32 Gifts for Bourbon Lovers – Best Bourbon Gifts

If you’re shopping for gifts for bourbon lovers, you might be at a crossroads. What else do you get them aside from a bottle of their favorite bourbon?

There are quite a few thoughtful gifts that are the perfect match for any bourbon lover. Whether you pair these with a bottle of top shelf bourbon or gift them on their own, keep reading for the top gifts!

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Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails

The Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails is the perfect gift if you want to learn the ins and outs of Bourbon and become the whiskey master you always knew you could be.

This book is full of recipes and tricks that only the champions of the craft know and now you can consider yourself one of them. 

Middle Finger Decanter

This unique, well-made decanter will look incredible on your whiskey shelf. It is a hand-blown, middle finger-shaped beauty.

A perfect gift that will both make them laugh and be put to good use, any bourbon-lover will appreciate this gift!

DIY Whiskey Infusion Set 

This DIY Whiskey Infusion Set allows you to create your own amazing concoctions all from the comfort of your home.

Get creative and get fun with this handy-dandy set that will turn you into a whiskey pro in no time.


Soapstone Whiskey Stones

This set of 9 grey chilling stones are cooler and way more fun than boring, old ice cubes. Made from natural soapstones, you can chill your drink and make sure its flavor isn’t watered down thanks to these amazing inventions.

They are ridiculously easy to use and make no mess and are instantly reusable. How cool!

Bourbon Car Air Freshener 

These bourbon car air fresheners are quite the way to keep your car smelling like delicious, scented whiskey. Yum.

Hang them anywhere you want the smell of bourbon and enjoy. They are long-lasting and made right here in the USA.

Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup Trio

This maple syrup trio is the ultimate gift for the true bourbon fan in your life.

They contain subtle and soft and noticeable hints of smoke, oak, fruit and more. Single-sourced, small-batch and ultimately delicious and rare, these syrups are going to take your meal up a notch. 

Whiskey Glass Gift Set

This elegant and gorgeous whiskey glass gift set comes with 8 chilling whisky rocks, 2 glasses unlike any others, coasters and more.

It is a wonderful gift set for any true whiskey fan and will make your collection instantly classier and fancier in seconds. This thing is absolutely beautiful.

Aged Bourbon Coffee

Aged bourbon is a treat that is truly unlike any other, a wonderful adventure for your senses. This aged bourbon coffee collection is a true delight as well.

This whole bean creation contains your favorite flavors and scents and gets nothing but rave reviews from true whiskey fans. Add an extra kick to your morning brew. 

Clout Whiskey Coffee 

Clout Whiskey Coffee is a bourbon barrel aged pure Colombian delicious creation that even comes in an authentic bourbon bottle. How cool!

No two batches are the same, but all of them are truly delicious and unlike any other coffee in your collection. 

Jonathan Adler Bourbon Candle

This bourbon candle is probably the best and smartest way to make your home smell like delicious bourbon. Yummy!

Light this up and let it burn for over 40 hours. Best of all, the gorgeous candle holder is reusable so you can fill it up again and again after the candle has been used. 

Custom Whiskey Glasses 

This custom whiskey glass is the best way to add some personality and charm to your next drink.

You can add your name, a catchphrase or any cute inside joke for you and your friends and loved ones. Relive some fun memories the next time you are drinking with your pals. 


This mug says it all. Is it coffee you’re drinking? Juice? Water? Maybe. But, let’s be honest, it is probably whiskey.

This campfire-style mug holds up to 16 ounces of deliciousness, no matter what is inside. 

Big Bourbon Beard Set

This set contains a beard oil and balm that are strong but not overpowering, fragrant and will leave you feeling soft and fragrant in the best ways.

When you want to take care of your beard and want to leave it smelling and feeling grand, this is the only way to go. 

Bourbon Street Sign

Hey, it’s the most beloved street for true bourbon fans. This authentic Bourbon Street sign looks like it straight out of New Orleans.

Made with durable materials and expert design, this is a wonderful gift that will cause a few smiles.


101 Whiskies to Try Book

If you love whiskey, you want to try only the very best.

