28 Fortnite Gifts For Your Favorite Gamer

Shopping for someone who plays Fortnite all day and night? Check out some of the best Fortnite gifts that can enhance their game, plus some useful everyday items that they will love!

Fortnite V-Bucks

You can’t get far in Fortnite without V-Bucks. It’s how you get new outfits, new emotes and new fun additions.

If you’re stuck on what to gift, any Fortnite fan in your life would love some extra V-Bucks. They’re a must-have!

Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle

The Last Laugh Bundle is one of the most anticipated expansions in Fortnite history.

Now you can play as iconic villains such as the Joker, Poison Ivy, Midas Rex and more. It’s never been so fun to be so bad.

RAVEN-X Fortnite Ergonomic Chair 

This RAVEN-X Fortnite Ergonomic chair will keep you comfortable as you blast your way through the next round of Fortnite.

Inspired by the game itself, this gaming accessory is the most loyal, diehard fan.

Funko Pop Loot Llama

Every Fortnite fan is very familiar with the Loot Llama and now you can keep him in your bedroom or office thanks to this Funko Pop figure.

With that signature face and colorful body, this is the perfect collectible for the Fortnite fanatic in your life.

Fortnite 1×1 Builder Set

This 1×1 Builder Set brings the fun of Fortnite right into your child’s hands.

Featuring the popular Black Knight character, this set is a special collectible that will make any Fortnite player very happy.

Fortnite Kids’ Multiplier Backpack

Looking for Fortnite gifts for a kid who loves the game?

This 100% polyester backpack has plenty of space for books and papers, but it also comes with a trademark Fortnite design, allowing all those around you to know just how devoted you are to the most popular game in the world.

Boys Fortnite 12 Days of Socks

Celebrate Christmas with the 12 days of…socks! 12 pairs of Fortnite socks with different designs come packed in this one-of-a-kind gift set.

Now your socks can come with designs of the Loot Llama, Wild Card, Black Guardian and other Fortnite favorites. 

Hasbro Gaming Jenga

The classic board game Jenga now has a Fortnite twist. The game we all know and love has received a new look and feel!

Perfect for fans of Jenga and Fortnite, this is one way to get the whole family involved in Fortnite.

Battle Royale Travel Sippy Cup

Take your love of Fortnite anywhere you go with this stainless steel water travel mug.

Branded with the Fortnite logo and made with durable and washable materials, this is a Fortnite gift that you can use again and again.

Fortnite Do Not Disturb Gift Door Sign

The perfect gift for the obsessive Fortnite fan in your life, this Do Not Disturb sign says everything you need to know.

Don’t come in and don’t even knock, there are more important things to attend to right now, like getting the Victory Royale.

Red Camo Throw Blanket 

This Fortnite throw blanket features one of its most popular players in a bright, colorful display.

The perfect blanket to wrap around yourself in the middle of a marathon play session. You have to stay warm when you’re racking up kills!

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game

Monopoly is a classic board game played by people all across the globe. Fortnite is a classic video game also played by people all over the world. So the combination of these two iconic games makes perfect sense.

Now you can play Monopoly – with a Fortnite twist!

Fortnite Stampers Set 

This collection of Fortnite stampers comes with 12 authentic Fortnite figurines, all with stamps on their bases.

Now you can leave your mark on anything and remind everyone just how much you love Fortnite.

Fortnite Stickers Pack

100 pieces fill this wonderful, one-of-a-kind collectors set of Fortnite stickers. A wonderful party favor or gift for your favorite gamers.

Phone cases, books, laptops – now everything can be decorated like Fortnite.

The Funko Pop Brite Bomber

The popular Fortnite character Brite Bomber has received her very own Funko Pop figure and it belongs on your shelf.

This rare collector’s item would be the perfect addition to any Fortnite display.


NERF Fortnite SR Blaster

Now you can take your Fortnite sniping skills into the real world with this fun, safe NERF Fortnite SR Blaster.

Load four darts into the gun and fire away at friends and family. It’s time to play Fortnite in real life!

Fortnite Gaming Chair

You need this Fortnite gaming chair for the long days and nights when you get lost in round after round and hour after hour of playing. It is perfect for console or computer players and promises good posture and comfort no matter how long you’re competing.

Fortnite For Kids: 5 In 1 Book

Do you want to perfect your game and become a Fortnite master?

Well, this book is for you. This guide to Fortnite book comes with tips on how to make your mark in your favorite video game. A must-have for true pros.

Nintendo Switch: Fortnite

The most popular game in the world is now on the most popular console in the world.

Fortnite has come to the Switch and this exclusive bundle features the gaming system, the game, exclusive skins and 1,000 V-Bucks too.

Fortnite Extended Gaming Mouse

An expert mouse pad for an expert Fortnite player. This gaming mouse pad is created for maximum play perfect control.

The rubber base will keep it secure on your desk and the superior materials will last for ages. 

Fortnite Drift Mask

Now you can look like one of your favorite Fortnite characters, Drift, with this truly unique collectible.

This mask is one size fits all and is the perfect gift for the adult or child Fortnite fan who wants to take it to the next level.

FORTNITE: How to Draw 

Have you ever wanted to draw those wonderful, colorful Fortnite characters you love so much?

Well, now you can with this book that will teach you how to expertly draw your favorite vehicles, weapons, locations and characters. Get creative and dive into the world of Fortnite!

Loot Drop Box Storage Container

Help your favorite Fortnite player decorate their room while expanding their storage space!

This replica of the Fortnite loot box is a great place to put toys, clothes, and anything else you need to store away.

Fortnite Llama Beach Towel 

This colorful and cute Fortnite beach towel mimics the style of Andy Warhol but incorporates everyone’s favorite Fortnite character: the Loot Llama.

Soft, comfortable, machine-wash safe and one-of-a-kind. 

Fortnite Necklace Dog Tag

This Fortnite dog tag necklace is a wonderful accessory for true FR diehards.

Instantly recognizable and truly unique, it will set you above all the other Fortnite players you now and will become a staple of your wardrobe.

Fortnite Cloudstriker Glider Drone

Sure, you love Fortnite. But do you have your very own Fortnite glider?

Now you can with this remote-control drone. Fly around your backyard and relive some of your amazing Fortnite memories as you do. It’s even compatible with 4″ Fortnite figures!