31 Llama Gifts That Any Llama Lover Will Adore

Let’s be honest, we all love llamas. But, if you’re shopping for that person that loves llamas a little more than normal, you might not know where to start. We’ve put together over 30 llama gifts that any llama-lover will appreciate!

Monopoly: Unicorns and Llamas

Team Unicorn or Team Llama? With this colorful, fun twist on Monopoly, friends and family play in teams and compete against each other.

Which side will win out in the end? War has never been so adorable. 

Llama Cookie Cutter

When it comes to llama gifts, we had to throw some stocking stuffers in. Do you want your next batch of cookies to look like a squad of fluffy, precious llamas?

Of course you do! With this one-of-a-kind llama cookie cutter, your treats will definitely be unlike any others. 

Llama Sticker Pack (150)

Stickers are always a fun gift!

This set of llama stickers gives you 150 cute-as-a-button decorations that you can apply to books, phone cases, binders, windows or anything you want. 

Larry the Llama Doormat

Larry the Llama is here to greet you and your guests on this gorgeous, rare doormat that will spice up any doorway.

This doormat will make anyone who knocks feel comfortable and right at home.

Llama Doorstop 

Keep your door wide open and accessible in the most precious way ever. The Llama butler doorstop is a unique and perfect accessory for your home.

Expertly made with intricate and cute detail, this doorstop will make something as simple as opening your door fun. 

Zen Llama Garden Sculpture 

Find your zen with this llama garden sculpture.

This blissed-out farm animal will help you center yourself and locate your inner peace, plus he’s just so incredibly cute. 

Lllama Plush 

Sometimes all you need is a little plush doll that looks like a llama. That is exactly what you get with this Lamar the llama stuffed animal.

He’s soft, he’s cuddly, he’s undeniably precious. Lamar is all you could possibly want for your stuffed animal collection. 

Llama Card Game

This L.L.A.M.A. Card game is perfect fun for the whole family. Winner of multiple awards and praised for its unique style and scoring system, this game will get up to 6 players involved.

Pretty soon the fur — and the cards — will be flying. 

Llama Parking Sign

Llama and Alpaca lovers will adore this precious and authentic-looking replica of a real parking sign.

Featuring the silhouette of an big, furry llama, this thing is professionally made, built to last and even comes with a cute pun.

Llama Side Table

Want to go all out and get one of the best llama gifts ever? Your recipient be speechless when they open this gift.

Although this adorable side table costs nearly $200, it’s well worth it if you have the money to spend!

Llama Planters 

You won’t find cooler planter pots anywhere, we dare you to try. These ceramic llama potters are fashionable, unique and the perfect addition for your garden.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a gift, these are must-haves for anyone with a green thumb.

Llama Popper Toy

This llama is ready for fun. The Hog Wild Llama Popper toy can shoot foam balls up to 20 feet away, turning this furry fella into the cutest toy gun you’ve ever had.

It’s ideal for a stocking stuffer or any occasion and can be enjoyed both in and outdoors.

Llama Christmas Ornament

A Christmas tree ornament unlike any other, this heart-melting llama piece will be the star of any holiday set-up.

He’s fuzzy, he’s adorable and he can become your newest family heirloom. A must-have.


Llama Love Calendar

Make your next year filled with a whole lotta llamas. The Llama Love calendar will turn 2021 into a year you won’t forget.

Made with professional, high-quality paper and containing remarkable art, this is a gift that keeps giving all year long. 

Llama PJ Set

Comfortable and precious, this short-sleeve PJ set are the only pajamas you’ll want to wear.

Featuring an endearing little llama front-and-center, it’s the perfect outfit when you want to get nice and cozy. 

Llama Ring Holder

Tired of boring, old ring holders? Well, this is special llama chrome ring holder is made for you.

This is one of the most beautiful llama gifts out there. It can fit any number of rings and looks darn precious doing so. A perfect addition to any jewelry set!

Llama Print 

Here’s someone you will definitely want to hang on your wall. This professionally-printed illustration features a delightful llama who is wearing his fanciest pair of glasses.

The darling tongue, the precious look on his face, the glasses — this is a picture you’ll never want to stop looking at.

Llama Hallmark Ornament

Even llamas get cold. When they do, they wear scarves and ear muffs. And when they do that, they need to be Christmas tree ornaments.

That’s what you get here: a sweet little llama who is all bundled up and ready for Winter — and ready to hang on your tree. 

Llama Cake Baking Set

Your kids (or maybe you) are about to have a blast in the kitchen, thanks to this llama-shaped cake baking set.

Now your llama-loving chef can create a delicious, sweet treat for the whole family. 

Llama Chia Pet

What other llama gifts can you tend to like it’s your own pet?

This Llama Chia Pet is a fun little present for anyone who loves growing things or loves llamas. Water them daily and watch them bloom into something lush and lucious!

Cozy Llama Slippers

Is there anything as soft as a llama? You’ll find out for sure with these cozy, warm llama slippers.

Made to look like your favorite furry friend, these slippers will become the best, most comfortable part of your evening 

Llama Stress Toy

This llama stress toy will become the best way for you to de-stress after a long day.

Just give this lovely novelty gift a squeeze and feel the tension and drama leave your body. Ahhh, much better. Thanks, llama. 

Llama Granola Bars

Llamas are the perfect animals and now they’re the perfect snacks too.

These Chewy Dipps granola bars are delicious treats, individually wrapped and dipped and drizzled in decadent chocolate. Coated in chocolate chips, these are the only llama treats you’ll want to eat. 

Llama Slipper Socks

Adorable llama faces decorates these big, fluffy llama slipper socks.

Give your feet a treat at the end of each day and let these llama nurse and rest your toes. Easy to slip on but very hard to slip out of.

No Drama Llama Coffee Mug

This llama has the right idea. The Big Mouth Drama Llama Coffee Mug carries a simple message: there will be no drama with this llama.

Gorgeously crafted and meticulously detailed and altogether cute, this is one coffee mug you’ll smile at each time you fill it up. 

Llama Coffee Mug

This novelty coffee mug is one of the coolest llama gifts around. It’s sure to be different than anything else you have in your kitchen — and far more adorable.

The color-changing llama mug is the exact gift you want to get for any fan of coffee or big fluffy animals. 

Llama Naturals Kids Probiotic Gummies

These Llama Naturals Kids Organic Probiotic and Prebiotic Gummies are made from real fruit with no added sugar or sweeteners.

They are a healthy treat that kids will love to eat. 

Llama Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser

Everyone loves Pez and now they’ll love them even more with this precious, Hello Kitty Pez dispenser designed like a heart-warming little pink llama.

A wonderful stocking stuffer!

Llama Mouse Pad

Give your wrist a rest with. These Llama mouse pads.

Coming in multiple sizes with brilliant, colorful designs, every trip to your computer will be a reunion with this precious llama face. You will never want to leave your computer. 

llama gifts sweater

Llama Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage and this Llama ugly Christmas sweater is the best there is.

Sure, the sweater might be a little ugly but the llama on the center of it is nothing if not cute. 

Llama Jewelry Holder

A calm, stoic llama sits in the center of this ceramic jewelry tray ring holder.

An elegant accessory that will light up any jewelry collection, this is a must-have, unique gift unlike any other

Llama Drama Card Game

The Llama Drama card game is a one-of-a-kind family-friendly card game that will have you and your kids playing again and again.

It’s easy to learn and simple to follow, it even comes with an instruction video to learn the basics.