This book is filled with a massive collection of only the most incredible and memorable whiskies that a true fan needs in his or her life. 

Bourbon Flavored Caramels

Tara’s Flavored Caramels are old-fashioned, hand-crafted delicious candies that are a treat you will want to enjoy again and again.

These small, premium candies are soft and buttery and will melt in your mouth and all that will remain will be a delicious bourbon flavor. 

Raw Bourbon Honey

This raw bourbon honey is a kitchen ingredient that is going to kick your recipes up a notch or two. Or three.

Created with wildflower honey and slow churned in small batches to maintain strong and striking flavors, this honey is sweet and incredible. 

Bourbon Bar Dartboard Set

This Bourbon bar dartboard set will make you feel like you are spending the night out with friends at the local bar.

It is a traditional dart board with a full color design and coated paint. It also has a set of doors to keep the board locked up and safe when you are done playing. 

Diamond Decanter Set

This diamond-shaped decanter set is a piece of luxury that makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves bourbon or whiskey.

It is hand-blown and lead-free, with expert quality that will look beautiful in any kitchen.

Bourbon Welcome Mat

When you want to welcome your guests and friends, you want this mat. It is made with expert quality and durable materials and is straightforward, frank and funny.

It’s also truthful, because every friend is an even better friend if they come with bourbon. 

Bullet Whiskey Stones

These bullet whiskey stones are truly unlike any other item you own, we can confirm that.

These unique gifts will keep your whiskey chilled without diluting its flavor and taste. Chill these bullets and then drop them into the drink and enjoy. Yummy and cold, just how you like it. 

Mixology Gift Set

This mixology gift set is a bartender’s best friend. It comes with all the tools you will need to craft some delicious and powerful drinks like a pro.

It is made with the highest quality materials and even comes with some instructions and ideas to get your juices flowing.

Bourbon Vanilla Soap

Bourbon vanilla soap. It works, trust us!

It is downright delicious and smells amazing and also feels incredible on your skin. This is a long-lasting soap that will moisturize and soften your skin and, of course, leave is smelling like wonderful and fragrant whiskey. 

Marquis Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses 

These old fashioned whiskey glasses hold 11 ounces of your favorite bourbon and are created expertly in Italy.

Bourbon is a fancy drink and deserves fancy glasses. This will show your friends and house guests that you take your whiskey seriously. 

Copper Bartender Gift Set

This mesmerizing copper bartender gift set will have you creating delicious drinks in no time.

It looks incredible and features all the tools you would need when making something special and yummy, plus it just looks beautiful!

Will Remove for Bourbon Mask

In this modern age, you can show a lot of your personality with your face mask.

This bourbon mask gets the point across perfectly – the mask isn’t coming down unless you have some bourbon for me to drink. Breathable and comfortable, this is a fashion accessory that you need. 

Gun Decanter Set

This gun decanter set looks downright amazing and is going to definitely raise a few eyebrows.

This decanter set will keep your whiskey stored in prime fashion, keeping your drink tasting fantastic and strong all while looking like a piece of art.

Maple Bourbon Candle

This maple bourbon candle will fill your home with fragrant and strong scents that will remind you of your favorite drink: bourbon.

What better smell to come home to or end the day with? 

The Whisky Game

The Whisky Game is an adult party game that is going to get people talking. It is a trivia board game perfect for true whiskey lovers.

It is a game that will make any birthday party even more fun. But it is great for any occasion! Bust it out, ask some questions and have some wild fun with your friends. 

Bourbon Barrel Steak Seasoning

This bourbon barrel steak seasoning is an extraordinary way to add extra flavor and taste to your steak.

Shake some of it on your meal and now your meat will be more than just medium rare. 

Bourbon Hand Sanitizer

We all need hand sanitizer, especially these days. This bourbon hand sanitizer will keep you safe and clean and smelling like amazing, yummy bourbon.

What could be better than that? Take this on the go with you, but make sure people know you smell like whiskey only because of your sanitizer . . .

Come Back with Bourbon Door Mat

Let your friends and house guests know that they are always more welcome with bourbon.

This hilarious and durable house mat will be the perfect thing to lay in front of your door and will definitely get the point across in just seconds.