21 Gifts for Board Game Lovers in 2021

Gift shopping for people who love board games can be difficult. Unless you already know what board games they love, you might be stuck. So, check out some of the top gifts for board game lovers of all types!

Gifts for Board Game Lovers

Scrabble Collectible Linen Book

What board game lover doesn’t love Scrabble?

This vintage bookshelf edition will fit on any bookshelf just like any other novel. But inside this book is the classic board game that has turned family members and friends into rivals for generations. They also have other classic games in this edition so they can collect them all!

Board Game Backpack

This Ultimate Board Game Backpack is the easiest way to carry your favorite games.

Specially designed to fit a large amount of board games, you no longer have to limit yourself to bringing a couple games on a trip!

Box Bands

Your favorite board games often get the most wear and tear because of usage.

These box bands are handy, extra-strong tools to keep everything in place and safe without rubbing or deteriorating boxes.

Floating Game Tray

When you want to have a really relaxed game, this floating game tray is perfect for you.

It will fit in any size pool and comes with enough space for your cards, your drinks and your snacks. You can even place an entire board game on it (just don’t drop it in the pool)!

Drybag for Boardgames

This waterproof drybag is the perfect carrying piece for the gamer in your life.

It can safely transport your favorite RPG and board game playmats to your next gaming night out. Even if you drop it in a puddle, it will be OK!

Dice Tower

This dice tower is made from real bamboo and is the perfect board game tool to make everything easier!

It rolls for you, eliminating one of the most annoying parts of playing games with friends. Plus, it just looks darn cool too.

Custom Board Game Supplies

Do you have a brilliant idea for a board game? Have you created the next big thing? If so, why not make it?

Now you can create custom board games, dice, cards and much more thanks to the power of the internet. This is one of the most unique gifts for board game lovers!

Dice Trays

These elegant dice trays will make your next round of rolling dice feel downright decadent.

They come in multiple colors and are all created with premium PU leather and velvet. They look fancy and make life easier.

Board Gamer Mug

These cute, fun mugs are perfect for fans of Settlers of Catan.

While non-fans might not get the joke, those in the know will have a solid laugh when they see you drinking from this.

Brass Dice Set

This Brass Dice Set is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves dice games.

These dice are heavy, fancy, and look incredible. It comes with six high-quality dice. This is a set for someone who takes gaming seriously!

Top 100 Board Games Poster

This poster features 100 of the top board games ever made, all wonderfully designed and clearly labeled.

Created by true gaming fans, this is a definitive list that chronicles all the board games that you need to play before you die.

Game Zone Wall Sticker

This wall decal is a fun and unique decoration to show all of your house guests just how much you love gaming.

It looks like a traditional, old-school loading screen and is made with high quality materials that won’t fade or fall apart.


Metal Tic Tac Toe

This metal Tic Tac Toe game is a wonderful addition to any coffee table.

It is made from premium materials and is perfect to pick up and play whenever you have a few minutes. Everyone loves Tic Tac Toe!

Metal Coins for Scythe 

These gaming coins are made of 80 pieces of custom metal and are the perfect upgrade for Scythe or plenty of other games that come with plastic chips.

They feel legitimate, fancy, and they look incredible too.

Giant Wooden Meeple

How fun! These giant wooden meeples are customizable and truly unique.

You can decorate and paint them as you wish and they will look wonderful on any book or gaming shelf!

It’s Not Hoarding Shirt

This funny and relatable tee shirt is a perfect wardrobe addition for any board gamer’s closet.

Made with high-quality materials that won’t fall apart or faden, this shirt is both humorous and truthful. It’s one of those gifts for board gamers that anyone would love!

Scrabble Wall Decor Tiles

These Scrabble wall decor tiles are a cute, clever, and unique home decor item that you won’t find anywhere else.

Easy to read, easy to assemble, and fun to look at, you can use these tiles to spell out names, memories or just about anything.

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Storage Box

This is one intense dice storage box.

Handcrafted with expert detail and quality, this D&D dice storage unit looks like something straight out of the game. It is easy to transport and can be filled with any number of your favorite dice.

Board Game Developer Udemy Course

Know a board game lover that wants to create their own board games?

This Udemy Course will teach you all you need to know to turn your board game fantasies into a reality. You will learn how to foster an idea, create a prototype, make a compelling experience, and self-publish. All for only $12 when it’s on sale!

Board Game Designer Guide

Similar to the previous gift, this guide is an essential tool that will teach you all you need to know about designing and publishing your very own board game.

All the tips you may need are inside this book, along with some clever ideas you didn’t even consider.

Amazon Gift Card

Finally, an Amazon gift card is always a great gift for your recipient to buy whatever they want.

They can find new dice, new games, replacement pieces, or so much more. Whether it is time to expand your board game library or once again purchase a classic favorite, an Amazon gift card will greatly help.