32 White Elephant Gifts Under $30 in 2021

Looking for white elephant gifts under $30? We all know how hard it can be to find the perfect white elephant gift, especially when you’re on a strict budget.

We’re here to help out

White Elephant Gifts Under $30

Ice Cream Lock

This is a hilarious white elephant gift that nobody at the party has seen. This ice cream lock is a necessary device for many people (probably far too many people).

It may look funny and people might laugh, but we guarantee that your ice cream won’t be eaten, which is what matters most.

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Here is a funny home decor accessory that you won’t find anywhere else.

These mistaken lyrics coasters take classic song lyrics and turn them into misheard masterpieces. You will laugh and then cry when you realize you’ve been singing it wrong for years. 

Potty Putter Game

The Potty Putter Game is a wonderful way to spend your time when you are sitting on the toilet.

This little game will allow you to line up the perfect shot and get a hole in one. Best of all, no caddy is needed!

Tortilla Blanket

This tortilla blanket is a large and comfy bedroom goodie that will keep you as warm as a delicious burrito.

It is a 60-inch blanket that is perfect for adults and children alike. This is a white elephant gift everyone is sure to love!

Microwave Pasta Pot

We all have those nights where we want a delicious bowl of pasta, but don’t want to spend all the time and effort to cook it up.

Here’s your solution! A hilarious white elephant gift, this microwave pasta pot will create a bowl of pasta in just minutes. Simply add noodles, add water, and throw it in the microwave!

Shower Wine Holder

This suction cup wine holder is exactly what you need when you want to really relax in the shower.

Enjoy some hot water and some delicious wine at the same time. Plus, it works for baths too!

Taco Booties

The Taco Booties are so precious you could just eat them up.

They will fit a variety of baby feet and will look too cute on them all. Baby feet are already cute, this will just make them even cuter.

Beer Adventure Vest

This beer adventure gift is a wonderful way to spruce up any beer can you have and give it some personality and charm.

Now your beer can will look and feel like Indiana Jones. It makes a hilarious white elephant gift (pair it with some actual beer for an extra special gift).  

8 Secret Flavors Chocolate Bar

This chocolate bar is just what you need to get quite a few laughs and surprised faces at the party.

Each square has a different flavor, so the recipient never knows what they’re getting. What a perfect surprise!

Funny BBQ Apron

Compliments to the chef.

This apron is a bit scandalous and may cause some people to blush. But for the really cocky chef, it will only give them confidence and pride. Someone at the white elephant party will love to get this gift.

Light Up Reusable Ice Cubes

These light up reusable ice cubes are a wonderful and unique way to spruce up any drink you have.

They come in sets of four and will turn each drink into a party. Turn them on, put them, in your drink and watch your tummy light up.


Hand Jobs Party Game

The Hand Jobs Party Game is a fun and raunchy adult party game that is going to get people talking…and blushing.

It creates fast-paced challenges with funny tasks and dares. One of the funniest and most engaging white elephant gifts under $30, it’s a must-have. z

Christmas Tree Kitty Carpet

Although this might end up in their closet forever, this is one of the white elephant gifts under $30 that will make everyone laugh. Who doesn’t want a Christmas tree shaped downstairs toupee?

You might want to pair it with a more useful gift, but this is hilarious.

Taco Toaster

The Taco Toaster is a must have. It is an essential item that every Mexican food fan needs.

Now you can heat your tortilla in the microwave for just 15 seconds and you will have the taco of your dreams in no time at all. It couldn’t be any easier!

Cocktail Grow Kit

Thyme, lavender, Thai basil, mint, lemon balm and blue borage are all available in this cocktail grow kit.

Now you can create your very own cocktail herbs at home! Anyone who likes to make their own cocktails will love to take it up a notch with this grow kit.

Inappropriate Ice Tray

This is exactly what your next drink needs. When you want to make your house guests smile and blush, this ice cube tray is perfect. 

It will create a bunch of ice cubes that look like, well, you can see for yourself. Everyone will want to get their hands on this gift!

Smoko Potato Light

The Smoko Potato Light is a precious little friend who is going to light up your room with personality and style and almost too much cuteness.

It comes with three different brightness levels and a touch sensor to turn it on and off. What a cute little white elephant gift under $30!

Passive Aggressive Notepad

Everyone needs to write some passive aggressive notes at times, it happens to the best of us.

And now you can do it with ease thanks to these pre-made passive aggressive notes that are ideal for any home or office!

Hidden Beer Can Covers

These clever beer can covers will probably trick people into thinking you are just drinking a soda instead of another beer.

And we say “probably” because there is a good chance no one will fall for it. But, hey, at least you can try with these easy-to-install and reusable gifts. 

Funny Candle

These hilarious candles not only smell good, but they will make you laugh too. Useful and funny? The perfect white elephant gift, plus it costs under $30!

Coming with various scents and funny phrases, these candles will light you up in more ways than one.

Novelty Golf Tees

Well, these golf tees sure are something. Now you can line up your next shot with these scandalous adult tees that feature some ladies who are dying to cheer you on and help you get a hole in one.


People of Walmart Coloring Book

The people who shop often at Walmart are…interesting, to say the least.

This People of Walmart Coloring Book has something for everyone, including bad haircuts, awful fashion choices, and so much more. 

Tiny Record Player

This tiny record player comes with three mini records, a mini book and stickers too.

It is a cute and hilarious gift for any white elephant party. You can actually use it too (although you may not be able to find more records for it).  

Glowing Bath Bomb

This glowing bath bomb is unlike any other on the market.

Toss it into any hot bath and soon you will be sitting in a glow-in-the-dark fizzy treat for all the aches and pains in your body. 

Make Your Own Fortune Cookies

Do you love fortune cookies?

Now you can create your own with this DIY kit. You can create your own cookies and write your own fortunes. Create a specific one for someone close to you and teach some loved ones their fortunes.

Tiger King Puzzle

With everyone having watched Tiger King during the pandemic, everyone is sure to get a laugh out of this puzzle. Behold, Joe Exotic in all his glory!

Now you can assemble this pop culture sensation in a colorful and stylish fashion.

The Simpsons Cast 1000 Piece Puzzle

This 1,000 piece puzzle features dozens and dozens of characters from The Simpsons.

They have made so many characters over the years, it seems impossible that this puzzle could include them all. This puzzle is a wonderful way to remember and celebrate all things The Simpsons. 

Funny Butt Heat Changing Mug

This is one way to get your drink hot.

This mug looks just like a regular black coffee cup at first. But then, when you heat it up, it reveals a whole lot of booty. This may be a mug you want to keep hidden from your boss when you get your coffee refill. 

Coffee Pot Mug

This coffee pot mug looks just like an entire pot of freshly-brewed Joe.

It is a regular size mug that holds 12 ounces, but it looks like a pot that can hold a whole lot more. Here is the perfect white elephant gift under $30 for the biggest coffee fan in your life. 

Bread Pillow

This pillow looks soft and fluffy and warm, just like any loaf of bread should be.

It looks just like a french roll of delicious, yummy bread and is perfect for any room (it’s actually surprisingly comfortable). It is a wonderful way to rest your back or shoulders and also cause a few laughs too. 

Baby Yoda Chia Pet

This Baby Yoda Chia Pet is the best way to bring The Child home to you.

Those big adorable eyes, that sly mischievous smile . . . this looks just like the real thing. Water it daily to watch is grow and remain ever-so-cute.