22 Best Cabin Gifts (For Cabin Owners + Lovers)

Getting a new cabin is one of the most exciting experiences. But, one thing that’s not so exciting is purchasing new decor and household items. This is where cabin gifts come in handy!

Whether you’re searching for a housewarming gift for new cabin owners or a gift for friends who invited you on their weekend cabin getaway, these are some of the best gifts you can get for a cabin owner.

Cabin Gifts

Home Depot Gift Card

Starting off with a gift that is super useful for new cabin owners, a Home Depot gift card can help them get much-needed supplies for their new cabin (because odds are, they have something to fix).

Home Depot has everything you could want or need for your indoor and outdoor needs. It makes the perfect give for any new home owner (cabins included)!

Bear Wine Bottle Holder

This bear wine bottle holder is a cute, unique and charming kitchen accessory that looks just like a real bear!

This furry friend will hold just about any bottle you own and fit in perfectly with a new cabin. It makes a lovely gift when paired with a celebratory bottle of champagne!

Family Cabin Sign

Greet friends and family into your family’s residence with this personalized, customizable family cabin sign.

This is a wonderful house-warming gift and will add a touch of personality and love to any cabin.

Bear Salt & Pepper Holder

This bear salt and pepper holder is too darn adorable.

Your new friend will be holding your salt and pepper shakers with joy. He looks so happy to do it! Made with expert detail, this is a new kitchen buddy you will happily welcome into your home.

Bear Coasters Set

These bear coasters are precious and will add character to any cabin table. They will become a conversation starter in no time.

Come on, how cute is the canoe?

Log Carrier Tote Bag

What do you need if you want to make a campfire at your new cabin? Well, wood of course.

This log carrier tote bag is a wonderful way to transport your wood from the forest floor to the center of your firepit (without making 10 trips).

Wood Flameless Candles

These candles look like real pieces of chopped wood straight from the forest. However, they’re also flameless to ensure your cabin stays safe!

They also come with a remote control that allows you to turn them on and off from a distance.

Cabin Rules Sign

Cabins are meant for relaxing, kicking back, having a good time. This sign will remind you of that.

It comes with the cabin rules, the thing you should remember if you are really looking to kick back and get away from the world


The Mountains Are My Happy Place Sign

Created in a truly rustic and classic design, this cute sign is a wonderful addition to any cabin wall.

Simple and to the point, it sums up why getting away from the world is so important.

Cabin Wall Shelves

Any home needs storage space, and shelves are a great way to add some.

These unique cabin wall shelves look rustic and truly one-of-a-kind. Made with black iron plates and a hand-crafted design that looks amazing in any cabin, they will be your favorite way to hold just about anything your cabin needs.

Bear Ring Towel Holder

This bear ring towel holder isn’t only cute and charming, it is also wonderfully designed to look just like the real thing.

This happy little bear is authentic and all-too-sweet. Screw him into any wall and now you can hold your towels with personality and style.

Bear Paper Towel Holder

This is one towel holder that will bring a taste of the outdoors inside.

It features a couple of precious little bears who are more than happy to hold your paper towels for you. What a wonderful way to add personality and cabin charm to your kitchen!

Bear Honey Pot Utensil Holder

This is truly the cutest way to hold your kitchen utensils.

This honey pot holder will keep all of your spoons, spatulas and more safe and in one place. And that place happens to be charming, rustic and precious.

Wood Storage Ottoman

This wood storage ottoman looks like a real stump from the middle of the forest. In fact, it will trick many house guests into thinking it’s the real thing!

Not only can it be used as a stool, you can store anything you’d like inside. Functional furniture is the best kind!

Wood Log Pillow

This pillow looks just like a real wooden log but don’t worry, it is soft and comfortable.

It is perfect for couches, bed or love seats. This pillow is truly unlike any other and will soon become a household favorite.


Mountain Shelf

This mountain-shaped wall shelf is an adorable little spot to place your keys, a succulent, and other small items!

With its unique design, it is more than just a shelf, it’s a piece of art.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Is there anything better than making a pizza? Yes, making a pizza outside.

This outdoor pizza oven cooks with both wood and gas to make a restaurant-worthy pie. Once you perfect the art, your guests will want to come back all the time.

Campfire Incense Gift Set

There is truly nothing like the deep, wonderful aroma of a campfire. When you’re not able to head out back to make a campfire, you can light an incense instead!

This gift set is one of the most thoughtful cabin gifts that will bring that wonderful fragrance into your home.

Mountain Picture Frame

Relive memories with a taste of the outdoors with this majestic mountain picture frame.

Crafted to look just like a mountain range, this frame will remind you of your times exploring the great outdoors.

Cabin Guest Book

What’s one thing every cabin needs? A guest book. This outdoorsy guest book will help you relive your favorite cabin memories.

Have your friends, family and loved ones fill out the book and then take a walk down memory lane, remembering all the joys you shared.

Cabin Time Doormat

You know what time it is: cabin time.

This rustic and durable doormat is truly essential for your little piece of heaven. It will welcome new guests and remind them that it is time to slow down and kick back!

Catan Board Game

Board games are one of the best cabin gifts (every cabin owner needs a great board game collection)!

Catan is perfect since it’s not the most affordable game, so they probably won’t be running out to buy it. But, it’s an amazing game that you and your friends will lose hours and hours playing. It is a great addition to any cabin or trip away with friends and family.