15 Gift Wrap Storage Ideas & Solutions

As fun as the holidays are, one thing that isn’t so fun is gift wrap storage and the mess that comes with wrapping gifts. If you don’t take the time to get your wrapping paper and accessories organized, it can be a real disaster to find what you need.

Luckily, there are quite a few different gift wrap storage products and even DIY methods that can make finding what you need a breeze during the holidays. Keep reading for some of the best methods!

gift wrap storage bag

Gift Wrap Storage Bag

All of your gift wrap and gift accessories can now fit under your bed with this lovely and easy-to-use storage organizer. It fits a ton of rolls, ribbon, tissue paper, and more!

Wrapping Paper Storage Upright Box

If you’d rather store your wrapping paper in a closet or other space upright, this box is perfect.

They don’t take up much space, yet still fit a ton of wrapping paper rolls.

Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer

Another easy solution for those of us who lack space is a hanging gift wrap organizer. Now, you don’t have to just toss your wrapping paper collections in a corner or under the bed.

With these double-sided hanging gift bag and gift wrap organizers, you can create some calm with the chaos of gift wrapping.

Gift Wrap Storage Plastic Container

This sturdy and strong plastic storage container can hold a whole slew of gift wrap or gift accessories.

Now all of your holiday necessities can rest in one place.

Round Hanging Storage

Easy-to-use and easy-to-fill, you will start using this hanging, spinning storage organizer instantly.

It will make your life so much easier and make gift-giving a breeze!

Behind a Door Gift Wrap Storage

Sometimes gift wrapping can be overwhelming. Well, it is time to take a lot off your plate thanks to this DIY gift wrap storage idea.

You can easily organize all your items and never lose track of anything again. Breathe a sigh of relief, the holidays don’t have to be stressful.

Rolling Cart

Although a little more expensive than the previous options, this is a great choice that’s easily portable.

Whether you’re wrapping in the living room, bedroom or office, this rolling craft storage cart will assist you and make the holidays so much easier.

Tall Basket Organizer

The perfect way to keep your gift wrap collection organized, this basket organizer can hold bags, wrapping, bows or anything you need when the holiday rush is bogging you down.

Gift Wrap Storage Rack

Featuring 6 movable racks that fits standard wrapping paper rolls, this storage unit can snugly fit in the corner of your gift-wrapping room and will greatly assist you before the next birthday or holiday. It also looks cute!

Gift Wrap Storage Box

This bright, durable and incredibly handy paper storage box can hold up to 20 rolls of 30 inch wrapping paper, all in one convenient spot.

Place it in the corner of your office or bedroom so you can have easy access to wrapping paper whenever the next holiday rolls around.

Under Bed Gift Wrap Storage

All of your wrapping paper rolls and accessories will be just inches away with this under-bed holiday storage organizer.

A great way to contain and carry paper and bows and bags, this is the perfect addition to your organizing collection.

Long Hanging Storage

Multiple pockets and tons of space make this hanging gift wrapping storage unit a must-have for anyone who is the king or queen of the holidays. All of your holiday essentials, now in one place!

This design makes it easy to see what wrapping paper designs you have left.

Gift Wrap Dispensing Rack

You can hang your wrapping paper on this dispensing rack and always know where to find it.

This rack allows easy access for all your rolls and will make gift-wrapping relaxing and rewarding.

Standing Storage Rack

This impressive and incredibly helpful storage rack can hold an astounding 40 rolls of wrapping paper and is durable and strong, meaning you’ll get tons and tons of holidays out of this unit.

A must-have for you or another holiday fan in your life!

Gift Wrap Storage Bag

The perfect way to keep all your wrapping paper safe, this canvas storage unit can hold rolls, bags, bows and any number of accessories.

Fill it up and keep it close as the holidays approach. It’ll soon become your go-to storage unit.