from afar while making sure they’re safe and happy at home.

Dog Treat Molds

Now your favorite dog mom can make their pup their own treats! Or, they can use these adorable trays for ice, chocolate, cookies, and more.

Machine washable and reusable, this is one way to make your kitchen even more dog-friendly.

Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

One of the more convenient dog mom gifts, this tool is perfect for when your puppy gets a bit muddy. It’s also super easy to use – all that’s required is water and your dog!

Keep the MudBuster handy for those long, fun-filled walks.

Pet Selfie Tool

Are you tired of your puppy not cooperating when you want to take a selfie?

This selfie-stick treat holder will get your dog in the mood for a photo shoot whenever you want.

Travel Pet Water Bottle 

Your dog needs water often, sometimes more than you do. That’s why this pet water bottle is the perfect addition for any outdoor activity you take your pup to.

Fill it up and reuse it again and again and your dog’s tail will keep wagging.

Elevated Dog Bowl Set

Your dog doesn’t have to lay down or slouch when enjoying their food (plus, slouching to eat their food can cause health issues later down the line).

With this adjustable elevated dog bowl set, your puppy can now enjoy their food while maintaining good, proper posture.

Pet Carrier Backpack

Your dog is your baby so you should carry him or her around like one.

This pet carrier backpack is comfortable and cute and will make you the coolest dog mom on the block.

Dog Backpack Hiking Harness

This precious and helpful dog hiking harness backpack will allow you to take all of your puppy’s treats on your next big hike.

Carry food, treats, toys or anything else in this easy-to-use and wash backpack.

Cute Treat Jar

This cute treat jar says it all.

Made in a shiny, clean white glaze with a simple and straight-forward font, this jar is both classic and modern and is the perfect place to store your doggy’s bones.

Dog Treat Cookie Cutters

Become a dog treat chef with these cookie cutters.

Made to look like dog bones, they are the perfect way to make and bake some delicious doggie goodies for your favorite pooch.